MG Infinite Justice Gundam

I originally built this kit for HLJ’s Playing with Plamo 2017 competition, but after being dissatisfied with the final product I decided to scrap it in favour of a RG GP01 build instead.

The art oversells the kit’s abilities and I was really disappointed that I couldn’t replicate the pose displayed on the front of the box. Simply put, the shoulders can’t swing backwards, and the kit can’t do an ab crunch, meaning it’s not possible to get as much of the silhouette of the Fatum-01 into frame as you’d like. I can kinda understand why the abs are locked with the heavy backpack and all, but this means the Justice looks quite goofy and stiff in many of it’s action poses.

I also stripped and repainted almost all of the parts on this kit at least twice, with the red/pink parts being done five times. I just couldn’t get the tone quite right. After this frustrating experience I don’t think I’ll be touching older kits again until I start learning how to pla-plate.


One of the reasons why this was repainted so many times was just the sheer number of colours used and getting the balance between the red armour parts and the purple of the Fatum-01 just right. The end result still turned out a bit too orangey in my opinion. The theme for this build was to practice masking, so I tried to do an RG-esque colour scheme with a two-tone red. It ended up being a bit too subtle after top-coat and a lesson for me next time is that to not be afraid to push it a bit more whilst painting.

I used decals from MG Strike Gundam (Cagalli’s markings) and the official SEED Destiny / Infinite Justice Bandai waterslides.

Red – Wine Red (70%) + Orange (25%) + Neutral Grey (5%). White, Neutral Grey and Yellow are added in for highlights.

Dark Red – Wine Red (80%) + Orange(20%). White, Neutral Grey and Yellow are added in for highlights.

Dark Blue – Blue (50%) + Red (40%) + Black (10%). White and a bit of red is added for highlights.

White – Intermediate Blue (100%) base coat followed by White (100%) for shading effect.

Yellow – Orange (100%) base coat, followed by White (100%) post shade. A coat of Orange Yellow (60%) + Yellow (40%) is then applied. White is added into the mixture for highlights.

Silver – Base coat of Metal Black (100%) followed by Silver (100%) for shading effect.

Metallic Black – Metal Black (100%)

Fatum-01 Black – Black (100%). White is added into the mixture for highlights.

Fatum-01 Purple – Wine Red + Blue as to get a nice reddish purple. White and a bit of red added for highlights

Green – Some combination of Emerald Green/Bright Green. White added for highlight effect.

Torso Grey – Neutral Grey (100%). White is added for highlights.

Metallic Silver – Tamiya Metallic Silver spray.

Internals – Tamiya Gunmetal Spray.


For the complete gallery please click here.

Action Pose


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  • Very stable on action base
  • Many gimmicks to play with
  • Sorely lacking in ab movements
  • Few surface details

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