10-page Famitsu Super Robot Wars Z3 Jigoku Hen launch special

This week, Famitsu have released a 10 page spread on 3rd Super Robot Wars Jigoku Hen, giving the game a 34 out of 40 (8/9/8/9) as well as a whole bunch of info on the first few stages and DLC. The reviewers apparently took 70 hours to finish the game.

For a bit of history, here are Famitsu scores for previous Z games:

Super Robot Wars Z – 36/40
Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai Hen – 33/40
Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen – 34/40
Super Robot Wars Original Generations 2 – 35/40


Credits to valsioune of SRW-G for scans.

Story, first 4 stages

Stage 1 – The Hope Called Taboo.

After a new dimensional quake, the New Century Dimensional Quake, the worlds of UCW and ADW along with other parallel universes merged into one.

The people accepted the change and lived their lives in tranquility. One day a dimensional quake occurred in the vicinity of Jindai(?) High School of 2nd Neo Tokyo and a mysterious robot appeared.

At the same time Hibiki also appeared as if out of nowhere, got in the robot and decided to protect the town.

Stage 2 – A New Problem Boy Has Arrived

The day after the attack of the mysterious robot a transfer student called Sagara Sousuke arrives at Jindai High School. Doubting each others backgrounds Hibiki and Sousuke clash. However, their battle is interrupted by a terrorist attack.

Among the terrorists the secretive group form ADW, the Firebugs, could also be seen.

Stage 3 – An Entrusted Back

Finding fighting as well as keeping his background a secret difficult, Hibiki joins with SMS and Mythril. After that, in order to improve the coordination between mixed forces the team leader Ozma decides to train them in teams of two.

What is Ozma’s plan when launching with teams showing low efficiency?

Stage 4 – Academy City Defense Corps

In order to back-up Sousuke the SMS and Mazinger Teams transfer to Jindai High. Not only that,the grade schoolers Shotaro and Watta join in and together they form Academy City Defense Corps. However, right after Kouji transfers in, Count Brocken appears to attack.

– repost from /m/, GameFAQs



The game will feature downloadable missions varying from 100Y-150Y. It seems you can obtain bonus parts for completing these missions. Also you can’t play DLC missions until after you reach Scenario 16.

Custom BGMs for Vita version

※88ページの欄外で、エディットBGMがプレイステーション3版のみで使用できるように表記をしておりますが、エディットBGMはプレイステーション vita、プレイステーション3版の両方に対応しております。読者、並びに関係各位にご迷惑をおかけしたことをお詫びするとともに、ここに訂正させていただきます。

On page 88, we originally stated that the BGM edit function was only available to PS3, but the function is also available in the PS Vita version. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Rebellion MTV

JAM Project have released a teaser music video for the game’s title song, Rebellion:

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  1. Gman

    can i know what UCW and ADW mean

  2. YJ

    UCW is the world of Super Robot Wars Z, where Setsuko and Rand came from.
    ADW is the world of Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai and Saisei, where Crowe is from.

  3. MJ

    Very cool. Can’t wait to dig in!

  4. Gman

    tnx, didn’t see it at first sorry bout dat.

  5. Ben

    The worlds combine! High hopes for Z3 if we’re finally gettimg the gang all tofether again. That said… Aren’t there going to be some weird duplication issues? Especially with Kouji!

  6. Gman

    They should also explain what happened to the other members like gravion or aquarion team.

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