January Super Robot Wars UX Famitsu scans, partner system revealed

Update: High Quality scans added.

Here are some images of this month’s Famitsu magazine covering the upcoming Super Robot Wars UX for 3DS. The scans also reveal that the game will have a partner system, similar to that of Super Robot Wars L.

Partner Unit:
+ Adaptable to terrain changes
+ Easy to activate offensive and defensive supports
– fixed Support partner

Single Unit:
+ Can activate support from any unit 8-squares beside it (aka Diagonal supports!)
+ Can do All Attacks and Continuous Action (!!!)
– Unable to activate supports if no unit around attacker

– JL Lee (GameFAQs)




  1. William Veloz

    It’d be nice to have fewer Z2 shows. Least they put in Fafner and SKL.

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  3. KingPJ

    continous action? dear god xd

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