A closer look at Original Generations 2’s Ability Slot system

Following on from yesterday’s Famitsu article, here are some new screenshots, an explanation on how the new Ability Slot system works…and Gespenst Frames!

Ability Slot System

Original Generations 2 has a new system called the Ability Slot system which allows you to boost various stats using by equipping abilities to both the pilot and the unit itself. Let’s have a look at how it works.

There’s a menu where you can organize your abilities/slots. Each pilot and robot has 3 ability slots each.


Equipping abilities and slots. You can equip various power ups such as Melee Up, Shooting Up, Critical Up etc here. However, in order to activate the effects of the equipped abilities, you need to equip THREE of that particular ability.

The trick is that this counts across both the pilot and robots, and if Twinned with another unit, it takes into account their equipped abilities as well. Not only that, but activated bonuses are applied to both units in the Twin formation. In the screenshot above, the Wildraubter and the Angelg are Twinned up. The Wildraubter has two Accuracy abilities and the Angelg has one, and the thus both units get the Accuracy Up bonus.


By putting a third Shooting Up skill on Latouni, the Shooting Up skill becomes active as well.

You can see what abilities are active on the unit screen in the top left corner. Also keep in mind that effects of abilities do not stack. If you equip a total of 6 Critical Ups, you won’t get double the effects, so it is more efficient to have a variety of abilities to take advantage of the system.

You’ll start the game with a set of abilities already, and you can acquire more by defeating enemies.

Gespenst Frames

Gespensts are now more customizable than ever, allowing you to choose three different frames to suit various playstyles.

Type N

The Type N frame is the default and basic Gespenst frame. It’s versatile in any combat situation.

[nggallery id=23]

Type G

The Type G frame specializes in close combat and melee attacks. (That doesn’t stop it from pulverizing enemies at close range with beam weapons though!)

[nggallery id=25]

Type C

The Type C frame specializes at long range artillery attacks.

[nggallery id=24]


Even though Kai is pictured in all the screenshots above, any Gespenst can change frames, such as Katina’s and Russell’s.

Source: Famitsu, creds to valsione of SRWG

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