November '09 Loots

Since there’s been a few high profile releases and acquisitions lately (with more to come) I thought I’d do this a bit earlier than usual.

First up is Assassin’s Creed II, White and Black editions.  I’ll do an unboxing post on these later.


More after the jump.

Next is Modern Warfare 2: Hardened Edition. Was $119 at JB and I paid with some JB credit.  At this price I made a mistake, first by not pricematching anyone (I thought it was going to be $99), and secondly, it’s not worth the price tag especially for the lackluster inclusions.


Next up is WWE 2010, I got this cheap from a friend who has connections to THQ.  Not quite sure what I’ll do with it yet.


Picked up some trade bait as well.   NFL Tour was $9 at DSE, picked up 2 copies of Euro 2008 ($11.7), Pro Street ($18), and Raving Rabbids ($18), and Naruto was $12 from Cashies.



Anyway, traded these in and got myself a copy of Modern Warfare 2 (Standard) and Dragon Age.


The copy of MW2 will be traded in at EB towards my preorder of Assassins Creed II, which comes out next Thursday.

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  1. kly

    wha i envy you! got time to play so much games + gunpla! I so want a ps3 slim but always spurge on more kits heh 😀

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