Stage 33 – The Life That Will Pierce the Heavens



Dancouga Nova gets the full upgrade treatment as well, and gets +10 to accuracy and critical for all it’s weapons.


Everyone (especially Simon of course) goes emo over Kamina’s death, but the pragmatists usually take over at this point, led by Leeron, who galvanises everyone to help with the repairs and reconstruction of the Dai-Gurren.


Team D has a bit of a chit-chat over their individual reasons for staying, only Kurara doesn’t reveal hers. They are told by Sumeragi that the head honcho of Dragon’s Hive has finally agreed to meet them, so off they go to Japan, with most of the other cast, to a party in Japan, where Alto-hime meets up with Sheryl and Ranka again, but doesn’t talk much due to him still trying to get over the blow. The two idols of course meet their respective partner in Eida. Also at the party are Sandman, Diana (the real one), Relena and other dignitaries. Setsuna and Heero also chance upon Saji and Louise, whose parents are at the party as well…


Team D meets F.S., Fog Sweeper, finally. Nothing much comes out of their meeting, but back at the party, the warning of an attack by the Trinities comes too late and quite a number of people are caught up in the blast. The Trinities don’t really feel anything, even though the pilot of the R-Daigun was also present at the party grounds.


Meanwhile, back in China, Emo Simon goes on a rampage, meets up with Nia, and we fast forward to her being on the ship and finding out about Aniki’s fate. The next wave of Beastmen was about to appear, and they have to sortie again.

Meanwhile, Holland and the Gekko Go crew begin their final preparations for their plan to revisit the Legend…..



Stage 33: The Life That Will Pierce the Heavens


First, some adjustments. Loran goes into the Methuss for some powerlevelling!


We can only sortie 10 units for this mission, along with Holland, Renton, Aoi and Simon. Simon starts at 50 morale, and 0 SP, so it’s best to keep him away from battle for now.


Quite a few enemies to blow up, but there’s no SR point condition yet.


End of turn 1.


Turn 2. A whooole bunch of gunmen went for Mazinger Z and got pwned as a result.


After a few kills…


Holland will call Renton back to the Gekko Go, where their entire history (movie) is revealed. Apparently the entire Gekko Go crew are 17, but they have been aging rapidly ever since the previous Time Quake where they saw a pink-haired girl and an army officer (aka Anemone and her dog), as well as a revelation of a world where the moon was tattooed with a certain someone’s love message. Eureka was a humanoid spy robot sent by the Image in an attempt to understand humanity better, but was forcefully taken away by Holland and his rogue faction in an attempt to recreate the Time Quake and get back their normal time.


Renton of course refuses to take it in, but gets punched anyway. Eureka stops Holland and orders Nirvash to take him away. The Gekko Go retreats, with Renton taken in by the Macross Quarter (it’ll move next to his current location).


After the scene, R-Daigun appears, at the south.


2 Turns to defeat it for the SR Point.


Here’s the map after the R-Daigun shows up.


I pretty much drop everything and send all my guys at him.


End of turn 2.  The Daigun is down to 20,000 HP.


Turn 3.  Exia pretty much soloed the entire Image army by himself.


Dancouga takes out the Daigun and I get the SR Point.


Seems he’s not quite done yet.


Final Dancouga shows up again. Shinobu gives the D Team a pep talk, which helps them overcome their mental block.


The Nova “beasts” the Daigun and frickin EATS it.

From this point on the Dancouga no longer needs 130 morale to change, and it will no longer have a 5 turn limit to stay active.  Additionally, Aoi’s innate Skill ‘Move Again’ activates, allowing her to make 2 moves in 1 turn.


Yoko arrives, along with Rossiu in the repaired Lagann and the Daigurren.


At the same time, Simon, with the encouragement of the rest of the gang (mostly Nia) also realises that he should wake up and lead. He and Rossiu combine for Gurren Lagann (it’s awesome, really really really awesome), we also get Yoko as a playable character finally, and the Dai-Gurren as the other battleship.


Here’s the map after the reinforcements show up.


End of turn 3.  I’ve sent Ptolemy to tank the Images so I can level up Roran, who I’ve got in the Methuss.


16 turns later and Loran is 99.




With the last enemy defeated, the stage ends. We also receive the item “Kamina’s glasses” which raises staring morale by 20…AND WE HAVE YOKO


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