Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai Hen

Please follow my ongoing Saisei Hen playthrough here!

Update 24/05/2011 – Playthough completed!

Welcome to my playthrough of Super Robot Wars Z2.  This is the first playthrough guide that I’ve ever written, and I am attempting to write it as I actually play the game for the first time.

Unfortunately, I can’t read Kanji, so this guide won’t really focus on the actual story, and more on the gameplay.  Hopefully at a later date I can include some storyline tidbits (with the help of the internets).

For this run, I’m going to heavily focus on Gundam 00 when it comes to use and route splits.  Now that I’ve finished the playthrough, I may update with other route splits at a future date. I’m also going to attempt to get all the SR Points.

This playthrough will contain screenshots where possible, but I’ll try not  to bore you with Setsuna cutting up enemies over and over.  In the later stages, I have included some animated GIFs and also flash videos, so please make sure you have Flash installed for the best effect.

So let’s get started…

I go with the good ol 11/11 B in hopes that I get good seishin to start with.  Turns out it gives Concentrate (15% evade/dodge) as well as the one which gives any ally 100% hit rate.  The good thing is that they are hella cheap, at only 10 points each.

Stage List

Stage 1:100万Gの男 – The Million Dollar Man

Stage 2:変わる世界 – Changing World

Stage 3:戦火を呼ぶ流星 – The Meteor That Calls For War

Stage 4:混沌の戦場 – Battlefield in Chaos

Stage 5:超獣合神! – Super Beast God Combination!

Stage 6:遠い平和へ – Distant Peace

Stage 7:出撃!!ゲッターロボ!  – Sortie! Getter Robo!

Stage 8:引き金は誰がために – For Whom The Trigger Is Pulled

Stage 9:次元震 – Dimensional Quake

Stage 10: お前のドリルで天を突け!! – Pierce the Heavens With Your Drill!

Stage 11:顔が2つたあ生意気なッ!! – That Thing Has Two Faces!!

Stage 12:俺にはさっぱりわからねえ! – I Don’t Get It, Not One Bit!

Stage 13:黒の騎士団 – The Black Knights

Stage 14:信頼と覚悟と – With Trust and Resolution

Stage 15:世界を覆う影 – The Shadow That Covers The World

Stage 16:接触 – Contact

Stage 17:夢の続き – After The Dream

Stage 18:交差する明日 – Crossing Over Into Tomorrow

Stage 19:みんなの正義 – Everyone’s Justice

Stage 20:砂塵に舞う悪意 – Malice in the Sands

Stage 21:明かされる真実 – The Truth Revealed

Stage 22:リモネシア強襲 – Remonecia Assault

Stage 23:新世界の幕開け – The Curtain Rises On The New World

Stage 24:相容れぬ遂行者 – Strange Pursuers

Stage 25:新たな来訪者 – New Visitors

Stage 26:断ち切られる帰路 – No Way Home

Stage 27:黒衣の狩人 – The Black Hunter

Stage 28:放浪のZEUTH – Wandering ZEUTH

Stage 29:反撃の狼煙 – Signal for the Counterattack

Stage 30:ストレート・フルクラム – Straight Fulcrum

Stage 31:対決!マーズとマーグ!- Showdown! Mars and Marg

Stage 32:あばよ、ダチ公・・・- Goodbye, My Friends…

Stage 33:天を突く命 – The Life That Will Pierce the Heavens

Stage 34:メモリアル・デビュー – Memorial Debut

Stage 35:悪意の矛先 – Spearhead of Evil

Stage 36:託される意志 – The Entrusted Will

Stage 37:雄々しく・・・・・・そして、美しく – Be Manly… Then Beautiful

Stage 38:果たされる約束 – The Fulfilled Promise

Stage 39:ザ・ラストレッドショルダー – The Last Red Shoulder

Stage 40:降臨!! 真なる者!- Descend! The True One!

Stage 41:マーグ、その命 – Marg’s Life

Stage 42:想い重ねて、宇宙へ – Your Thoughts to Space, Again

Stage 43:ロゼの決意 – Roze’s Decision

Stage 44:未来への飛翔 – Soar to the Future

Stage 45:リトルクイーン – Little Queen

Stage 46:邪悪の化身 – Embodiment of Evil

Stage 47:迎えられる勝者 – The Welcomed Victors

Stage 48:夜明けの鐘 – Daybreak’s Bell

Stage 49:虹 – Rainbow

Final Stage:破界の世紀 – Era of Destruction

Credits / Sources

Akurasu’s SRWZ2 Wiki

Japanese SRW2 Wiki

JL Lee on GameFAQs forums (for letting me steal his storyline translations)

Revision History

24/05/2011 – Completed Stage 49,50

23/05/2011 – Completed Stage 46, 47, 48

21/05/2011 – Completed Stage 43, 44, 45

20/05/2011 – Completed Stage 41,42

19/05/2011 – Completed Stage 40

17/05/2011 – Completed Stage 39

16/05/2011 – Completed Stage 38

15/05/2011 – Completed Stage 37

14/05/2011 – Completed Stage 35, 36

13/05/2011 – Completed Stage 32, 33, 34

11/05/2011 – Completed Stage 29, 30, 31

10/05/2011 – Completed Stage 28

09/05/2011 – Completed Stage 26, 27

07/05/2011 – Completed Stage 24, 25

06/05/2011 – Completed Stage 21, 22, 23

05/05/2011 – Completed Stage 20

04/05/2011 – Completed Stage 18 & 19

03/05/2011 – Completed Stage 17

02/05/2011 – Completed Stage 16

01/05/2011 – Completed Stage 15


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  4. Aries Ragnarok

    Thanks..you help me so much..hope you can make another storyline on this game.. 🙂

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  6. Che Det

    can i have the translation of this chapter? and the secret ti win it. thank you
    第17话: 夜の新宿大決戦
    Scenario 17: Night Battle in Shinjuku

  7. Joshua

    I Having Trouble On Stage 44 Its Different Than This One O-O

    1. YJ

      I am probably on a different route split than you are.

  8. ped

    how did you pumped all your robots stats to 100%?

  9. YJ

    I didn’t do all. Maybe 1 or 2 pages worth of 100%. I didn’t take screenshots for all my upgrades.

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    My good sir thanks a lot for the Walkthroug I have played a lot of SRW games in the pasta but never get the hang of it until now! thanks again 🙂

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