Stage 58 – Innovation


Well since Quattro has taken over the Turn A, he gets that E-Save and Hit & Away for more spamming of MAP attacks.


Back at Ribbon’s living room, Regene gloats, having shot Ribbons in the head in the previous episode, although it’s rather short lived, because it turns out Ribbons can easily replace his body with another one. He promptly shoots Regene, though it seems his original ‘death’ released the lock on Elgan from stasis.

第58話: 革新
Stage 58: Innovation

Still reeling from the last battle, the team is scattered around the south end of the map.

Shit hits the fan, after much taunting from Ribbons and the Innovators, he summons his Gaga suicide army to deal with ZEXIS.

Saji returns with nutcase Louise in haul, fearing for the worst that she may never accept him again.

Sumeragi orders ZEXIS to deal with the grunts while she has the Ptolemy bumrush the Celestial Being with TRANS-AM.

Ptolemaios 2

…which doesn’t bode too well either as their ship is boarded by Killer Automatons and Sumeragi’s vengeful ex, Billy.

Outside, the team are still dealing with the Images, Vajra, and the Innovators. The despair causes Setsuna to awaken….

…into an INNOVATER

The GN particles dish the power of understanding (and nakedness) all around. Saji and Louise, Andrei and Peries, Marie and Alle, even Suzaku and Zero, finally come to grips with each other.

Even the Images get the point and piss off.

And not-dead Regene explains – Setsuna has undergone Innovation, making him the first genuine Innonvator.

Turn 1

SR Point: Defeat Gadessa and Garozzo by Turn 3.

Phew, after that wall of text, the mission finally starts, putting us up against a huge wall of Vajra, Ghosts, Gagas etc.

W-w-we’re outnumbered 5 to 1!
Ridiculous. Send out the Quattro!


I have Basara power Quattro in the Turn A up to 150 morale.

He then proceeds to “Blaze a trail to the future”

Gaga reinforcements are infinite at this point, as long as you keep killing them down to less than 10 or so more will respawn at the north.

Quattro continues his rampage, using Awakens he manages to reach the Innovator duo, landing a Moonlight Butterfly on them.

These Gaga’s tend to have a pretty high hit rate, even on those people with upgrades and Concentrate on, so drop a Confuse to make it easier.

With the 2 Innovaters being worn down after a few Moonlight Butterflies…

The gang goes in for the kill.

SR Point GET!

The Ptolemy finally exits the Celestial Being, chased by Gaga’s

Saved by the Patrick!

Seeing an opening, Tieria makes a beeline for the Celestial Being to reach Veda, but the auttomated defenses prove a bit much for him to handle.

Cue Heero, showcasing his demolition skills.

Celestial Being, Veda

Tieria makes his way to Veda, where Ribbons awaits. Alas, Ribbons promptly goes to shoot Tieria in the head…

…but Elgan blocks the shot, mortally wounded in the process. As his final gift, he manages to reinstate control of Veda to Tieria.

Back outside, the Seravee activates itself remotely, deploying it’s TRIAL field in an attempt to shut down the Gagas. Unfortunately, it seems the Seravee is doomed to get shot down in all forms of canon, failing before it can accomplish it’s mission.

But again, MVP Heero saves the day, interfacing the Zero System with Veda, sending the Gagas packing.

Finally Ribbons himself shows up, ready to take matters in his own hands.

Here’s the situation now. Ribbons has spawned at the very north end of the map, protected by a few Emprusses.

The guy is level 90 and packs one of the most BS map attacks in the game, so just save yourself the trouble and kill him in 1 shot.

First I have Heero hit Ribbons with a Souled TBC, bringing him down to 70K.

Time for Setsuna to shine. Then I spam Awaken several times on Setsuna so he can move into range for some Raiser Sword spam. After the first one, Ribbons is already at around 50% HP, which causes an event…

The bitch herself finally manages to merge herself into the Vajra Queen.

As she trash talks ZEXIS, Basara cuts her off with his singing. Simultaneously, Alto finally manages to bust Ranka out of the Battle Galaxy.

Setsuna then activates his TRANS-AM Burst, this confuses Grace while Ribbons curses Setsuna and that he’s only strong because of the GN Drives!

Sheryl, Ranka, and Alto are meet up in the BURST. Ranka things Sheryl for her strength and it’s because of Sheryl that they were able to fly. Alto also thanks Sheryl as well and that both of the girls are his wings. They than hear Basara’s song, Brela is also here now and is sorry for dragging Ranka into all this. He than asks for Ranka to sing again, her voice will be needed to free the Vahra from Grace. Back in reality ZEXIS feels the power of Basara’s song and the feel goodness of the TRANS-AM BURST!

Ribbons is appalled that Setsuna has used his little BURST trick again, he’ll kill him! Grace though is still lost and has a breakdown. Ranka is unsure what to do with Simon telling Ranka to stop feeling sorry for Grace, instead use this time to sing! Eventually Ranka wises up which makes ZEXIS happy. Basara than cuts his song and lets Ranka sing, this convinces the Vajra to flee.

Ribbons demands that Grace explain what the hell just happened! Grace doesn’t understand either, why have her Vajra abandoned her! She’s the Queen! It’s because of Rank’s song, must Basara explain everything to them? Grace doesn’t like this change of events, Amuro tries to reason with Ribbons since he could still end this. Ribbons isn’t going to back down, though Amuro decides to still explain just how wrong Ribbons is. Michel than orders Alto to return to the fleet, Lock-On tells him to get his ass moving already!

Grace kinda spawns on the west side of the map. I also start working on her with nearby units.

After 1 TBC, 2 Raiser Swords and a TRANS-AM, Ribbons bites the dust

He drops a Haro. His defeat also causes remaining Innovator forces to retreat.

Grace is the only remaining boss, at 190K+ HP and my team scattered, it may be a challenge bringing her down this turn.

Then again maybe not. I had to waste a ton of Awakens, but I drag the Sol Gravion, Shin Getter and Amuro there, and proceed to pummel her with Funnel Sunshine spam.

And finally, to end it, I haul Alto’s ass there.

It takes 3 Enables, but he puts his new Durandal to good use, defeating grace with the power of pop idols!

Arranged Battle Scene

Destroying her also reveals her stash of idol discs.

Grace shouldn’t be losing, she was a God! Alto isn’t having that, this ends now! Ozma, Klan, Luca, and Michel tell Alto to finish it! However, Alto is stopped by Ranka’s little pet which surprises Ranka. Alto understands and moves to take out Grace. Grace can’t believe this, Brela orders Alto to attack the head to reach the heart, it’s the best way to reach the Queen! Grace curses Brela for this betrayal, Brela tells her to shut the heck up! Alto damages the Queen, Grace is wounded.

Basara tells Alto to stop, Grace curses Basara and doesn’t need his pity! Basara embarks his knowledge of song to Grace which touches her, Grace then breaks free from the Vajra Queen. She thanks Basara and she’ll die as a human. Basara bids farewell to Grace, the Vajra Queen is now free from Grace and departs in a flash as ZEXIS looks on. Alto asks what Brela will do now, he’ll stick with them he also explains where the Vajra went. Whatever the case Luca praises a happy Basara.

Celestial Being, Veda

Elgan is mortally wounded though he wishes to embark his knowledge to ZEXIS before he dies. Ignoring ZEXIS… Elgan explains his intimate knowledge of the Black Knowledge(which is why he seemed to know things before they would happen), he was the one that gathered up ZEXIS, he was the one that gave information to ZEXIS in Hakai-Hen, that he has been alive for a long time, he’s the alternate version of Edel, and the such. He also seemed to know Aeolla personally and the whole Satellite thing for Gundam DX being made on the moon. Oh, and he’s a Wanderer too and knew about ZUETH’s coming long before they were to appear, thus he had everything prepared for them.

This goes on for awhile, basically ZEUTH and ZEXIS learn a lot of stuff about why things ended up as they did. Whatever the case Elgan is taking a while to die, he really wants to give that motivation speech to them. He also shared what he knew of the members of ZEXIS and their foes, and he shares some info what’s the whole deal with everything being so screwed up. Elgan finally starts to kick the bucket, he puts his faith in ZEXIS and Setsuna F. Seiei. He also trusts in Amuro’s newtype skills, and that ZEXIS must not fail.

Crowe demands that Elgan stay with them, though he doesn’t respond because he has just passed on. Esther can’t believe that he just died like that, can’t they do anything for him!? Sandman tell her to stop, they can at least show their respect for Elgan who held out this long to embark such knowledge to them. Esther relents but feels sad that Elgan is now dead. Anyway, Apollo is all for kicking Ba-al ass, Zero takes this moment to say a few nice words for the deceased Elgan and swears that his faith in ZEXIS will not be misplaced! Setsuna agrees on this, and with that the final enemy left is Insalaum and Gaioh!


Dick for storyline translations


Yes, I know the AB only features the Gundam side of this stage. I’m planning Macross F x 00 Gundam finale video, but it will be my year long project for 2013. More details to come.

Also, I kinda wish I could’ve played this stage in the epic way depicted in the AB, but there’s just way too much shit to kill and I don’t want to sit around for 2+ hours blowing up Gagas and Ghosts.

Strategy Corner

This is the last chance for you to farm out kills for your team. In the first part of the stage, while Revive and Hilling are still alive, Gagas will continue to respawn when there are less then 10 of them on the map. Units with MAP attacks (especially the Turn A) are extremely useful for clearing out the grunts. Gagas also have a disturbingly high hit rate; use Confuse to bring it down, also note that if they hit you they self-destruct, wasting your ammo and HP.

Once Hilling and Revive are defeated, Ribbons appears at the north. He has 90K HP, and has a pretty wide range MAP attack that’s extremely damaging. Don’t go near him until you’re committed to destroying him in a single turn. Setsuna should be able to take out huge chunks of his HP with Souled attacks, since he gets a nice damage bonus against GN Drive units. Once Ribbons is defeated, remaining Innovator forces retreat. Be sure to use Great Effort on the person getting the killing blow, since Ribbons is at level 90, he’ll grant a huge XP bonus to whoever takes him down.

Finally, when Ribbons is less than 70% HP, Grace appears at the west. She has 289K HP, and a frontal MAP attack, so you can approach her at diagonal angles for a bit of safety. Upon her appearance though, the pink Vajra forces retreat, giving some relief (or stealing your kills whichever way you look at it).

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