Stage 52 – Desperate Endgame


Our newest Love to Hate guy Suzaku gets C.A.

The Lancelot Albion gets a workover. The FUB grants it +500 attack power to its Twin MVS Attack, and I also give it +1 movement.

Sanc Kingdom

Despite the fact that Uther has pretty much decided that the world is his enemy and has multiple times tried to destroy it with ZONE he has decided to partake in talks with Millardo and his little alliance. Naturally they’re suspicious of Uther and question why he would even consider trying to be their allies. Uther scoffs it off that he doesn’t need to take their inquiries and if they don’t want his help he’ll leave. Millardo decides to humor Uther though he’s wary of his intentions.

Uther takes his leave as Trieze and Schneziel question why Millardo was being so pleasant with Uther. No matter, they will simply look the other way when Uther is involved, since if he desires to oppose ZEXIS then they have a common cause. Speaking of ZEXIS, well Schneziel wants to go deal with them personally. It would be a shame if Uther beat them to the punch after all. Lets not also forget that Schneziel has a new and powerful toy that he would like to use.

Millardo figures out what Schneziel wants to do and surprisingly tells Schneziel that he may do as he pleases. This makes Schneziel happy, though he already planned to do as he pleased whether Millardo approved or not. He already has a plan on drawing out ZEXIS and he can’t wait to finally settle things with Zero.

On the bridge of the Ikaruga…

The Black Knights have just detected Schenziel’s new weapon is flying around Japan with a large Britannian force and that he has apparently nuked something already. Naturally Zero and Ohgi want to return and deal with this now. The FLEIJA alone was deadly, so whatever this weapon is really capable of must be much more potent than just a single FLEIJA considering Schneziel is parading it around so openly and apparently has a ton of FLEIAs on hand. Even Suzaku is worried about this new weapon and is getting horror visions of when he fired the FLEIJA back in Tokyo.

Rakshata says that there’s a call on line for Zero. Zero orders her to patch it through and it’s Schneziel who is glad to see Lelouch and wonders if he has been well. While Zero grits his teeth Schneziel goes on to explain the Damocles and just how potent it is, it can fire FLEIA’s at will which are much more destructive than the one fired during the battle for the Tokyo Settlement. Zero deduces that Schneziel has partaken in an alliance with Uther with Schneziel ignoring Zero and and instead tells him to get over to Area 11, they have things to settle.

Zero wonders if Schneziel believes he is the ruler of Britannia now. No, Schneziel has someone else in mind whom Zero knows quite well. Nunnally is brought to the screen and says that they’re her enemies. Zero can’t believe that Nunnally is alive and that she will rule Britannia, Schneziel has clearly made her into his pawn. As Suzaku and Zero try and digest this Nunnally reveals that Schneziel saved her. She goes on to say that the pair lied to her and that this world is better than a one that would be created by Geass now that she knows the truth.

Nunnally demands to know if her brother became Zero for her sake which Lelouch laughs it off and says that her brother is dead. Nunnally is heartbroken as Zero says that he is only Zero, he isn’t her brother and that she’s mistaken. Schneziel finds this all cute but cuts the conversation short and tells ZEXIS to either surrender or come face him. Suzaku isn’t taking that which amuses Schneziel who says that he expects to see Suzaku and Zero soon enough. Naturally Zero believes this is a trap as Schneziel continues that Zero better not be late and that Nunnally will be waiting.

The Black Knights proceed to panic and have no idea what to do about this. Zero calls for C.C. and asks why she didn’t tell him that Nunnally was alive. C.C. explains that she cannot sense those that have no connection to Geass, so she wasn’t hiding anything from Zero. Viletta than comes in and says that Nunnally must have been rescued soon after the FLEIJA was fired and was kept hidden until she could prove useful.

Sayoko enters and is worried for Lelouch who wants to get Nunnally back. Sayoko goes on to explain what really happened when she was sent to save Nunnally back during the battle of Tokyo Settlement, she was rightly had than and it was at this time Nunnally was taken away. Zero rationalizes that Schenziel is lying to Nunnally but he has used her most effectively to get to him! Jeremiah intercedes and says he’ll aid Zero, though the sight of two siblings fighting sickens him.

Sayoko wonders if Jeremiah will perform which he says he will and if she doubts him she can come observe, Sayoko even considers doing just that. Pretty much Sayoko and Jeremiah are flirting with each other and are trying to see who can serve their master better. Despite what Zero has said earlier the thought of fighting his beloved sister is still hard for him to accept and he is clearly shaken. Suzaku tells Zero to get his head out of the gutter, they can’t just let things remain as they stand!

Just because Nunnally is alive doesn’t change that Zero promised he would change the world with ZEXIS! Suzaku is not going to let Zero back down from his oath! So this changes nothing, they have to continue on if they’re ever going to change this rotten world, so Zero needs to continue lying until his lies have become the truth! Zero says he needs time to think and retires to his room. C.C. thinks Suzaku was being too harsh but he instead tells C.C. that he’s the sword and asks if C.C. can be Zero’s shield, she says that she will do that.

Area 11, Ashford Academy

Milly is glad to see Rivalz who has brought pizza for Nina. Nina is being hidden by Milly because she developed FLEIA, Milly goes to ask Nina if her views on ZEXIS have changed. Nina admits that she was wrong about ZEXIS though she never expected that so many would want to obtain her because she developed FLEIA. Milly and Rivalz are glad to hear that and don’t blame Nina for FLEIA, she didn’t know its full capabilities and she’s still their friend. Nina wonders what ZEXIS will do with Milly saying they’ll surely come.

Shirley says that she’s here because she believes in Lulu and Rolo who’re fighting for everyone and will surely put everything to right. She also doesn’t blame Nina and instead tries to cheer her up. Rivalz starts to wish that all their old friends were here. Shirley agrees with Rivalz thinking back to the good times with Nunally, sexy Kallen, and he goes on to name all of their friends. Milly asks of Lelouch with Shirley saying that he’s out there doing great things.

Milly wonders if Shirley ever made good with with Lelouch which embarrasses Shirley. Milly apologizes and instead goes back to comforting Nina. Lloyd then appears and says that he has been looking everywhere for his lovely apprentice Nina! Milly is shocked to see Lloyd though Nina is furious. Cecile tells Nina to calm her nerves, they have just come to retrieve her upon Suzaku’s request since there’s something only she can do…

第52話: 決死のエンドゲーム
Stage 52: Desperate Endgame

Turn 1

SR Point: Defeat all initial enemies by Turn 3.

Here’s my squad of 24, Black Knights come along for the ride but I doubt they’ll be able to do much.

The battle around Mt. Fuji begins! Various members of ZEXIS comment on Mt.Fuji, as Ougi explains it’s a mine for Sakuradite (which is hella explosive). The Black Knights also wonder where the hell Schneizel is. He’s clearly planning something but ZEXIS is doubtful he’ll make a difference and that they just need to trash the Britannian forces until he rears his handsome sexiness. Thus they will all follow Zero! C.C. on the other hand asks what’s with her KMF, why did the repaired Lancelot get painted pink? Rakshata asks if C.C. doesn’t like it, no C.C. is fine with a pink Lancelot… It’s cute. Heero informs Zero that he should be prepared for any of Schneziel’s tricks. Zero is well aware of that though he’s more concerned about saving Nunnally, though right now he has a battle to win and orders the attack!

First up, Basara hits off three Totsugeki Love Hearts on my front line killers giving Suzaku red eye in the process.

Next I move up the guys who I know definitely won’t be in range to attack anything.

Kallen draws first blood.

Here’s my squad after the first CA activates for each of the front line.

Suzaku blasts a hole with his Hadron MAP attack, taking out 4 Vincents.

Meanwhile I send Heero to the back where the Caerlions are, and he manages to take out 3 of them with a (Souled) Rolling Buster.

After being damaged heavily by the Rolling Buster, Kallen squashes Gino easily.

Zero casts Enable on Chirico, allowing him to reach the Mobile Dolls on the north east.

He also Enables Suzaku, who heads for the rest of the Rounds.

He then withdraws from the Bank of Esther to cast yet another Enable on Suzaku.

Who gets another Hadron MAP off, destroying 3 Caelions and damaging Anya and Bismark down to 1/2.

End of turn 1. 20 enemies destroyed. I could’ve pressed further, with all my guys used up, it’s not worth the SP, especially because I don’t want the boss showing up in the enemy turn.

Turn 2

By turn 2 the enemy forces are in shambles.

And we begin with Alto nuking the Rounds (or what’s left of them).

As Anya is defeated, she tries to run but is intercepted by Jeremiah. As he fights with her, an off comment he makes about “remembering the one who defeated you” spurs Anya to say that she doesn’t have any memories. Thinking that this might be because of some Geass cast on her, he uses his Geass canceller on her, which causes a confused Anya to retreat.

Thanks to event due to defeating Anya, Orange is put in a rather convenient position to do some damage.

The rest of the cleanup is pretty simple, though I do try preserve as many of my units turns’ as possible by abusing C.A.

Here’s the map before I defeat the last Mobile Doll.

SR Point GET!

There’s no time to celebrate though, as Rakshata detects a massive energy reaction in Mt. Fuji.


Schneizel finally arrives with his new toy – the Sky Fortress Damocles. And some Insalaum troops, lead by Marilyn.

He showboats a little by demonstrating he can shoot some FLEIJAs.

Cornelia of course, objects to the the fact that he’s using Nunnally to do all of this as well as the use of FLEIJAs. Schneizel explains that his goal is to float the Damocles to 300 kilometres above sea level, where he’ll strike every warring nation at once with FLEIJAs. Cornelia rejects the plan, so Schneizel has Kanon lock her up.

Here’s the map now after Schneizel shows up. Shinn and co. didn’t get blown up by Mt. Fuji exploding, since the game kindly (hmph!) moves them south a bit.

First thing I do – squash Firebug. A souled Rolling Buster takes out a few of them.

I have Zero Enable him again (after getting a refill from Basara/Mylene) and have him fire another one off.

Lockon learns Love at 62.

Kira takes out Marilyn and learns Move Again.

End of turn 2. I’ll save Schneizel for next turn as I want to avoid putting more of my forces at risk to his damaging FLEIJA MAP attack.
Though he just decides to sit this one out instead.

Turn 3

To plan my approach I’ve marked out where he can launch a FLEIJA. You can attack him safely at diagonal angles. Technically he could’ve nuked Lelouch, Lacus and Rolo last turn, but maybe he’s sandbagging?

I slip all of my guys into the blindspot and prepare to murderize him next turn.

Finally, Schneizel gets to settle the score with….Toudou?

Turn 4

First up, I let Athrun and C.C. take out one Logress each, as they are pretty closed to getting ACED.

Next, Schneizel is exhausted down to 50 morale and analysed, for MAXIMUM PAIN

It’s over, Schnitzel!

Arranged Battle Scene

I let Tieria down him as he’s way behind in levels. He learns Hot Blood at 61.

As Schneizel is defeated, he launches a last ditch FLEIJA at Zero.

Nina calls in and explains that she has a system for dealing with FLEIJA. It’s a special lance which can be thrown to neutralize the explosion. There is a catch though, because the data must be entered only 19 seconds before the FLEIJA detonates, and the spear must hit within a 0.4 second window.

Of course, it’s not a problem FOR ZERO HAS THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

While shocked, Scheneizel laughs it off, saying his Blaze Luminous Field is impenetrable.

At this point Ougi proceeds to do his own “Ikaruga Crash” straight into the Damocles, allowing Zero to infiltrate it.

On the bridge of the Damocles…

Kanon says that Zero has entered Damocles! Schneziel comments that Lelouch has defied his expectations and that with the help of ZEXIS he has forced him on the last legs of his plans but he desires to meet with Lelouch one last time. Kanon doesn’t like that but Schneziel says that he would never put his life on the line without a back up plan. Deithard agrees, he would like to catch this on video.

In Nunnally’s Garden, Damocles

Schneziel welcomes Zero aboard the Damocles with Zero asking why he didn’t abandoned the Damocles. Diethard interrupts and says this is golden, the defeat and death of Zero will make many headlines! As Nunnally remains silent Schneziel and Zero have a friendly chat with how Schneziel is screwing up the world, Zero seems unable to act because Nunnally is here. Kanon says that Zero has lost and that this is the world that everyone desires with Diethard catching this all on film, the fall of Zero! Zero shoots his camera, he isn’t in the mood for Diethard’s antics.

Kanon freaks out and says that Nunnally is here, she’ll get hurt if he doesn’t put that gun down! Even Schneziel can’t believe that Lelouch is undeterred, surely his plan to put Nunnally between them should have worked! Diethard says that the world doesn’t need Zero, why wont he just die already! As he rants on he gets told to shut his mouth be Zero, he’s tired of hearing his inane rambling and shoots at him again.

Zero isn’t here to be made a joke of, he’s here to put an end to their little tea party! Schneziel can’t believe that Zero is not acting as he predicted, Zero says that Schneziel was always the arrogant fool that never placed himself in any situations where he can lose! Well he’s going to lose today! Schneziel tries to collect himself with Kanon telling him to get out of here. Zero wont have that! Schneziel has too much to answer for, and Zero must know if Schneziel planned to use Damocles to rule the world!

No, Schneziel doesn’t want to rule. A man like him couldn’t, instead he wants to change the world so that the peace everyone desires can become a reality. Zero states that Schneziel only desires to paralyze everyone into the present while he desires the future. Schneziel says that the future leads to ambition and suffering and that he should just kill him already, Zero says that people will always rebel against such things! With that he detonates a bomb and says that ZEXIS will change the world, one that will strive for the future! At this point Suzaku, Jeremiah, and Rolo all rush in to support Zero. Diethard can’t believe that Zero planned for ZEXIS aiding him within Damcocles all along, he was stalling til they arrived!

Zero says that he doesn’t need to rely on just himself anymore. Schneziel is impressed and finally addresses Lelouch as only Zero. However, Schneziel isn’t defeated yet but Zero still refuses to use Geass on him and instead tries to convince Schneziel that he’s wrong. They talk in great detail of their battles in Japan and that it’s an example of people defying fate and forging their own future. Schneziel laughs and since they’re the exception but he’s feeling the burn. Nunnally isn’t, she swears that she will fire FLEIA to make a world without Geass.

Zero orders Jeremiah to detain a surprised Schneziel and to get him out of here which Jeremiah accepts. Schneziel demands to know what Lelouch is planning, that’s something Schneziel wouldn’t understand. For he can’t even get it right that the person before him is Zero, the creator of Miracles! This is Schneziel’s last chance, he can still put his talents to creating that peace everyone desires the right way. Schneziel finally relents, he admits that he cannot defeat such a bold foe after all and allows Jeremiah to escort him out.

This was unexpected by Zero who is glad that he was able to convince Schneziel to walk another path without needing to resort to using Geass. Diethard on the other hand can’t believe that Zero has ruined everything! It was all so perfect, yet because of him everything is ruined! Zero can only pity Diethard, the poor fool was become a victim of his own devices. However, a man of such talents needn’t die! Diethard needs to realize that his little gambit is over, it isn’t too late to turn over a new leaf!

Diethard can’t comprehend the idea of working with Zero once more and instead flees in madness, Zero apologizes for using Diethard who honestly wanted to believe in Zero. It seems that Diethard is just another victim of his lies. All that’s left is Nunnally who asks for her big brother. Zero tells her that her big brother isn’t here, the one that has come for her is Zero. Nunnally doesn’t buy it, she knows her brother.

Nunnally opens her eyes and wonders if this is what a murderer forged by the lies of Geass looks like. Zero can’t believe that Nunnally broke through Geass and opened her eyes, he had intended to use his Geass on her just for that purpose! Though now he knows that would have been wrong. As Zero is dazed Nunnally says that her brother has no right to change the world because he has manipulated the hearts of many through Geass and the lie that is Zero.

Zero asks Nunnally if she would prefer a future ruled by fear and where Assassins could kill without restraint? Is that really the world that anyone would desire? Nunnally replies that she never asked him to do any of that, she would have been happy had he just remained her brother! That’s impossible! Zero and Nunnally enter a long discussion on what the people truly desire, who has the right to rule, the sin of Geass, and that Nunnally never wanted any of this.

Eventually Nunnally says that things could have been different, Japan could have been changed without the sin that is Geass if people just tried! Zero thinks that Nunnally is indeed too gentle for this world, he now understands that they can never embark upon the same path. Nunnally tells Zero to to stay back when he approaches, if he gets too close she will fire the FLEIA! Zero decides that he will have to use Geass on her after all though it pains him.

Euphiemia appears from the shadows and orders Zero and Nunnally to stop this nonsense. Suzaku and Zero can’t believe who it really is. Euphiemia seems to be alive after all, though she’s no longer under the Geass command of Zero. Suzaku wants nothing more to embrace Euphiemia but she thinks that they cannot be together and though it pains her this must be the case for the good of the world…. Euphiemia tells Suzaku that he has betrayed Britannia and is no longer her Knight. Cornelia is agrees with Euphiemia and she suspects that Schneziel is the one that saved her.

Again that man hiding supposedly dead girls and only letting them go free when it benefits his own devices. Euphiemia fights back tears since she knows her words would hurt Suzaku, instead Suzaku is glad that Euphiemia has understood the path he has chosen and gives his thanks. He thinks that he’ll work hard to make the world she desires from the shadows. Cornelia wonders if the appearance of Euphiemia will stop Nunnally and Lelouch from opposing each other. She knows all too well what it’s like to lose a treasured sibling.

Zero says that he understands the desires of Euphiemia with Euphiemia thinking that Lelouch can change the world for better as he has shown with Japan. However, Zero can’t believe Euphiemia lives and that he was about to make the same mistake he did with her with Nunnally. This is the only way but he wonders if Nunnally would ever forgive him. As Nunnally threatens to push the button she’s stopped by Rolo’s Geass.

Rolo says that he cannot allow this to happen, he knows how much Nunnally means to his big brother. Thus he will not let his big brother use Geass on Nunnally, that will be his sin instead. Zero thanks Rolo as he goes to retrieve the trigger. As he approaches Nunnally he comments that she tried to shoulder the worlds burdens on her shoulders and truly she’s too gentle. Though seeing her resolve has finally made him accept the path he will forever be forced to walk.

Now Nunnally needn’t be burden by such things and that he cannot stand by her side anymore. He tells Nunnally that he loves her as Rolo releases his Geass. Nunnally comes to and thinks that Zero has Geassed her into handing over the trigger. Zero says that the trigger is now his! The world will now be changed by Zero! Zero than escapes and asks if everyone is accounted for. Tamaki says that he believes so. Suzaku notices that Diethard isn’t anywhere to be found.

Zero figures out that Diethard is still on the Damocles! Diethard says that he will now pull the trigger, he cannot live in such a world that’s created through Geass and lies! Zero tries to talk him out of it, this is madness! Rakshata says that the Damocles seems to be unstable, should they take it down before it uses its FLEIA’s? Zero gives the command to fire upon the Damocles and Diethard dies in the explosion. ZEXIS can’t believe that he had such suicidal tendencies, what a madman!

Whatever the case ZEXIS deals with the fact that Damocles is defeated and everyone breaths a sigh of relief that this event is now all behind them. Amuro can’t help but pity Diethard, his desire for the truth seemed to have driven him mad. No matter, the mission is now complete.

In space, on the bridge of the Libra…

Millardo is in space now, he has just watched the entire events t hat occurred in Japan. It seems Schneziel was only full of hot air after all. Millardo has also managed to obtain the scientist that created the Gundams. Knowing Millardo they aren’t here of their own free will and are instead working on his little projects. The scientists say that ZEXIS will surely come to defeat White Fang but the leader tells them all to shut up.

Of course ZEXIS coming after them isn’t all bad, Millardo would love nothing more than to settle things between them to see who has the right to guide humanity. Besides, he always intended to get their attention anyway. As the scientists pose their own questions on why Millardo is doing this they’re interrupted by Dorothy who has brought a pretty angry Relena. The situation turns awkward as the siblings haven’t seen each other in a long time…


I really would’ve liked to translate this stage, but I’ve been working on the AB for almost 2 weeks and I’m exhausted but hyped at the same to release it, so I’ll have to come back to this one sometime in the future.

Also, rant time. With this AB I fear I’ve reached a new height which I can’t match again…except for the 00 Gundam finale which I have some really good ideas for. That said, I have to apologize in advance, because I’m 100% sure until Stage 58, videos won’t be this good because I’m simply not that familiar with Gurren Lagann/Getter Robo etc as I am with CG or 00.

That’s not to say my interest in the game in waning. However I do feel “some” pressure on myself to finish the game before OGs2 comes out, and also I’d like to finish the game after…it’s been 6 months already?

Strategy Corner

Another piece of advice for 52 as well is to NOT have your forces clumped together in the 6-14 range from damocles. Also for the skill point you will have to go to the mobile dolls as they will not move from their position.


In the first part of the stage, the only thing to keep in mind is that the Mobile Dolls will not move forward, as BQR mentioned. The rest of the Britannian forces (bosses exlucded) will come forward to meet you, so it’s best sending your fastest units to the north east to deal with the MDs.

After defeating the last enemy, Mt. Fuji will explode and Schneizel will appear. Any units “on” Mt. Fuji or past the 1/2 way mark on the stage will be moved south of their previous position.

As with whenever Firebug appear, I’m a huge advocate for destroying all of them in 1 turn (with a MAP attack if possible).

Finally dealing with Damocles is not at scary as you think. The only thing you should be vary of is it’s F.L.E.I.J.A. MAP attack, which is rather damaging, but has massive blindspots you can exploit to close in.


Shoutouts to BQR for the Kira X Gino reference and posting strats

Dick for storyline translations

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  1. BQR

    Thanks for the shout out. It’s also funny to see Gino get “Saviored” because his Tristan is like a KMF version of the doomed Gundam from Destiny and that the irony is that he and Kira share the same VA. Also with Firebug and their initial formation asks for a MAP from the Librasta B or the Freedom for irony(Though I wonder why they don’t deploy in the Librasta R MAP weapon formation).

  2. Dick

    Schneziel so pretty easy to predict huh?

    Diethard – An explosion?!
    Zero – Mwahahahaha! Did you all forget? I am not alone, I have friends!
    Schneziel – Damn! I didn’t anticipate that you would have friends!
    Zero – …Is it really that surprising?
    Diethard – Zero has friends? How is it that I never caught on to this?!
    Kanon – I’m just as surprised as you are over this turn of events.
    Schneziel – This entire time you had friends, huh? I must say, well played “Zero”. Now you have me at a disadvantage, what will you do with me I wonder.
    Zero – …
    Nunnally – Stop! Big Brother needs no friends nor does he have any!
    Zero – You’re wrong, I am not Lelouch! I am Zero!
    Nunnally – But I didn’t say Lelouch….
    Zero – No matter what you say wont change that I am only Zero and I do have friends!

  3. Incognito

    *As Lelouch sees the Damocles get beat down by the super robots he held in reserve…*

    Lelouch: “Schneizel…you magnificent bastard, I read your BOOK!” *Laughs*

    Nice work on making Lelouch even more of a magnificent bastard than he already is in that arranged battle. XD

    And BQR, nice one for suggesting the Kira vs. Gino actor allusion. That also gave me an idea/suggestion for the Gundam Wing finale arranged battle. (See the main walkthrough/LP page.)

  4. pokeball18

    Shinn is really lucky that he didn’t get blown up by the explosion on the mountain.

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