Stage 45 – Dimension Power


Time for upgrades for newcomers! Yoko and Kittan get C.A

Marin, Ryouma, Shoutarou and Simon get E-Save

Uther goes to consult his One True Friend, the Esthermon. While he’s confiding his plans to rebuild the Kingdom of Insalaum, Ywain walks in, making for a rather awkward moment.

Wayne doesn’t like that Marilyn has been spying on Uther but Marilyn tells Wayne to mind his own business. This gets Wayne pretty ticked but Uther intercedes and asks if Marilyn can handle leading the defense force with Marilyn saying that she will do as the Prince desires and she wont fail. Uther reminds her that Crowe will be coming and that ZEXIS will surely try and stop ZONE but Marilyn says that she already knows what she’s up against and will perform her duties. So no worries, just leave everything to Marilyn!

第45話: 次元力
Stage 45: Dimension Power

Marilyn is at the newly established ZONE with her new DM being very restless which scares the children on the beach. Siony is there and tells the children that everything will be okay, she promises. Marilyn than tells her new pet DM to behave and when it does she says it’s a good boy.

Within 4 turns, defeat all enemies, then the Rook Adamon
Note the ZONE starts up on turn 6, so we need to finish the mission before that happens anyway.

Turn 1

Well we’re back to where it all started, the crater that was once Remonicia.

I start off by sending my fastest guys to deal with the sides. Alle and Shinn go west, while Setsuna goes north.

I get a Drive off on Heero to boost his morale up to 130+. With a little help from Jiron, his CA kicks in and I plan to send him straight to deal with Firebug in the centre. At level 53, he learns Soul!

And he gets a Rolling Buster off, damaging a few Axios.

End of turn 1.

There’s an event, the Rook Adamon starts bombarding random units on the map, causing them damage.

Firebug with their Jamming and Marilyn’s Leadership Aura are a pain in the ass, even for Heero!

Most of them stay put and decide to kill Heero, even Marilyn, who’s normally obsessed with destroying Crowe. Even she goes for Heero.

Turn 2

I lost the map screenshot :(. A confuse from Zero eases the pain. I also heal up the guys who got struck by the random Adamon fire.

Meanwhile a Rolling Buster followed by a Twin Buster Rifle MAP with Soul wipes out the majority of the Firebugs.

Things go well in the north, with most of the grunts cleaned up. Whoever already used up their moves stay behind to clear it up in the enemy phase.

End of turn 2. It’s a bit messier down south, with 6 enemies left there but I’ve got Roger, Jiron and Trowa there, hopefully they can deal with them in the counterattack.
The Adamon’s bombardment hits Crowe, as well as the team at the south :S

Roger takes out 4, but is pretty badly damaged in the process.

Marilyn goes for Crowe, but to avoid any accidents happening I just get him to guard. He manages to dodge, then gets sniped by a DM afterwards (goes to red health).

Turn 3

The rest of the forces were destroyed in the counterattack, leaving mainly the big DMs left.

The southwest enemies are taken out by Roger, Trowa and Jiron.

The rest of the DMs go down, now it’s turn to take out the crazy cat lady!

I wasn’t intending for Camille to down her, but he gets a lucky crit and seals the deal. She drops a DM Armor.

Camille levels to 55 and learns Soul.

Soon enough ZEXIS crushes Marilyn’s forces but she isn’t all sad and tells Crowe that it wa fun but she isn’t dying today despite him telling her to wait. With much “love” she gives Crowe her farewell and leaves, something is clearly up.

End of turn 3. I could’ve killed the Adamon, but I wanted to cast Great Effort and Luck before destroying it, so that’ll have to wait till next turn.

Turn 4

I let Alle have the kill, since he’s a bit behind in levels.

SR Point GET!

Uh oh, the ZONE starts up. Maybe it’s finally Crowe’s chance?

A mysterious shuttle appears bearing the Scott Labs logo…

Sniffing something is not quite right, Zero activates his long dormant Geass on Carlos which he must answer Zero’s questions.

Carlos Axion Jr. isn’t swayed and moves to sacrifice himself though not before telling Aim that not everything will go as planned for him and that he too will have to pay for his sins one day. Not to mention that this is payback for using not only him but Siony as well! Carlos Axion Jr. than activates the weapon and vanishes though before he’s gone he wishes he had more time to change the world at Traiya’s side for the two had grown quite fond of each other since she took him in at the end of Hakai-hen.

Sick of getting 1-uped all the time, Crowe just punches a massive hole in Aim’s face with the power of the Unbreakable Fulcrum

Aim then runs, leaving a whole ton of DMs in his wake, lead by the KING himself.

Esthermon just gets one-shotted, giving Shin the Soul at level 55.

When she’s defeated Crowe yells for Esther to stay still as he goes to capture her but Uther rushes to her side and shields The One True Friend. Uther than orders Esther to leave, she does, which confuses Crowe. Why save Esther while he lets his Arksaber DMs all die?

I decide to ignore the King for now, instead opting to crush the DMs first.

By the end of the turn, only about 1/2 remain.

Oh fuck. Not only does he go for his MAP attack, but King Uther’s 2nd attack goes for Crowe, crushing him like a tin can.

It takes quite a few resets before he can dodge the attack and I make it through the turn.

Turn 5

My guys are running seriously low of EN at this point.

With the DMs defeated, it’s just Uther remaining.

I decide to end the turn early, since I probably don’t have enough firepower to kill him with the remaining guys. I cast Invincible/Flash on everyone in range of his MAP attack.

Strangely enough, he decides to go after Duo instead.

Turn 6

Time for Uther to go down! The mofo has Extreme, Guard, and double action, so he’s going to be a pain to bring down.

He takes a massive beating…

…but eventually Crowe puts him down.

Ywain and the Palace Insalaum arrive to help him out.

As Ywain recovers Uther, Anbron activates the ZONE…

And Crowe finally has his day!

Crowe’s teleported elsewhere, which reminds him of the time (in Stage 26) when ZEXIS got teleported by the Kedora.

And Marguerette appears, calling upon the holy SRW parlay and asks to join ZEXIS.

Strategy Corner

This can be quite a hard stage for those playing without upgrades. Lots of enemies, random allied units take damage during the enemy phase, and not not mention the dreaded Firebug squadron, all of which must be destroyed by the end of turn 4 if you want that SR Point.

You’ll need to split your forces into 3, one for the north, one for the south west, and one for the Firebug unit. Send your fastest units to deal with the wings, so they can catch up to the main Adamon later if needed. I’m not sure if Firebug will actively move to engage your guys, I didn’t test this out in my run.

In the turn before and during which you plan to engage the Firebug squadron, I HIGHLY recommend you use Confuse and Sure Hit, this will stop their ridiculous hit and evasion from curbstomping your guys. I also recommend sending in a tanker as opposed to a dodging unit, since your guys will most likely get hit anyway. Once you do fight them, try to destroy all of them in one turn, you’ll probably need to burn seishin, but these guys are probably the most threatening enemies on the map so it’s worth it. Speaking of which, a MAPW attack works great, a Hot Blooded/Souled Moonlight Butterfly could probably crush all of them in one shot.

Once the Rook ADAMON is defeated, Uther will appear with an army of Gigamons, Rhinomons and DMs at the north/north east. Your team will probably be low on EN/ammo at this stage, so feel free to retreat and resupply a bit if needed. Note that destroying the Esthermon will cause Uther to move to where she was. Speaking of Uther, he’s got double action, Extreme, Guard and a 7 range radius MAP attack, which is enough to easily squash your Crowe if he’s in range. Exhaust him as far as you can, use Analyze and only attack him once you are confident you can destroy him in one turn, to avoid his MAP attack. Defeating Uther ends the stage, so save him for last if you want those credits!


Dick for storyline translations

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  1. Dick

    Speaking of the Kedora, that was such a trippy stage. Anyway, you’re almost to Esther time! Did you get her Bullet Save? If you did she’ll have 12 ammo in her ACP when she returns(if she’s also FUB) making her a great support attacker thanks to her FUB.

    She’s also one of the few characters that can restore SP and gets 40 SP costed Love!

  2. YJ

    I didn’t really use Esther all that much. In fact, I haven’t really been using Crowe that much either 🙁

    I’ll bring her out for the OG/final stages though.

  3. Dick

    Ah, that’s a shame. She’s one of the best supports because of her Spirit List, Repair ability, and her high ammo to go with her natural support attacking. She also gets a small buff in stats and the Brasta Es when she returns.

    She was the first one I managed to get maxed out with PP stats, terrain, and abilities.

  4. Owen

    Well, good going so far. Looking forward to the next one.
    Oh. That screencap of crowe punching through the Seiohki had me in stitches. Perhaps I shouldn’t have picked sniper kit…

  5. YJ

    Haha, even though the R is more badass, the B would be 1 million times more useful due to it’s range for support attacking.

  6. Owen

    Speaking of Esther, she’s gonna fall in stats very heavily (I have mine with only 200 shooting stat, and the brasta es is heavily outclassed) and you may like to grind her exp lots if you do not want her to die in the finale. Infinite gaga spawning stage is cool.
    Fun fact: to test whether Veda was correct about Setsuna taking out the ELS in a week, go to the gagas stage and send him out alone into the gagas. So far, one guy online racked up 1009 kills on that stage with Setsuna.

  7. Dick

    He should have emblems for that. Just giving her the PP Emblem and letting her go to town in the very next stage(It has a lot of enemies) should make it very easy to boost her stats up. Also, if Esther was used before she left than her level shouldn’t be far behind and she still has that repair trick.

    Just like if Go was grinded before he left he’ll return at a ridiculous level. My Go returned at level 82, was something to see.

  8. YJ

    I just finished playing stage 46 and my Esther came back at 71 (I previously repair tricked her, but I didn’t take it all the way).

    Also I’m not using the default birthday, so my Esther doesn’t have the 40SP Love. She does have 30SP Exhaust though!

  9. Zeronos

    Hey guys i followed the strategy and i just killed uther using crowe all happend as the pictures but once ended the Game reset to stage 45 I dont know where is the mistake

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