Stage 38 – Assailant from the Past

It’route split time! There’s trouble on the Dark Continent, meanwhile Zero has some business in Area 11. Aaand I’m off to Area 11. Whaaaa?


The Guren gets a full upgrade and gets +500 attack power to it’s radiation wave.

Meanwhile the rest of the Akatsuki’s get a decent upgrade to keep them competitive.

In the Tokyo settlement, Shirley is doing some shopping when suddenly the Geass Lelouch put on her to ‘forget him’ stops working. Cue Jeremiah the cyborg, who turns out is responsible for what happened to Shirley, thanks to his Geass Canceller. No he’s not looking for Sarah Connor, rather he’s after Lelouch, who’s he’s presumably off to kill.

…and he’s arrived at the Ashford Academy ready to do the job.

Rolo tries his “freeze time” Geass, but nope, C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERRR

Shirley calls out Suzaku with the intention to reveal Lelouch’s identity as Zero. Awkwardness ensues when Lelouch himself shows up and they all think they’re in league with each other.

After having a brain fart, she finally decides to believe in Lelouch.

第38話: 過去からの刺客
Stage 38: Assailant from the Past

Turn 1

SR Point: Defeat all enemies by Turn 3.

So pretty much I’m stuck with a bunch of guys I never use, but luckily I have Kallen and the level 99 C.C at least.

Kallen charges straight in and gets 2 kills off the bat.

End of turn 1. 5 Kills so far. C.C’s Love comes in handy.

Another 3 guys get taken down in the counterattack.

Turn 2

Kallen heads futher north and her radiation wave can surprisingly one shot the assault carriers.

And the rest of the Brittainians are easily dispatched for the SR Point.

Jeremiah finally corners Lelouch…

Out in the Ghetto,Rolo runs into Shirley whose determination to help Lelouch makes the former very suspicious of her…

Back on the battlefield Brit reinforcements appear, led by the Knight of Ten, Luciano.

Kallen goes to engage, but is stopped by Suzaku and captured. Zero promises her that he’ll rescue her!

Here’s the map now. There’s not much else to do but to move into position and wait.

After engaging Luciano, there’s an event. Heero and Zero appear..

Luciano trashes the Shinkirou when suddenly…

Xingke, you are 20 stages late.

Turn 3

Heero gets to work, blasting away almost the entire front line with 2 MAP attacks

And it’s just 5 enemies to go.

Turn 4

And turn 4 is just a cleanup operation.

I let Ougi and co take down Luciano since he hasn’t been used in a while. He drops a Yggdrasil Drive.

Viletta and Ougi have an awkward reunion

Elsewhere Lelouch goes to check up on Shirley…

WHO LIVES. This essentially means I’ve successfully unlocked the IF/ZEXIS/Black Knights route for later on. It turns out Banjou and Roger showed just in time to distract Rolo long enough from stabbing Shirley in the face.

Turns out Roger figured out Lelouch was Zero as well, since the Euphemia event. Of course Rolo’s first reaction is to want to kill him, but Heero stops him.

Back on the Ikaruga, the crew discuss the events that are happening on the other route, with the Antispirals declaring that they would destroy Earth to prevent the Spiral Nemisis.

Thanks to Jeremiah’s info, Lelouch has finally enough information to track down the elusive Geass Society and plans to attack their main base!


This stage plays out almost exactly as the Code Geass episode of the same name, and also happens to be the turning point where you find out if you’ve unlocked the ZEXIS/Black Knights route or now. If you have 5 or more Zero points collected, Shirley will be saved with timely intervention from Roger and Banjou.

Apart from this, Xingke finally joins, and we lose Kallen…for a while.

You also might be wondering why I decided to go the Area 11 route instead of the Dark Continent, the reason being I’ve actually just recently finished watching Code Geass and I wanted to also level up my guys in preparation for stage 39. I’ll revisit the Dark Continent split at some stage though.

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