Stage 36 – Accelerating World


The route split has ended…which means a ton of new toys to play with!

The newbies get some upgrades

So, based on the new information from Kevin the informant, apparently the ZONEs were strategically placed to create a new Dimensional Gravity Bomb, powerful enough to drag the ZEXIS world into the Insarum world. He also informs that the ZONEs can be broken, just need lots of sustained firepower for a couple of minutes. Wowzers, no time to lose then, to the Dark Continent ZONE!

-JL Lee

第36話: 加速する世界
Stage 36: Accelerating World

…which has been DESTROYED by Gaioh. Who then curbstomps everything Marylin throws at him. She runs off, ZEXIS arrives, shocked that he’s still alive.

Gaioh of course wants to play more, but Carlos, acting as his manager, decides that they should stop for now, since another Dimensional Gate was opening up.

Meanwhile in space, the final remnants of ZEUTH are checking out the wormhole thing, when, predictably, Insalaum shows up.

Turn 1

It’s just Harry, Witz and Roybea for now against the Insalaum horde.

Concentrate for all and Confuse from Roybea and in we go!

Harry “the boss” Ord tanks the entire enemy force successfully during the enemy turn.

Turn 2

There’s some activity from the abyss!

No it’s not the Event Horizon, rather the Eternal manages to cross over from the ZEUTH dimension.

Bringing Jamil Nate and Enil along with it.

Anyway, I hit Enil’s Confuse, Concentrate on all again and slightly retreat.

End of turn 2.

Turn 3

End of turn 3. 11 kills so far, no reinforcements just yet…

Turn 4

And wheeee, more enemies show up.

Luckily ZEXIS finally arrives on scene. We get 15 units to deploy, with Kira, Athrun and Garrod as fixed.

Para also arrived with the Eternal, and combines the G-Falcon with the DX giving it a rather needed boost.

Marguerette shows up as well

Who exposes Aim the megafraud

Even though we destroyed him in Hakai, it turns out that his sphere has the power to rewrite reality, hence ‘lying’ about his actual death.

Not only that, but it turns out he was the guy who provided the D-Extractor and ZONE tech to Insalaum in the first place, which pretty much started all this mess.

After that rather long conversation, the SR Point is revealed. Defeat the Ariestis, he retreats when under 10000 HP or 4 turns after it appears.

End of turn 4. Pulled back Harry and co, while the rest of ZEXIS move in.

Aim goes for Marg…

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that he actually has 2 moves, so Marg ends up getting chewed and I get a game over :SSSS

Turn 5

A reload and a block, and this time she survives. His attacks have some horribad status effects though, leaving Marg with half stats and paralyzing Godsigma.

DX has a few new tricks now that it’s combined with the G-Falcon, getting 3 new attacks, halving Satellite Cannon charge time and also being able to hold 2 ammo for it now.

Wow Black Getter is made of win.

End of turn 5. With almost the entire enemy force destroyed, I start working on Aim.

Aim the asshole gets a MAP attack off, this one draining SP on a whole bunch of guys who get hit.

After that, he goes straight for Zero (who was on the brink of death), but luckily Godsigma was there next to him to take the hit.

Turn 6

Toudou is deployed for the first time in around 20 stages. Reason is because I’ve recently just finished watching Code Geass and I want to prepare myself for the upcoming Code Geass arranged battle scenes.

After some focusing, I use the METEORs to bring down Aim, supported by Marg.

Arranged Battle Scene

SR Point GET!

Though his defeat causes the remaining enemies to retreat. At this point I actually reload and kill them off before defeating Aim, but since that’s rather mundane I won’t show it here.

Turns out that VEDA got hacked by Wiseman, who releases the information about what the Innovaters have been doing behind the scenes, triggering widespread rebellion.

All this, while Chirico gets visited and asked to have a showdown of Perfect Soldiers against Ypsilon, all for the sake of saving Fiana.

Strategy Corner

This is a pretty straightforward stage. You might want to retreat Harry, Witz and Roybea at the start, but you can also take advantage of Confuse to even the odds against the enemy units a bit.

Lacus, Jamil Nate and Enil will show up on turn 2. ZEXIS and the enemy reinforcements show up on turn 4 (along with Aim), leaving you till the end of turn 7 to kill him. Don’t worry about moving towards him, he has 2 turns and will more than happily waltz towards your main force for you to kill within a turn. This does mean you have to be careful with dealing with him though, as all his attacks have some kind of status (drain SP, paralyze and half stats), a poor block may end up with you losing a unit.

Just use the usual boss killing strats, like Exhausting him, surrounding him and then use a support attack if you don’t have Hot Blood to take him down.

And finally with the arrival of the Eternal, you get access to the the METEOR combination attacks with Justice and Freedom, and the DX gets a few new weapons, a subpilot and faster Satellite Cannon charge time.

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