Stage 35 – Struggle for Tomorrow


Time for Quattro to get some upgrades. He gets CA , and the Hyaku Shiki gets some reasonable upgrades.

Aquarion gets a FUB and now has small HP regen.

And finally the mofo Trowa gets CA and stops being kinda useless.

Somewhere, Carlos is totally chilling with Not-Gaiou.

On the quarter the Aquarion crew talk about what is happening on the other route split at the moment, with Moon WILL showing up.

第35話: 明日へのあがき
Scenario 35: Struggle for Tomorrow

Straight after our 20 unit deploy, the Rook ADAMON shows up…

…and blasts the guys with some kind of mental attack!

Crowe encouters pixelated Esther

While the rest of Insalaum show up

The guys are having mental breakdowns

SR Point: Accomplish ONE of the following by turn 3:
Defeat 16 enemies
Deal 20,000 damage to Diamund
Reduce Rook ADAMON’s HP to under 70% or less.

Turn 1

So pretty much everyone has been reduced down to 70 morale. Not only that, you can’t use any seishin either!

Luckily my FUB guys are still kinda useful. Setsuna and Amuro can one shot the AI grunts.

End of turn 1. I’ve kept my guys in a tight formation to take advantage of the leadership bonuses of the cap ships. I’ve also managed to rack up 3 kills.

Kei takes an unlucky hit at 25%, leaving him in the red.

Ywain of course heads straight for Crowe, who manages to dodge.

Turn 2

All the enemies move up, except for the Rook, which is happy to camp at the ZONE.

At this moment I’m at 9 kills, so that 16 kills Is looking like my best bet right now.

I’ve marked the rest in orange. (Note at this point I thought I needed 15 and not 16 kills)

End of turn 2. I’ve gotten 15 kills, just 1 short of what I need for that SR Point. Also I have Tieria parked next to Crowe, since Ywain will try to pwn his ass in the enemy phase.

Allelujah manages an impressive a 100% evade rate against the Rook ADAMON.

Tieria takes a big one for Crowe, nearly getting popped in the process.

Turn 3

I’ve decided to shred up this DM as my 16th kill.

SR Point GET!

And Not-Masaki shows up, much to the confusion of the Rook ADAMON. Ywain tries to stop him, but just gets swatted.

This causes an event where Crowe’s sphere activates, and he attacks the Rook ADAMON.

The attack snaps Crowe out of the mental attack, boosting him to max morale and giving him access to seishins again.

And now we just repeat the process with the rest of the gang…

Oh yeah, since we have control of Akasim as well, why not make good use of him with a Souled Rumbling Discalibur

Now that the Rook ADAMON is gone, the rest of the gang is back to their senses and can use seishin again! (though they don’t get the same morale boost for those who manage to attack the DM)

Goddamn Quattro, not only does he miss out on killing the Gigamon by 12 HP, he gets shot down as well!

It’s up to Trowa to finish the job.

End of turn 3.

Turn 4

Turn 4 and there are 9 enemies left, though annoyingly most of them are stuck underwater.

May as well continue exploiting Asakim.

The rest of the mission is just a simple clean up, especially since we’ve got seishin back.

Crowe goes to take out the ZONE. Will his time finally come?

Damn Quattro 🙁

Strategy Corner

This is indeed a tough stage if you haven’t upgraded or not prepared for it. With no seishin, Insalaum units will most certainly 1-2 shot your guys if you’re not careful. Since if Crowe dies it’s a game over and Ywain will always attack him, be sure to have someone with support defend such as Tieria or Athrun next to him at all times. Also equip repair kits on them.

If you’re going for the SR point, I think your best bet is to try for the 16 kills, since Ywain can most likely one shot most of your team.

And finally, once you’ve met the SR Point conditions, attacking the Rook ADAMON will grant full morale, full HP and restore use of seishin for that unit. If you defeat the Rook ADAMON, the rest of the team will get seishin back, but won’t get the morale bonus.

Strategy Corner

Apologies to Harry Ord fans out there, I would’ve included him in the final scene but a) ran out of time and b) I could not get his patented UNIVEEEEEEEEEEEEESE to come out.

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