Stage 31 – The Unbreakable


Kei gets his CA

My next FUB, is the Zeta. It gets a +400 damage boost to its Hyper Beam Saber attack and +30 to it’s critical. Also not pictured, Duo has finally sliced up enough guys (off screen) and is now an ACE! His bonus grants him an extra 30% to critical rate.

Anblone has yet another new DM to test out, the Giga DAMON.

It one shots a Dinomon with it’s amazing cutscene powers!

Uther mentions here that the “man-made” DAMons (and maybe the “controlled” DAMons, too) are transformed humans from their world. The Giga Adamon is supposedly a “true” man-made DAMon. According to Amblone, directly turning human and machine into DAMon consumes substantial dimensional energy and inefficient. Uther is sad when he thinks about whether the Dinodamon that was used for the Giga Adamon test was an Arc Saber or not. Dinodamons are usually produced from High Knight class. (He mentions a few names – Number 6 Jamie Rantail, Number 14 Mashu Restail, and a Number 17 before he gets cut off). Amblone sends the new Giga Adamon to help Geraud despite knowing that he’ll get angry due to staining his pride.


Geraud talks to Ywain before he leaves. Geraud is only following Amblone since Uther officially appointed her as the prime minister and that the blood of knight within him seeks a strong person. He swears on the left and right scars he have on his face – something that made Ywain ask. The left scar is from the battle against the King of Destruction (Gaiou) but the right wasn’t. Geraud put the right scar on himself – so that he won’t forget failure, and his wife and child. He wasn’t able to protect the 72nd King Insalaum. When the remaining people jumped into interval of dimensions, he swore that he won’t fail a second time. He also wanted to feel the pain that his wife and child suffered even if it’s just a thousandth of theirs.


Ywain is angry that Insalaum has sacrificed the lifes of the citizens for power. Geraud tells him that’s why he wants Ywain to get strong without such sacrifices. His old friend Schuval believes that Ywain will be stronger than both of them and become the Knight of Knights so he watched over Ywain in place of Schuval. Ywain goes to repair Sapphiada since Crowe trashed it.


And so now we have a choice, specifically which type of upgrade we want Tria to upgrade the Brasta to. Plan A is the melee “Super Robot” version and Plan B is ranged “Real Type”.

I know it’s kinda outta character, but I decide to go with the melee version for Crowe. He’s taken enough shit from Arksabers in Supers!Note: This is also because I checked out beforehand the attacks for both units, and while I know the Librasta L is more in character for Crowe, the attacks are so damn bland! Well, the R ones are pretty bad too :S

Carlos doesn’t asnwer when asked where he got the Quintiple X. Carlos finds it weird that Crowe can use the VX, since it supposedly reacts to a strong will and Crowe practically doesn’t have his own will. Carlos describes how he sees Crowe. He doesn’t have a thing called individuality. Somewhere in his heart, he wishes to be taken in by the flow of the situation. Even if that situation is disadvantageous, he’ll ride on it as long as it points him to an action. If he isn’t tied to anything, he can’t confirm his own existance. That’s why he took on (his father’s) debt. Crowe realizes it and admits it himself after Carlos laids it out. It was the same as with Geraud.

Carlos tells him not to mind it too much, and that at the very least, he accomplishes what he decides to do no matter how unfavourable. However, Crowe says even that is a stalemate, since if he is taken in by the Sphere, he won’t be himself anymore. Carlos calls it stupid, and says that if that happens, he should just cleanly disappear from this world.

His disappear comment reminds him of his debt. Carlos expected that he’ll definitely say no to dying as an excuse to not pay back the debt, but he doesn’t want to see Crowe live and change his own principle. Crowe had his mind full with paying back his debt that he forgot the most important thing. He says that he might not be able to pay back his debt this time, but Carlos it’s fine as long he shows him his way of life. Carlos’ll go on ahead saying he’s pretty busy.


第31話: ジ・アンブレイカブル
Stage 31: The Unbreakable

20 deployments, Crowe is forced, but where the hell is he?

Enough stalling! Where is Crowe Broust?!
He’s busy! Why don’t you play with us instead?
This isn’t worth my time, Arksabers! Deal with them!
Hold on a minute, who says you can all get started without me?
*gasp*Is that the successor to the Brasta? What secret weapons does it have?
Uhhh… No, not really. I think.

You mock me with that machine Crowe Broust! I had hoped to fight you at your best but it seems my arrival was most untimely.
Hey, don’t write me off just yet!
Very well. If you wish to face me even in such an inferior machine than I will not hold back!
Whoever said anything about holding back?

Well, he launches in the ever unimpressive Axio, since his Brasta is still in the shop being upgraded.

SR Point: By turn 3, destroy 20 enemies, then fulfill the victory condition (deal 30,000 damage to Diamund).

Turn 1

In my standard opener, I cast morale up on Basara and have him Totsugeki Love Heart my main force.

End of turn 1

Tetsujin is harassed pretty bad by the Arksabers on the left, just barely managing to survive due to 2 lucky dodges.

Geraud moves up, looking for Crowe, but does not find him. The left side goes for Heero (and Tetsujin).

Turn 2

Heero’s Rolling Buster nets him 3 kills on the left.

This allows him to traverse to the right side (using CA) where he unleashes yet another Rolling Buster MAP.

My next ACE, Alto. He can now transform after moving, as well as gaining the Bunshin ability.

Trowa, not only does he love a good stabbin’, he gives them the finger for his DK!

I manage to generate enough for morale for Zero thrrough kills and get his MAP attack off as well. He’s finally ACE, with his bonus granting him random seishin at the start of a turn when he’s at 150 morale. This also means I should’ve enough Zero points for the ZEXIS route now. Hopefully :O

Finally I’ve reached the 20 kill quota and it’s time to turn our attention to Geraud.

End of turn 2. I’ve managed to damage Geraud to around 1/2 which means I need another 10K or so to complete the next part of the mission. Also I’ve positioned Crowe next to some support defenders to stop Geraud from beating him down too bad (he has Invincible cast as well).

Crowe and Geraud finally encounter each other in the enemy turn, although it’s hardly a fair fight with the Axio vs the Diamund. I had the Shuttle nearby to tank a hit, but Gerauds Attack Again activates and he gets a hit on Crowe anyway, although luckily I had Invincible cast on him.

Turn 3

The beatdown continues!

And SR Point GET!

Gigadamon and friends come to help!

Crowe makes a beeline for the Scotia Labs to pick up his Brasta, but the Gigadamon intercepts him.

Geraud does a Wodan with his honour and all, offering to distract the DM while Crowe picks up his shiny new toy.

Crowe wants to end the fight real quick, and decides to activate the VX/Sphere despite the curse.

Marg shows up to block Crowe’s attack that was meant for Geraud…

…but the sound of a coin seems to snap Crowe out of his trance, and he manages to spare Marg.

Relax, you’re not dead you know.
Chief, you did it. Your system worked.
Of course it worked! The CDS is perfect for dealing with you!
Coin Drop System. Since it looks like Crowe’s attachment to money is everything to him, it’s even enough to break him free of the sphere’s power!
It was that simple?!

Tria developed something called the Coin Drop System (CDS). Basically since Crowe has been conditioned all his life with money, so whenever the VX’s output reaches critical levels and the sphere activates, the sound of the coin overrides it and snaps him out of the trance.

Lady Marguerette! Why do you interfere?!
Sir Geraud…Insalaum needs you!
Lady Marguerette. You have dishonored me greatly by interfering.
Have you learned nothing?! Never interrupt a duel between men!
B-but sir!
From this day henceforth…you are dead to me Lady Marguerette. Dead to all of Insalaum. Go forth and choose your own future!
Now begone!

Geraud asks why Margrit did such a reckless thing. She surmises that he’s a needed person for the future of Insalaum – saying this is her last duty as one who has lost her way as Ark Saber. Geraud announces Margrit Pistail is now “dead” and that she should go disappear to some place.


Hey, don’t you think that was a bit uncalled for?
There are no more distractions. We may continue, Crowe Broust.
Well it looks like it’s just you and me now.
That appears to be the case. Now I need not hold back, prepare yourself for defeat!
Not gonna happen. I still have debts to pay and I’m a man of my word.
Oh? What could possibly be motivating you?
I doubt you’d understand. Instead settle for this – I’ll stop ZONE and take care of Esther till my last breath!
Hahahah! Your determination moves me! Very well, show me your mettle in honorable battle then!
Hey, hey, I swear I’ve seen this scene before…It was in an anime or something! Right guys?
Errr….Uh, no idea what you’re talking about!

Geraud challenges Crowe once more…aaaand then backs himself right into where my battleships are :S

Here’s the map now. Three Rhinomons to the west, the Gigamon at the north, while Geraud is kinda at the middle. Note that after the Librasta event, Crowe has regenerated all his SP. And Geraud will be at full health again.

I take this time to regroup my forces…

End of turn 3.

Turn 4

It’s repair trick time again! Since there’s no time limit, and Geraud/Gigamon have EN regen, I take this opportunity to level up Tetsujin, Noin and Hilde.

And we may as well clear the trash while we’re at it.

Turn 46

Many turns later and Tetsujin, Noin, and Hilde are all level 99. It’s time to take down the Gigamon!

Take that you oversized Pokemon!

I let Basara make his eardrums explode.

Time to take down Geraud!

And of course, his Guard, Prevail etc make him a rather tough mother to take down.

Arrrrgh, Ptolemy was supposed to get the kill, but it’s crappy GN Cannon didn’t do enough damage. Geraud is going to have to wait till next turn!

End of turn 46.

Turn 47

Oh right, before I forget. You can get a Super Repair Kit by moving Crowe to a certain square on the map (7th square up, 14 square left from bottom left corner of the map).

Arranged Battle

Finally, with Double Cash and XP cash, Sumeragi and co. get the kill, jumping 7 levels. Geraud drops a D-Extractor.

Instead of blowing up on the spot, Geraud limps away from the battlefield, proudly proclaming that ZEXIS won’t claim the Diamund as a trophy heh.

Geraud appears in front of Uther still wounded and refusing aid. Amblone tells him not to stain Uther’s throne with his blood. For the first time, Geraud tells her to shut up. He tells the prince that he was happy with everything he has done until today, but what Insalaum needs from now on is not kindness but power. He also reveals that he didn’t cry when he was told that his wife and child was killed. Uther cried in his place instead. He was the only one who would cry for others in the midst of anger and despair. He gives the title Knight of Knights and Diamudo to Ywain before dying.


Carlos apparantly relieves him of all the debts he owes him and Crowe’s happy that he can now focus on just Zone and Ester. However, he developed a new debt on Tria for upgrading the Brasta – 2,000,000 G. Scott Labo’s already taken half the cost of the original cost. Crowe is “her important person” – only because he’s the pilot to complete her research. She’ll give him the Scott SP as retirement pay and that she’ll give him the CDS as a treat. The VX apparently came from Elgan.



Quite the eventful stage. Crowe gets his mid season upgrade, Tria finds a way to circumvent the curse of the sphere, Marguerette is expelled from the Arksabers, and Geraud finally kicks the bucket.

In my opinion, the Librasta’s animations are just horrible, and it doesn’t matter which option you go either :S

Strategy Corner

Geraud will ONLY ever attack Crowe. Remember he has Attack Again, so be sure to have a support defender or have Invincible cast on Crowe so he doesn’t get one shotted by Geraud. You can also overcome this by having Basara cast TRY AGAIN on Crowe, which might bring his stats high enough to bypass Attack Again.

Use the menu to keep track of how many kills you have when planning when to start attacking Geraud. The 30,000 damage you need to deal to him is more like 50,000 or so, due to his Guard, Prevail, D-Extractor etc. Be sure to use all the usual damage boosting tactics, like surrounding him, casting Analyze, Exhausting him and Zero’s Suicide Attack command.

Geraud is also level 75, you can attack him with a wide variety of units to gain some XP for them.

And finally, since there’s no time limit after obtaining the SR Point, it’s a good chance for you to repair/resupply trick your pilots to level 99 if you wish (Thanks Forte).


JL Lee and Zeiro for storyline translations.

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  1. Dick

    Geruad – Where is Crowe Brust?
    ZEXIS – Crowe is busy, why don’t you play nice with us instead?
    Geruad – This isn’t worth my time, Arksabers! Deal with them.
    Crowe – Hold on a minute, who says you can all get started without me?
    Heero – Gasp! That is the successor to the Brasta?
    Duo – Uhhh… No, not really. I think.

    Geraud – This is a shame, Crowe Brust. I had hoped to fight you at your best but it seems my arrival was most untimely.
    Crowe – Hey, don’t write me off just yet.
    Geruad – Very well. If you wish to face me even in such an inferior machine than I will not hold back!
    Crowe – No one asked you to do such unnecessary things in the first place.

    Crowe(Li-Brasta) – Rrrgh!
    Margeurite – Geraud, watch out!
    Crowe – You’re not dead you know.
    Marguerite – Huh?
    Crowe – Chief, your system worked.
    Traiya – Of course it did, the CDS is perfect for dealing with you.
    ZEXIS – CDS?
    Traiya – Coin Drop System, the sound of a coin snaps Crowe out of his berserk state when he activates his sphere.
    ZEXIS – It was that simple…?
    Geruad – RRRRAGH!
    Marguerite – Geruad…?
    Geruad – You dishonor me greatly for interfering! Have you learned nothing? You never get in between a fight of men! Now get out of my sight!
    Marguerite – B-but… I was just-sniff, fine!
    Crowe – That was pretty uncalled for.
    Geruad – Silence! We continue where we left off!

    Crowe – It seems we’re on even ground once more Geruad.
    Geruad – That appears to be the case. Now I need not hold back, prepare yourself for defeat Crowe Brust.
    Crowe – Not gonna happen. I still have debts to pay after all and I’m a man of my word.
    Geruad – Oh? What could possibly be motivating you?
    Crowe – I doubt you would understand. Instead settle for this – I will stop ZONE and take care of Esther till my last breath!
    Geruad – Such determination! Very well, show me your mettle in honorable battle than!
    Crowe – GERUAD!
    Geruad – CROWE BRUST!
    Shinn – …Doesn’t this seem familiar? Athrun?
    Athrun – I have no idea what you’re talking about Shinn.

  2. Forte

    Totally late on this, but here’s some tricks to use next time around.

    – Putting Kamille or Loran in the Methuss to get them to level 99. You did this in Hakai-hen and this stage is a great place to get Kamille to “pwn mode”.

    – I found this out randomly, but every time you use Basara’s TRY AGAIN map move in his robot mode, he gains almost 400 exp. He also gains back energy each turn, though I’m not sure if there’s an ability that gives him that. Still, it means he can level ride up to 99 as well. xD

    Hopefully this helps for your next playthrough or you find a way to take advantage of this at a later stage.

  3. YJ

    Thanks, I updated the strategy bit with the repair trick suggestion.

    I believe Basara actually ‘gains’ song energy for each song he sings, which in turn makes his songs more powerful. So he’ll never run out of energy.

  4. Forte

    He does, but he can run out if its used every turn. He gets back between 2000 and 4000 a turn though, and I had him with over 80000 at one point.

    Found out a way to speed level him though. Have the Shuttle and the Aphrodite around(which, if people have been following your guide, will be level 99 too). The main Shuttle pilot has Hope, which can be used to give Basara back enough SP to spam Move Again when he learns it, and he in turn regens the Shuttle’s SP with TRY AGAIN. Plus, one of the sub-pilots and Aphrodite have Gain, which they can use to make Basara gain double exp when he uses TRY AGAIN. Aphrodite only benefits from the SP regen for this part though. xD Should cut some time.

    All in all, your welcome. xD I’m glad it could be useful advice; means I’m giving back a little for all the help your guides have given me. ^_^

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