Stage 30 – Breakthrough Point


Hey guys, what’s up? As of this stage, we’re halfway through the game! After a whole 2 months LOL. Anyway I might cut back on doing arranged battles from now on, unless it’s a particularly eventful or epic stage where new units debut. I remember when I first started doing them they were pretty simple 1-2 hour editing jobs, but the production values as of late have really skyrocketed and it’s getting tiring doing 7+ hours of editing for one stage alone!

Anyway, back to the game!


Heavyarms, Wing Zero, and Godsigma gets some upgrading.

At of this point, most of my guys have at least 40% upgrades with level 4+ weapons.

Heero and Jeffrey gets SP Regen.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kei and Athena got themselves captured by Marylin (who was holding civilians hostage). Anbourn finds the Singularity Point interesting, but can’t see any difference between him and any other normal human. The two of them of course have something else up their sleeve, especially after asking Marguritte about Eureka’s whereabouts.

-JL Lee

ZEXIS arrive ready to take on the ZONE…

What’s this? A new DAMON?

Crowe tries his best, but no luck.

Kei and Athena managed to bust out and reveal to the gang that they have some dirt on the Rook Adamon. Time to scram!

Base at base, Zero does some analysis and turns out there’s a 20cm wide weak point in the Rook Adamon’s barrier which can be exploited.

Zero employs the sniper team of Lockon, Michel and Gain to tear down the barrier. Although Michel still doesn’t quite believe Lyle is quite the replacement for his brother yet.

It is revealed in this scenario that the reason why Michel doesn’t like Lockon is because he couldn’t forgive the fact that Lyle took on the name Lockon. Michel practically looks up to Neil and wants to surpass him as a sniper. He doesn’t acknowledge that just being twins is enough for a reason to take on the name. Southern Cross then asks them to settle it in a contest in the upcoming mission.


第30話: 一点突破
Stage 30: Breakthrough Point

Turn 1

We get our pick of 20 guys, along with Lockon, Gain, Michel and Kei as forced deployments

SR Point: Within 3 turns, defeat all enemies except for the Rook Adamon and get all the snipers to the marked spots.

Here’s the map

First up, some Totsugeki Love Heart to go around

Double Morale up on Aquarion to activate the Element system…

With CA and Element system activated, he goes straight to the back of the enemy line.

Setsuna does his suicide run as well.

And my next ACE, Heero! And his ace bonus OMG, he gets +1 movement, and the Zero System activates at 110 morale instead of 130.

End of turn 1. Thanks to CA abuse we’re already 10 kills up and well positioned for counterattacks. Also, the plan is for Gain to take the closest square (since he’s the slowest), Michel to take the furthest, and Lockon to take the top left one.

Turn 2

Gain is the first one to reach his point.

Using C.A, Michel manges to get to his spot as well.

As for Lockon, well Ywain is being a dick and stole his parking spot.

So, he has to be forcefully ‘removed’.

Just going to get rid of the trash first.

Aoi and co. down Ywain, leaving the space open for Lockon to move into.

SR Point Get!

The 3 snipers work together and manage to pierce the DAMON’s barrier, leaving it open to attack.

Anyway, more Insalaum reinforcements arrive, notably the King himself, Marg, and the Esthermon.

Here’s the map now.

Setsuna one-shots Esther (she only has 9000HP).

This starts a small event where Crowe wants to put her out of her misery (oh really?)

He is begged by Marguerette to stop, as apparently persons who have been DMed by Revive Cells still have some semblance of human emotions.

Zero confirms, since he can feel the Geass he put on her is still active.

She tries to attack Crowe, but Zero commands her to stop, thus she runs.

End of turn 2.

Turn 3



Basara takes out the Rook DM with more of his singing.

This turn I pretty much focus on weakening Uther and Marg for a kill next turn.

End of turn 3. Just 3 DMs, Uther and Marg left.

Marg goes for her MAP attack, but luckily my guys don’t take too much damage.

Turn 4

Basara downs more DMs, he’s actually pretty effective at it and it’s one of the few chances he can get some kills.

Marg gets slapped with the SWORD OF RAGE. Since she’s level 60, Camille levels up a whole bunch and is now Newtype level 6! Which means….

TIME TO CRASH INTO SOME FOOLS! Not showing the DK yet, gonna save it for another episode 😛

Uther is also level 50, so I attack him with almost all my guys to gain some levels.

Finally Kouji zaps him, and it’s GG

Despite beating down the Insalaum, we’re once AGAIN too late as the ZONE starts to activate.

Crowe goes to close it off.

Ywain tries to stop him, but gets brushed aside.

Since Crowe was distracted by Ywain, Rand decides to take Crowe’s place instead, and runs into the ZONE to seal it off (with the cheesy smile and all)

Post scenario, Crowe contacts Tria and asks for a Power Up to the Brasta, which means they’ll once again need the power of the VX and Spheres. If you remember a few stages back, Crowe actually went nuts because of the curse of his sphere. Crazily enough, she agrees to it, as she might just have a plan to counter the effects of the sphere…


A few firsts in this stage, we finally get to fight Uther. At this stage of the game, his moves are still rather unimpressive, but hopefully that will change in the latter stages. We also get to fight Esthermon as well, but she’s just a watered down colour swap of a regular DM, which is kinda disappointing.

The game has finally set up for Crowe to get his mid-game upgrade, with him asking Tria for help post scenario.

Strategy Corner

Equipping movement up parts to Lockon, Gain, and Michel “may” help, but probably not as much as you think. By turn 3, all of them can reach a square anyway. Michel is probably the only one who can reach the rightmost square on time.

Ywain is tough to take down due to his high Potential, Guard etc, so be sure to use Analyze, surround him for that extra damage.

Uther and Marguerette are above average levels, you can really level up your guys by peppering them with weak attacks, then level up heaps with Great Effort cast when downing them.


JL Lee and Zeiro for storyline translations.

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