Stage 28 – Messenger from the Darkness


Usual upgrade fare.

Meanwhile the creator of the Black Ox is almost done putting the touches on the new robot, is ambushed by Branch and subsequently killed before he can finish.

第28話: 暗黒よりの使者
Stage 28: Messenger from the Darkness

Turn 1

So since there’s no time limit yet, I decide to put Basara to the test.

And I somehow remember doing something like this in A3

Too bad it only gives a measly +8 morale at the moment.

End of turn 1. Having spent the turn setting up for Basara’s Totsugeki Love Heart, I pretty much just pass the turn.

Turn 2

On turn 2 the Black Ox appears, but since the it’s brain transfer was incomplete due to it’s creator being killed, it’s just stumbling around.

That is until Branch shows up. He has some kind of device which lets him seize control of it.

Here’s the map.

Totsugeki Love Heart round 2!

End of turn 2

Turn 3

Again, I just hit the next turn button.

Turn 4

I spend this turn damaging the Black Ox.

End of turn 4.

Oh Daiguard prefers it from behind!

Turn 5

Black Ox finally goes down to Shotaru

Roze manages to sneak up on Branch and break whatever device he was using to control the Black Ox.

Suddenly the switch in stories comes. Roze is held captive by an alien calling himself Gestalt, a Messanger from the Darkness. He snaps on a Devil Ring on Takeru who went over to save her, after which Gestalt tries to mentally break Takeru, focusing on his fear and the fact that the Devil Ring will absorb his ESP, rendering him unable to form Godmars.

– JL Lee

Finally the SR Point is revealed. Let the NPC Black Ox defeat 3 enemies.

The best way to do this is to damage enemies to as low as possible around the Black Ox. The problem is that he can only defeat 1 per turn, so that’s 3 turns gone.

End of turn 5.

Turn 6

The turn after Black Ox is defeated (or in the enemy phase after 1 enemy is defeated), Gestalt along with a whole bunch of Regulus Alphas show up at the north.

Takeru shows up, still under the influence

Godsigma finally returns!

…and breaks the control off Takeru. At this point you’ll automatically get Godmars if you didn’t already combine him.

Okay in hindsight this is a pretty bad situation. See the mission is over if Black Ox is blown up, and given his proximity to the reinforcements, that could very well happen.

End of turn 6. Almost everyone went north to tank the reinforcements, meanwhile I damaged all the initial grunts to make sure the Black Ox can easily nab kills.

Turn 7

At this point I just skip turn 7 at let the Ox get his 3rd kill for the SR Point.

Turn 8

I lost the map screenshot, but now it’s just a matter of cleaning up the rest of the enemies.

Baldios takes down Branch. He drops a Psychic Reactor.

And lastly Roger punches Gestalt to smithereens. He drops a Thruster Module.

Arranged Battle

Meanwhile at a Katharon Base in Europe Heero runs into Quattro.

Strategy Corner

Some things to consider. After defeating the Black Ox, you can control when the reinforcements come depending on when the next kill you make is. This way you can prevent them from appearing in the enemy phase and raping your guys.

You might want to keep some of the initial enemies alive for the Black Ox to kill, since they are much weaker than the reinforcements. Also try to keep him away from the reinforcements, so he won’t try to attack them. You might want to bring Basara along, since he’s the only one who can heal NPCs with Planet Dance.

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  1. KLinedIScream

    Tokkou Yoraou does work well as a BGM for some of the classic Supers and Xabungle. It’s too bad there’s no FMP in Z2, maybe they’ll make a return in Z3? 🙂

    So if Tetsujin rockin’ the mohawk and brawling moves is Mr. T, which Robots would represent Face, Murdock, and Hannibal? 😀 Anyway, I’m nicknaming this arranged battle “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  2. YJ

    If only they had put FMP into Hakai. A real missed opportunity with Young Setsuna, Heero, Chirico and Sousuke really hitting it off with manly silence!

  3. KLinedIScream

    Yes, it’s always the quiet ones you should be wary of…

    By the way, have you seen this Youtube playlist with subtitle translations for the latter stages of saisei hen?

    I had to pause the videos quite a few times since he goes through the dialogue very quickly but it helps a lot for understanding the dramatic story, particularly between the original characters. Might be useful to have for when you get to those stages on your playthrough.

  4. YJ

    Yep I have seen them around, but I haven’t actually watched them yet (I’ll save them for when I get to those stages).

    Thanks for the tip though 🙂

  5. YJ

    Renamed vid just for you 😛

  6. KLinedIScream

    Sweet, thanks man! =D BTW, I’m still checking the blog from time to time. But since I’ve been traveling for work lately, I just noticed the change now.

  7. 3rdreconmedic

    say, boss! whats the bgm for the second part of this arranged battle? I’m sure this is the a-team theme from the original, but i swear i’ve heard this on some anime as well…

  8. YJ

    It’s from Full Metal Panic, Bonta-kuns theme. It’s called Tokkou Yarou:

  9. 3rdreconmedic

    ah, of course! how the heck did i forget this awesome theme?! i should really go back to playing srw judgment…

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