Stage 27 – Zero VS Zero

Just a foreword before we start, Zeiro has some of the conversations in this stage translated and I have used them in some screenshots.


Woo Basara and Gamlin have finally joined up!

Michel and Gamlin get their C.A. At this point I’m not quite sure what I want to spend Basara’s PP on yet. Might hold out to see how he goes in a battle, does anyone have any suggestions?

Apollo finally gets his Attack Again skill, which means there’s going to be some serious pwnage when Aquarion is out.

Setsuna gets a bit more PP into skill

Finally my first FUB! 00 Gundam gets +400 to all of it’s melee attacks. I decide not to pick the general bonus yet.

Crowe finds out from Tria that there is still no known way of restoring a person who has been DM’d. 🙁

– JL Lee

Meanwhile in space Bushido is testing out his Masarao, using the Wing Zero (with Heero inside) as a punching bag.

One hit too many activates the Zero System, granting Heero visions of the future…

At this point a bomb goes off, rocking the base.

Meanwhile Heero calls out Zero for a one on one meeting…

第27話: ゼロVSゼロ
Stage 27: Zero VS Zero

Zero meets Heero alone, where they proceed to talk trash.

Kallen and Wufei arrive to help out. Although Wufei defects to help Heero out, the trecherous bastard!

Anyway, this is one of the last opportunities to obtain Zero points for the IF route. Shooting down Wufei is easier, but will only give 1 point, whereas reducing Heero’s HP below 60% will give 2 points.Since I’m going for the IF route and this is my last chance to nab points I’m going for the latter.

Luckily with Concentrate Heero has no chance

I would’ve used Kallen to attack Heero as well but she couldn’t reach him.

End of turn 1.

Turn 2


After damaging Heero to 60%…

The rest of ZEXIS arrive.

Before you deploy your guys, I recommend Screw Modules, A-adapters etc on any units that can’t fly.

Here comes the real robot army!

Heero decides his job is not done yet and opts to take the guys on.

A-LAWS show up, along with Divine Nova in his new MA. Aren’t you glad for those Screw Modules now?

At least Wufei is smart enough to come back

SR Point: Clear the map within 4 turns of A-LAWS arrival.

End of turn 1. 4 kills so far.

Seravee takes a beating, but luckily manages to dodge a few times and survive the enemy phase.

Turn 3

Heero is pretty tanky with his Zero System active.

Using CA I set up for Zero’s MAP attack on the bottom bunch of Mobile Dolls.

Thanks to Aquarion’s Attack Again Element System Abuse™ he manages to solo 2 Mobile Dolls in one attack

And shaves off 13K off the Empruss

One full heal from Ougi to Tieria

Attacking Heero with certain characters will raise and lower his morale.

End of turn 3. Most enemies destroyed, and the bosses at least half dead.

Aquarion really shines in the counterattack.

Divine will always go for Tieria if he’s deployed.

Turn 4

Revive gets punched in the face by Gamlin. He drops a Sniper Kit.

Divine gets the Hyper Jammer. He drops an Assisting ISC Unit

Just Heero left now!

Michel snipes Heero (with a little help from Lockon as support)

With Heero in flames, Ali shows up and snaps up a bargain!

Eat that Ali!

Arranged Battle

Credits and shoutouts to Anthurak for the music recommendation!

Chirico is a bit behind in levels so I let him take out Saachez. He drops an Adrenalin Ampoule.

And SR Point get, 2 turns early!

Post-scenario has them unable to locate Heero, and the Wing Zero was carted off prior. Kallen confronts Wufei about his about-turn earlier, but he coolly explains it as a simple fact that he does not trust Zero one bit, even during the Hakai war. The fact that he trusts Zero now is not because of his kind heart but that by fighting with him, Wufei manages to see that his “justice” is true.

Zero tries to explain Heero’s erratic nature as a manifestation of the Zero System berserking, but Quattare and Duo know better. Even they now begin to suspect the great leader’s plans for the future……

-JL Lee


Zeiro of SRW-G, I used his translations for the scenes where Heero is going after Lelouch.
Ray F Noel for his Screw Module suggestion.

Other Notes

I didn’t include Ali in the arranged battle, I had a few ideas I wanted to to but unfortunately I ran out of music way before I could even cut Ali in 🙁

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  1. Ray F Noel

    well”, splendid work as always 😀
    hmm…. not quite sure an ideal PP spending for basara, but I prefer to spam his PP on evade(just a support unit but I like him to stay alive) and also move again for easier map song on the next turn

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