Stage 8B – Twin Drive

The first split has ended and now we have a few more units, namely Chirico, Kallen and C.C, meaning we have a sizable squad now.


A few more upgrades go around.


Saji Crossroad being a real wuss ‘accidentally’ reveals the location of the Katharon base to A-LAWS.


第8話: ツインドライヴ

Stage 8: Twin Drive


Suzaku inflates his e-peen by blowing up some ancient Katharon Tierens.


Suddenly, the Exia appears…


And the SR Point is revealed, All Katharon Units must survive when you clear the stage. Yay, more fucking NPCs to deal with.


Turn 1


Here’s the starting map. It’s the largest one by far, and judging from the size, it’s going to be a long map. Katharon forces are in the south east corner while the enemies are mainly at north west, north.


Nothing to do but to move forward.


Katharon forces moving in as well :S


At 60-60 it’s miss for both sides.

Fuck my life man.

Turn 2


Turn and most enemies have moved in to attack. There’s still no reinforcements yet…


This time Setsuna casts concentrate to survive the incoming waves.


End of turn 2.


GUNDAM…GUNDAMMMMMMMMM… This calls for a reset.


And I decide to run instead. End of turn 2.


Turn 3


Finally on turn 3, there’s an event


Suzaku doesn’t take no for an answer!


Finally the Ptolemy appears and we get 13 units to deploy. Iain tells Setsuna to get his ass back to the Ptolemy. They both leave afterwards.


Here’s what the map looks like now.


I have the worst luck.


End of turn 3.


FAIL 🙁 One Katharon gets blown up


Turn 4


It takes a reset but I make into the next turn without the Katharon guy dying. Although this turn will be extra tough since he is on red health and can’t take another hit.


The focus is taking out the guys near the Katharon first.


End of turn 4. I’ve got a frontline going.


Oh fuck. One of the Katharon guys moves in and subsequently gets double teamed. Time for a reset.


Turn 4 (2nd time)


This time my front line is further out.


It takes many, many, many MANY resets before I make it pass this round without the Katharon Flag dying. The problem is that they keep moving up, and the Tieren artillery types with their massive range. If I were to do this  again, I’d rush in instead of being so careful. Also it helps if you can block the right squares so the Katharon don’t advance too much.


SUZAKUU Koshiryokuuuuuu BEAAAAAAAAAAAMU!! Note Suzaku will always go for Kallen if she’s in range.

Turn 5


On turn 5 there’s an event.






And he just manhandles Barack


Here’s the map.

Louise gets impaled


The rest of the GN-XIII go down as well, leaving only Suzaku. I’m pretty sure he will only go for Kallen, so I think we’re good.


Although it’s a fatal mistake… I didn’t take into account that they attack Suzaku, essentially commiting suicide. Sigh, and I saved right before too. ARRRRGHGAHHAGHAHAG


2nd attempt

Turn 1


Setsuna hits concentrate, moves up.


Turn 2


Concentrate again, attack a different enemy.


Counterattacked everything in the enemy phase.  Required a reset or two to make it past without Setsuna getting blown up.


Turn 3


Ptolemy arrives with reinforcements…


End of turn 3. This time I’m WELL ahead of the Katharon guys.


Turn 4


Shin and Heero killed/damaged a whole bunch of guys, but Heero ran out of EN, since bird mode is a fucking EN hog.


End of turn 4. Going straight in. Shin is sent straight into the enemy pack.


And ends up taking around 4 enemies.


Turn 5


Again, the 00 Gundam event happens…


Kallen is moved up to ‘distract’ Suzaku.


End of turn 5. Most enemies destroyed except for 1 GN-XIII and Suzaku, and I’m pretty sure this time the Katharon guys won’t be able to reach him.


And Andrei is shot down by a stupid Tieren NPC


Turn 6


It’s only Suzaku left!


Finally after a beating, Suzaku goes down. C.C had learnt good fortune beforehand, so I made sure to had cast it first.






Well looks like the Katharon base got raped by some Automatons.


By the way, I’m not just your neighbor, I AM GUNDAM


Meanwhile Ribbons is kinda peeved at the fact that he doesn’t have the Twin Drive system. JUST SLAP ANOTHER FUCKING GN DRIVE ON IT STUPID


Oh and Amuro is still his bitch.


Well that brings an end to another tough stage. Well it’s only tough if you make a mistake in turn 1 or 2, and that is retreating to where the Katharon forces are, which was my fatal mistake. The key is moving towards the enemies in turn 1 and 2 with Setsuna, as to lure the enemies away, then when your guys arrive, to rush them as hard as you can with Accel.


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  1. Kuraistarkiller

    It’s very difficult to obtain the SR Point, I’m stuck here XD

  2. YJ

    Yep a very tough SR point. At the start make sure you move Setsuna as far north as you can. When the Ptolemy arrives, use accel etc and charge/intercept the enemies before they can reach the Katharon. KILL TIERENS FIRST!!!

  3. Kuraistarkiller

    I’m done Done 🙂 next

  4. matt

    super hard level to get the SR point because of Katharon so frustrating

  5. Matt

    Help! Question I finally completed the levYel and all 4 katharon units survived but I didn’t get SR point! I was wondering if anyone had a clue as to why. I’m pissed now cause I had to have played this stage at least 20 times no kidding to get the SR point and I didn’t get it at the end. All 13 of my robots survived along with all 4 katharon units b4 I destroyed sazuku last

  6. YJ

    Did you fail and restart the mission? Some SRWs have this feature where if you fail a stage you keep the money you earned, but you can’t get the SR point anymore.

    If you did, you’ll have to reload the save before you tried the mission for the first time and then finish it.

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