Stage 3 – Messenger of the Sun, Tetsujin 28

By Kallen’s request, the team is sent to Singapore…

Where it just so happens that Ranka is on holidays, accompanied by Alto and Luca.

第3話: 太陽の使者・鉄人28号

Stage 3: Taiyou no Shisha, Tetsujin 28

All goes to shit when the Branch mafia decide to show up and attack Ranka.   Luckily Shotaru is around and activates…


SR Point: Destroy the Branch Robo #1 piloted by Branch by Turn 5 (Retreats when below 5000 HP).

Turn 1. Clearly they should’ve brought more guys.

Did you just see that? He just fucking threw him!

End of turn 1.

On turn 2 there’s event…

Looks like in the midst of having fun manhandling everyone he let one slip

Luckily Brera also ‘happened’ to be around and steps in.

And the rest of the squad shows up.  

Turn 2.

After defeating two enemies…

Alto and Luca show up along with Esther.

Back to the action, Brera casts concentrate and accel, and charges straight in while Tetsujin continues to beast. Oh yea did I mention Tetsujin can heal himself? So godlike!

End of turn 2. Unfortunately Alto and crew are way too far away to be of any use.

Turn 3.

End of turn 3. All of the enemies except 1 and the boss go down this turn, all that’s left to do is to whittle him down to 6,000 and get in position for the kill.

Turn 4.

We thus begin by surrounding the mofo (I believe you get a damage bonus for each surrounding unit) to increase our chances of killing him.

Finally a good support attack by Tetsujin and Brera take him out.  

SR Point get!  

After some dialogue, there’s an option, which is the first route split in the game.

「カレン達を見送る」- See Kallen Off

「カレン達と一緒に行く」- Go With Kallen

Since I am a real robot freak I decide to go with Kallen (and it leads to 00 Gundam anyway).

And as usual Brera is a dick and decides to piss off after the stage is over.

Credits to KLinedIScream and Dick for the skits!

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  1. KLinedIScream

    Parodies for the bottom 3 screens…

    Ranka: Well, every time I see Brera I get an intense feeling… I feel like my breast is getting really tight…
    Alto: Uhh Ranka, that’s T.M.I.

    Luca: Are you the pilot of that Giant Robot that can throw suckas hella far?
    Shotaro: Yep. I’m Shotaro the pilot of Tetsujin 28, aka GIGANTOR in America and we are totally not overcompensating for something with this name.

    Elmo: Thanks for the hand Inspector Ootsuka, if you are interested in more policey-type things I would be tickled pink to have you guys as security for our upcoming concert.
    Ootsuka: Shotaro and I would be delighted to take you up on this offer, as an Inspector I shall inspect your concert groupies most thoroughly. *puts on a pair of latex gloves*

  2. Dick

    The meeting of Esther and Alto.

    Ranka – Perhaps I should buy more mature stuff? Maybe than I can compete against Sheryl.
    Alto – Say something Ranka?
    Ranka – Nope!
    Esther – Ah!
    Alto – Huh? Is something wrong?
    Esther – You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!
    Alto – …I’m a man.
    Esther – Gasp! You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever met!
    Alto – Now this is just getting awkward. You are?
    Esther – I’m Esther Elhas but you can call me Esther!
    Alto – Right… So you’re a girl?
    Ranka – How rude, Alto! Of course she’s a girl! Can’t you see her womanly assets?
    Alto – Does she bind them? I can make them out but they’re barely larger than yours, Ranka.
    Esther – …Why am I cursed with such a boyish figure?!
    Alto – Hey, don’t cry! I was just kidding!
    Ranka – Besides, you’re still young! I’m sure you’ll turn into a fine woman when you get older!
    Esther – I’m 18…
    Ranka – What?! You aren’t my age?
    Esther – It’s not fair…
    Mafia – Excuse me ladies and boy but the girl comes with us.
    Alto – You’re after Ranka?
    Mafia – Quiet down lady, I’m not in the mood for nagging!
    Alto – Did you just call me a lady?
    Esther – Wait… That means I’m the boy?!
    Shotaro – If this keeps up… No, I must do something! Come forth GIGANTOR!
    Ranka – We’re saved!
    Shotaro – Hey! Protect the lady and girl, okay.
    Alto – I’m already doing that.
    Shotaro – Gasp! You can fight, miss?
    Alto – …You know what, yeah. I’m the lady.
    Esther – I’m not a boy!
    Shotaro – Anyway, time to do what I do best.
    Esther – I’m serious!
    Shotaro – GIGANTOR let’s go!
    Esther – Don’t ignore me!

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