Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen


  1. BQR

    There are two more not listed that can reach 99 by the repair/resupply trick and that is Zero and Ougi because of when in the one stage when Zero is in the Burai stage 9 go with kallen split. You would have to give Heero SP Regen (so he could spam sense for 100 percent accuracy) though because the only way to efficiently farm levels is to use the Buster Rifle MAP attack on the Methuss and Brasta Es(and make sure that either the Methuss or Brasta Es is in the air so that Zero can resupply)(Another good idea to go with that is to put some upgrades into both as well to increase the survivability of both).

  2. Forte

    Ooh…lvl 99 Zero would be fun. Thanks for the info! (Although I’m like…40 stages above it xD)

  3. Dick

    Heh, yeah Stage 49 was hell. I was banging my head against my desk over and over again when they just kept talking and talking.

  4. Dick

    I remember, I made an error on the Wing TV series finale. It’s not supposed to be Une that gets relena out of there it was Sally or whatever her name is. Though Une is still the one that asks Relena is she would like to avenge her father by killing her.

  5. Forte

    Bit of advice for stage 52, if you haven’t heard it already. Don’t clump together your units(maybe the supers if they have Iron Wall on). FLEIA hurts. A lot. xD

  6. YJ

    Thanks, will remember that πŸ™‚

  7. BQR

    Another piece of advice for 52 as well is to NOT have your forces clumped together in the 6-14 range from damocles. Also for the skill point you will have to go to the mobile dolls as they will not move from their position. Also requesting a combo attack from Kallen and Suzaku together for Bismark’s Requiem as well as Jesus Yamato defeating Gino with the beam saber for the lulz. As well another good idea is to attack damocles with Zero, Suzaku, Orange, and C.C. as they have special quotes for attacking damocles and even responding back to Zero and Suzaku.

  8. YJ

    I’ve already got said combo attack with Kallen X Suzaku vs Bismark planned so stay tuned πŸ™‚

    What’s the Gino/Kira reference?

  9. Dick

    I’m interested to know too since I never used Kira.

  10. YJ

    I just doubled check and yes they have the same VA. I never would’ve figured that out.

    Another freaky one is Luca = Lelouch, what the hell?!

  11. BQR

    Also Touga = Lelouch. Also as I had said earlier Gino and Kira have lines referencing each other when they attack each other . Same with Alto and Bushido(though only one sided on Bushido’s part), Amuro and Ribbons. Also funny is Luna(gravion)=Aoi(Dancougar Nova), Shinn(GSD)=Eiji(Gravion), Eida(DanNova)=Anya(CG), Lindt(00)=F.S.(DanNova) and Shinobu(Dan), Charles(CG)=Moon and Earth WILL(DanNova), Clovis(CG)=Kamille(ZGun), Kallen(CG)=Anemone(E7),Lunamaria(gsd)=Ranche(MF).

  12. YJ

    I believe Masato of Dancouga is also Camille. Still the most surprising one is Lelouch, his VA has a very wide range in his voice.

  13. BQR

    Then there is also Faye(Gravion)=Nina(CG), Eureka(E7)=Nunnally(CG), Andrei(00)=Lloyd(CG)=Sai(SEED), Roche(GL)=Revive(00), Ozma(MF)=Johann(00)=Kamina(GL), Tieria(00)=Mikhail(MF), Zechs(W)=Gym(Turn A)=Mwu(SEED)=Ashuam(KG). That is why in the save/quit dialogue, there is a chance that you can hit either Nunnally or Lloyd doing the dialogue.

  14. Anthurak

    I was kind of expecting an arranged battle for this last one, what with it being the final battle against Aim and all.

    Oh well. Next mission’s the Geass finale, which I am assuming will have an AB. Can’t wait to see it. If I may make a request, I think it would be good to see a lot of the other ZEXIS members participating in this one, rather than just CG characters. After all, the ZEXIS route is about Lelouch accepting the friends he has and the trust they give him, so it would be fitting to see a bunch of them backing up Lelouch. And besides, seeing Lelouch leading an army of Super Robots/Gundams/whatever else against the Damocles would be pretty damn awesome.

    Also, if you’re still taking music requests, then I like to suggest ‘Army of the King’/’On the Battlefield’ from Fate/Zero. Their the themes used by Iskander, the ‘King of Conquerors’, so I’d say they’d fit pretty well with Lelouch leading an army into battle.

  15. YJ

    Sorry to dissappoint.

    Yep Stage 52 will have an AB. There will be crossovers…and also Super Robots (but not in the way you think πŸ˜› )

  16. BQR

    That will be good to hear.

    A tip for Stage 53 is that Milliardo, Trieze, and Bushido when they deploy in their mobile suits they will deploy at max morale(170 for Bushido and 150 for the other two). They have around 54,000 HP average and will also have their ace bonuses to boot(Bushido having 100% Counter Rate Activation, Milliardo pumping all enemy Hit and Evade rates by 15%, and Trieze having 1000 hp regen and plus 3 morale gained for all enemies other than himself on their turn). This in addition to Trieze having level 4 command and all three starting in regenerative defensive territory will make them a pain to take out. Safe to say that you should probably cast lock on/concentrate and flash/invincible/iron wall and/or have someone with Attune before attacking them.

  17. Dick

    The only sad thing about the CG route in IF is that no one but the CG cast has anything to say to Schneziel while they all had a ton to say to Lelouch in the Normal Route.

  18. BQR

    While there is only in battle conversation between Schneziel and the CG cast, in the pre-battle conversation Kira, Shinn, Amuro, Quattro, Rodger, Setsuna, and Heero yell at him. Schnieziel also says in his conversation with Quattro that he knows that he is a CHAR. Setsuna declares in his conversation to Schniezel that he is an enemy that has to be destroyed as he is a distortion. Heero and Rodger in their conversation to Schniezel talk about his gambit on 49 and how it failed. I wonder if for the AB for 52 if you are going for a combo attack with TBR, Final Stage, Raiser Sword and Zero Beam for the coup de grace on the Damocles.

  19. Dick

    Now I remember why I took a break from doing the early stages. So much Code Geass and 00 text…

  20. Incognito

    Zechs(W)=Gym(Turn A)=Mwu(SEED)=Ashuam(KG)

    You forgot Gamlin Kizaki (Macross 7).

    Hmm… Now there’s an idea for the next Arranged Battle! How about Gamlin taking some potshots at Zechs in the Gundam Wing finale? (Then again, I dunno if there’s an actor allusion combat dialogue between the two in-game.)

  21. YJ

    Not sure if it’ll fit in with the plan I have in mind but I’ll give it a shot.

  22. Dick

    Well, Gym, Mu, and Ashuam aren’t even in z2.2 unless you’re talking about those main characters fighting Millardo.

  23. BQR

    No, they don’t seem to reference each other. Though Amuro, Kira, Setsuna, Allelujah, and Lelouch all get special lines when facing Milliardo and Trieze. Also Kallen and Toudoh supposedly get special lines when facing Gundams as well as Bushido getting special lines when facing Toudoh. Also Gino and Kira both get special lines when facing Brera due to same VA.

  24. Dick

    Kallen just says something about it doesn’t matter even if she’s fighting a Gundam.

  25. Incognito

    Ah…shame. (Wasted seiyuu connection chance–and Takehito Koyasu is one of my favorite male seiyuu.) Looks like you can scratch that idea then…

  26. Raeve

    Hey YJ, your post for Split Merge Stage 15, γƒžγƒ³γƒ»γ‚’γ‚Ίγƒ»γƒ“γƒ•γ‚©γƒΌ Man as Before links to the prologue and not stage 15. Hope you can fix that because your walk-through is very helpful and appreciated it, thanks.

  27. YJ

    Thanks for the pickup, I’ve now fixed the link. Please let me know if there are any others.

  28. Evar

    The link for stage 15 Split Merge γƒžγƒ³γƒ»γ‚’γ‚Ίγƒ»γƒ“γƒ•γ‚©γƒΌ Man as Before is wrong. Please redirect it. Thanks for this awesome walk-through =)

  29. YJ
  30. Evar

    Oh sorry didn’t see the updated comments. For some weird reasons when i load this page the comment section always stopped at October 25th and the stage 15 link didn’t work. After i cleared the cookies and reload everything, it is up to date again, using firefox btw. Thanks again for this awesome walk-through.

  31. YJ

    You’re welcome!

    I use caching on this site, so sometimes you might get delivered an old version of pages that aren’t recent (such as this one) unless you do a hard refresh, Shift-F5 I think.

  32. Owen

    Right now, I am afraid I may never be able to do finish the MF version in time.

    Perhaps I can rush it out in December.

  33. YJ

    There’s no rush dude. It’s done when it’s done.

  34. Dick

    Well, I cleaned up the ending a bit… My gawd did I use the word “that” way too much.

  35. pokeball18

    I think you forgot about Heero Yuy and Li Xingke.

  36. GundamBoy

    I’m just gonna ask a stupid question . . . . . is it finished yet ? or there are more coming

  37. YJ

    Yes I’m still working on this playthrough. The reason for delays in updating is that I’m also working on my final video at the same time.

  38. GundamBoy

    oh, okay, nice job btw @YJ

  39. BQR

    I have a save file of the stage. It is on the fourth playthrough of the game though, will it be okay?

  40. YJ

    Yep, it’s perfectly fine, I just need it for filming purposes.

    Please email it to me at yj@saint-ism.com


  41. Forte

    That video. Was sick. xD Very nice finish good sir.

    Also, to all those reading; the stage he just did, Stage 58, Innovation, ZEXIS route. Bring units with MAP attacks. Not because you need them to clear out enemies quickly to win, but you can rack up some serious cash taking down the suicide guys. I’m sure YJ will leave ya a note xD

  42. Dick

    Have you gotten a chance to bite into 2nd OGs yet?

  43. YJ

    I’ve played about 5 stages so far. I’m getting a feel for the game and animations before I start anything media related.

  44. Forte

    The Alt is one nasty mech >_> Now if only Kyosuke could actually hit something if he doesn’t have seisin on xD

  45. YJ

    Haha you think the Alt is bad? The odds are mega rigged against Ryune lol!

  46. Forte

    They are >_> And some of those SR points are hard to get; Mission 7 is a good example. Shaving 8500 off that guy in one go…maybe I’m doing something wrong but I just couldn’t do it T_T

  47. YJ

    Ryune route? Is that the one where Zengar joins? He actually do the 8.5K by himself with his final attack lol

  48. Forte

    I think so; Its stage 7, where the SR point is to take down the enemy commander that shows up after you take down a certain number of foes. I’m assuming Zengar is the one that looks like that other mech, the one who summons familiars and does fancy ninja movements with his fingers.

  49. Dick

    The old cast does fall off compared to the newer additions. They still have the Shadowmirror verse to use though and they can use it to bring in Einst Kyosuke as a part of Selena’s story. Maybe even use it as an excuse to give Kyosuke and Excellen upgrades so they can keep up by the time @3 goes full on.

    I’m curious how they’ll handle the 4 mecha for J when it gets in for the next entry. Really hope they don’t shaft Calvina and focus too much on Touya and his powerpuff girl harem.

  50. KingKamina

    Where’s the rest of the chapters.

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