Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen


  1. Dick

    Damn, there’s so much freaking dialogue in the later stages that’s relevant while the earlier stages I could have just glossed over things. Also, FUUUU Real Routes for having so much more to say than the Super Routes that usually in up as “RAAAAAARGH!” brawls while in Reals everyone just keeps talking!

  2. SAMAS

    Well yes, that’s one of the primary differences between the two.

  3. Dick

    Still a ton of dialogue to go through which is very hard since Japanese is not a native language of mine and compared to MNenginard I’m like a child since he’s far more accurate in his summaries than I ever will be(His are also shorter).

    As for my summaries, you don’t have to copy everything since I tend to drag on and on about the little things which will bore most people. You can cut out a lot of the bloat and just put in the things you think are relevant.

    Like in the VOTOMs stage when they get to Ru Shako’s village you can just say “Ru Shako explains Quent, Overmen, Wiseman, Child of God, and ect to the team as they go meet Meiji who again explains everything… Ugh.” instead of what I put since really, they keep asking the same stuff over and over again and the explanations are so drawn out that I just skipped through a ton of it anyway(I was bored to death).

    Or Zero leads a small team(Consisting of Crowe, Kallen, and the such) to Ru Shako’s village to try and uncover why Chirico has gone mad and if he can be saved.

  4. Dick

    Speaking of which, Shin Getter stage was so much easier to finish and took far less time and back tracking than VOTOMs. I swear some of the terminology of VOTOMs had me going in circles. I still at a loss on some parts of the explanations Ru Shako and Meiji gave only that they just keep talking forever. Seriously, they had more to say than nearly all of the Shin Getter stage.

  5. YJ

    Yep I know, I do the best I can paraphrasing but sometimes I still have NFI what’s going on LOL

  6. Dick

    At least I can say I’ve gotten better at this though. Man did I make some obvious mistakes when I first went through this, going back again at least helps me spot my errors so that I can correct them. Was missing a chunk out of Stage 46 and I’m missing the rest of Stage 47 which should be easy since it’s the Shin Mazinger Z finale.

  7. Dick

    Well, the Code Geass stages have proven once more to be ridiculously long. Stage 49 had the dialogue of at least 2 or 3 full on stages. Which makes sense since they decides how the rest of the game plays out.

    I do plan on finishing up some of the earlier stages once I’m done with the Believe in Zero stages. I see no need to rush because MNeidengard has already done that. Of course my version will most likely not be as accurate as his and I tend to dramatize things but it would be insulting if I just copied his material that he worked so hard on. That and I prefer to play the stages as I translate since it gives me context and helps make the task less bothersome since I can watch animations in between.

    Though I will say that I wont be doing any of the Oppose Zero stages, I just hated that route so much. I had to force myself to go through it and I don’t plan on ever going through it again since my Scenario Chart is finished.

  8. YJ

    I read you’re a Code Geass fan, since the Battle for Tokyo Settlement II and the Damocles battles are coming up soon(ish), do you have any requests for the video?

    Is there any Code Geass music that is a must? (Nightmare comes to mind)

  9. Dick

    Yeah, I’m a Code Geass fan so it makes things much easier for me with the Code Geass stages.

    The only request I can think of is Xingke, Kallen, and Lelouch vs the Vampire dude, Kallen vs Gino, Kallen and Lelouch vs Suzaku, and Lelouch vs Schneziel. Also on that stage try to leave 10+ enemies, you need to defeat Schneziel after he appears for the SR point. He retreats if too many KMFs are destroyed or he’s pushed under a certain health pool.

    Chiba and the glasses dude may also have something to say with the Vampire dude but I didn’t check since they had no upgrades and I didn’t want them getting killed off. Toudou seems to want to fight Bismarck as well.

  10. Dick

    As for music, I’m not the best to consult about that.

  11. Anthurak

    Here’s an idea: Have Hallelujah be the one to take down Bradley. I always thought that would be kinda fun, in a kind of ‘Eviler (Pshycho-er) then Thou’ setup. Also, I’ve found that taking out the Avalon with a Stoner Sunshine or One-Hundred Rocket-Punch is always fun.

    As for music, it’s not CG, but ‘The Battle is To The Strong’ from Fate/Zero might be cool for the Battle of Tokyo, especially if you do use Hallelujah.@YJ

  12. YJ

    I might be able to combine both ideas. He appears on Stage 49 right?

    It’s just such a shame his attacks looks so poooor :S

  13. Dick

    Yes, the Vampire dude appears on Stage 49 and it’s where he dies.

  14. Owen

    YJ, just a passing thought, but are you Singaporean?
    And if you need help translating some of the dialouge, I do happen to have attended Japanese classes and may be able to help out with the Macross storyline πŸ˜€

  15. YJ

    I’m Malaysian but I’ve lived in Australia since I was 7 πŸ˜›

    Feel free to help, but keep in mind that Dick is doing translations as well so don’t double up πŸ™‚

  16. Dick

    Eh, I don’t mind. Would be nice for someone to go back and fill in what I missed. I’m still not satisfied with the Dancouga/Nova vs Muge encounter and skipped through most of it.

  17. Dick

    Hmm… I think I broke the wiki, it’s full of out of memory errors now and isn’t letting some of my changes go through. Might not be able to finish things after all.

  18. YJ

    Ugh that sucks :O Maybe it’s a temporary thing?

  19. YJ

    You could try a few things:

    – Try making a new “Story” page on the wiki. The one right now has a lot of text on it and it’s possibly causing the ‘out of memory’ thing you’re experiencing

    – You can email the summaries to me, I’ll put them on a temporary page here while the wiki is being sorted out.

  20. Owen

    Since you could do a all supers stage, can you do a all reals stage as well?

  21. Owen

    For stages with the finale of Reals (e.g. Macross two-part finale and 00 Gundam finale) can we have a full reals party? We have 30 deployment slots, if I am correct, so…
    YF-29 Durandal/VF-25 F Messiah (Alto Saotome)
    VF-25 Messiah S (Ozma Lee)
    VF-25 Messiah G (Sniper, Michael/Mikhael, depending on what you think the spelling is)
    VF-25 Messiah (Recons, the Luca version, sue me for my bad memory)
    Quadluun-Rhea (Klan)
    Koing Monster (Carina)
    VF-27 Lucifer Gamma (Brera Sterne, I am not sure if you get him early in ‘IF’ route or something, though, may be enemy turned ally on that stage)
    Gamlin and Basara (Basara mainly to buff the hell outta Ozma, if you can ACE him.
    (8~9 units)
    Not forgetting…
    The 00 crew (4 units)
    The SEED Crew (4 units)
    Zeta Gundam (4 units)
    Wing Gundam (Depends, If only Wing boys, then 5 units, if with the Tauruses (WTH), 6 units)
    Gundam X (About 4)
    Turn A gundam (2 units)
    And if you still need filler Reals (and need to fill up the whole deployment limit, even though I personally buffed Alto to hell with 400 in each stat in first playthrough and solo-ed the stage), the whole of Code Geass is very very viable with its Gigantic roster, and Brasta Es and Vigola Glory count as reals too…

    Just a small request, feel free to ignore me if you have greater plans in mind.

    Plausible music choices are:
    Lion (Ranka and Sheryl Macross Frontier)
    Triangler (Fight on stage, Macross Frontier)
    Aoi no Ether (Macross Frontier, Ranka)
    Nyan Nyan Service Medly (Macross Frontier, Ranka and Sheryl)
    Fight (Gundam 00)
    Recover (Gundam 00)
    Daybreak’s Bell (Gundam 00)

    Can’t think of any more at the moment, but if you have better ideas, go ahead, it will be enjoyable all the same πŸ˜€

    And if you cannot manage perhaps I can help with the arranged battle videos (I got the whole of the holidays to burn once it is three weeks later, yes, I am a student)

    Looking forward to next update…

  22. YJ

    Yep will do all reals for their respective finales πŸ™‚

    As for videos, I’m probably going to skip 45/46 for now, but I’m planning to do one for every stage after that. Don’t let that stop you from trying at making your own though, I can publish it here if you do πŸ™‚

    I actually have something rather epic planned for the 00 finale video. Do you (or anyone else reading this thread) have a savegame for the intermission before the 00 finale (either route, preferably ZEXIS) by any chance? There’s something I need to test to make sure my idea works.

    And finally, yes already have plans for some of the music you listed πŸ˜› I’ll have to study Macross F ones a bit more though since I haven’t watched the series.

  23. Owen

    I have the zeuth one, I save before every intermission. You still want it? (Expect OP alto)

  24. YJ

    Yes, if you could. Email me at yj at saint-ism.com


  25. Owen

    Ok, gimme a night to handle it for ya, forgot where I took my PSP to…
    Should be in your mail by tomorrow morning 12 pm

  26. Dick


    I don’t know how to navigate the wiki that well, it’s possible to make more story pages without losing any of the content?

  27. Owen

    Save sent!
    I zipped it cause you’ll need the file number, tell me if you do not want it zipped.

  28. Owen

    I forgot that this song is used commonly in Macross F fights too…
    Infinity #7

  29. Owen

    YJ, sent you the save. Do what you must with it…
    Don’t torture Ranka too much, please… πŸ˜€ (You know this is a joke… do what you must)

  30. YJ

    Looks like you sorted it out?

    I saved a copy to my HDD just in case.

  31. YJ

    Haha, Thanks for the saves man πŸ™‚

  32. Dick

    Yeah, I was able to sort everything out. Just finished Stage 53 which thankfully wasn’t dialogue extensive as the Code Geass stages. Though the reveal that the Zero System and the Twin Drive System are supposed to be in one Gundam will hopefully prove entertaining.

  33. xie323

    Are you on IF-route or normal route?

  34. YJ

    I will be going IF route.

  35. Dick


    The superior choice. IF route is so much more enjoyable than normal and at least here Ohgi isn’t a complete idiot and actually does something useful. Like holding Damocles open for Zero and Suzaku.

  36. YJ

    Yo Schneizel gets turned? That’s awesome.

  37. Dick

    Yes, he gets turned without the use of Geass. Basically Schneziel can’t believe ZEXIS didn’t fall for his plans, Lelouch defeated Charles, that Lelouch managed to arrive on Damocles, and that Lelouch didn’t let the whole “Nunnally is here” stop him from letting Schneziel, Kanon, and Diethard know that he isn’t going to be playing by their rules.

    Schneziel is also surprised that Lelouch called for help(Suzaku, Rolo, Jeremiah), doesn’t kill him, and that Lelouch doesn’t resort to putting a Geass on him and instead asks Schneziel to turn a new leaf. Schneziel than relents that he has been quite thoroughly defeated and that Lelouch have surpassed all his expectations. He than decides to give Lelouch’s plan a chance as he’s escorted out by Jeremiah.

    Lelouch also can’t bring himself to use Geass on Nunnally after all so Rolo says he’ll shoulder that sin for his brother instead. Which is a big improvement for him since Rolo doesn’t try to kill Nunnally at all.

  38. xie323

    Yes! You’re going IF-Route! IF-Route is the best, Zero Requiem never happens, the characterization in CG is less, cluttered to say the least, and Euphie is alive all along! Great route!

  39. Owen

    Aww… code geass fans…

    Just something I would ask since I consider you superior to me at “codes” (You know what I mean)
    I tried to do an arranged battle, and I wanted to start Alto off in a VF-171 as per anime. But if I change the fighter unit, the game freezes the moment deployment starts (even for the Vajra), so I attempted changing both units, but results as per above. Do you have a solution?

    And sorry, I messed around with the codes, but I think that the hex value for the BGM is not the only thing that affects the sound…
    So perhaps it is linked somewhere. Try lowering the SFX volume = 0 and try (Common tests are round the corner and all I can do is comment and check on updates in the morning and at night, so sorry I cannot play around with it more). If it does not work (i.e. cancel out animation sounds), sue Bandai. If it does, then we can confirm that the BGM hex itself does not affect the BGM, or there is something linked to it.

  40. Owen

    *And sorry the “both units” part meant the battroid form of the VF-25

  41. YJ

    Yep I have a solution. I will email you.

    As for the BGM, maybe there’s another method we can try. When you enter the Sound Library no music plays, so perhaps there’s a hex value for ‘no music’?

  42. Dick

    Well, nearly done with IF. Changed stage 47 to remove the DM suggestion, stage 56 IF Route handled it much better and it was actually addressed. Also showed that Esther is a pure Tsundere still…

    Have a feeling Stage 57 and 58 will be long as heck because it’s using both the Frontier and 00 plots together and has the Images thrown in.

  43. SAMAS

    xie323 :
    Yes! You’re going IF-Route! IF-Route is the best, Zero Requiem never happens, the characterization in CG is less, cluttered to say the least, and Euphie is alive all along! Great route!

    Euphie’s alive? Cool. I actually dropped CG over that mess.

  44. Dick

    Yes she’s alive, they don’t really explain it all that well. Considering she appears o the Damocles it means that Schneziel had her stashed away. Most likely because she as injured and had a Geass command on her which he didn’t know about until he learned of Geass in z2.2. Besides, revealing her beforehand would be bad since she’s hated for the massacre and the Geass command meant that it would be hard to say she didn’t order it and that it was a fake.

  45. Forte

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before; Enil has repair! You can power level all the Gundam X pilots! Lvl 99 Garrod, hurrah! xD

    So, from my power leveling, these are the characters that have reached level 99.

    Shuttle (All pilots). Tetsujin 28. Kamille. Quattro. Amuro. Fa. Heero. Duo. Trowa. Quarte. Wu Fei. Hilde. Noin. Loran. Harry. Basara. Sayaka. Akagi. C.C. Cynthia. Faye. Esther.

    And apparently, I should be able to add : Garrod, Witz, Roybea, Jamil, Ennil and Boss to them. Just food for thought for those playing, these are the guys you can power level (by switching pilots to the repair units). Quite a few heavy hitters for the later stages in there. (Like them UC pilots that are practically god at 99 xD)

  46. YJ

    By Cynthia I assume you mean Sarah? (the pilot of the Panther from King Gainer)

  47. Forte

    !!! Probably; its one of the ladies from King Gainer, the one that has the shield in its hand. ><

  48. Dick

    Yeah, that’s Sara.

  49. Forte

    *nods* Thanks. ^_^ But yea, from my experience, you can jack all those folks up to 99. I’m not gonna use Fa or anything like that, but having Garrod, Amuro, Kamille and Heero at 99 is for sure gonna make the final stages a breeze. ^_^

  50. Dick

    On the first play though, but in later ones when you have a ton of PP level isn’t important outside unlocking SP skills and higher SP.

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