Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen


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  2. Anthurak

    Are you going to try to get the ‘Beleive in Zero’/’ZEXIS’ route here?

  3. YJ

    Depends, is it confirmed what the conditions for it are yet?

  4. Anthurak

    I’ve been following the akurasu wiki, and a thread on GameFAQs (here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/657877-dai-2-ji-super-robot-taisen-z-saisei-hen/62456285)
    “Well according to that Japanese SRW wiki here are some of their predictions for unlocking IF Route:

    Stage 17 A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City: Deploy C.C. and have her fight Anya

    Stage 18 Ashford Rhapsody: Have Suzaku, Gino, and Anya destroy an certain number of enemies

    Lelouch, Kallen, and C.C. have a combined kill count of over 200 before Stage 38.

    SR points may or may not be a requirement.”
    If I find anything else, I post it here if you’re interested.@YJ

  5. YJ

    Thanks I would appreciate that πŸ˜›

    By the time I get anywhere near stage 17 I think it will definitely be confirmed already.

  6. Anthurak

    @YJ Just found something interesting on GameFAQs
    “Further word on the Shirley/ZEXIS route at the end. Grain of salt, etc.

    –You have to deploy BOTH Roger and Banjou on whatever stage Rolo decides to kill Shirley. Banjou then saves the day and Roger talks Rolo out of killing Shirley. Completing this secret unlocks the final route split choice. An additional flag is getting a combined total of 210 kills with Lelouch and Kallen (neither have to be Ace’d out). C.C. is rumored to be involved in this, but some have barely used her and still unlocked the IF route. Same goes for taking the Geass-related route splits; one person supposedly managed to get the IF choice without taking any Geass-related path.”

    Also this: ” the secret to recruiting Anew is to take her out with Lockon after you beat Mr. Bushido and Ali.” This one seems to be confirmed as well.

    Also found some tentative info on Alto’s YF-29 Durandal. It seems you need to have him to 70 kills by some point, and he needs to have the highest kill count of the MF characters.

  7. Death

    With regards to Stage 17 Forebidden city, how do you get the SR point? I know Wu Fei has to kill 2 units least than after killing 12 units and above kill Xin Ke. But some how I aint getting the SR point

  8. Xza

    tnx for this bro,you helped me quite a lot with hakai hen,i didnt say my thanks,but oh well thank you for hakai and i will be awaiting your playthrough on saisei.Stay cool :).effort appreciated.

  9. Jay

    hurry up on stage 11 i need help bro fuck why so slow…

  10. Anthurak

    Gotta say, those battle arrangement videos you’ve been making are freaking awesome! It really helps create an illusion of a flowing battle sequence. They also make me wish more and more for an actual anime adaptation, fruitless dream it may be.
    I especially liked this latest one in Stage 14, with Super Robot team dishing out most of the punishment. Really made it feel like a ‘Big Damn Heroes’ situation. Plus the idea of Barack Zinin taking a trip to the Moon and Mr. Bushido getting blindsided by a ROCKETTO PAUNNCH!! makes me chuckle every time.

    Though I have been wondering about something. In your Hakai-hen playthrough, you really seemed to abuse the repair/resupply power-level combo, yet you haven’t used it yet here, even though from what I’ve seen you have access to a few early on (one of which is your main character no less). Were you just waiting for the routes to combine and the Sub-orders to become available?

    Also, you may have already heard about this, but it looks like there’s a pretty good idea of how to get the ZEXIS route now. Akerasu wiki has some details if you haven’t checked in a while.

  11. YJ

    Thanks! For the stage 14 arranged battle I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Setsuna and Bushido were fighting then suddenly he was nailed by a random Rocket Punch!”

    As for the ZEXIS route I will definitely try to get it this run (I’ll end up covering both at some stage).

    And finally for the repair trick, I’m currently experimenting on stage 15. Stay tuned πŸ˜›

  12. Anthurak

    As a music suggestion, would it be too much to ask to use the Ghostbuster’s Theme for the Emperor Zhul Boss arrangement? Because that would be both hilarious and awesome.

  13. YJ

    I think that would be quite challening LOL…I’ll think about it πŸ˜›

  14. Anthurak

    You do realize that you missed one of the possible ‘Zero points’ in Stage 17? You have to have C.C. fight Anya for an event.

  15. YJ

    Crap, totally missed, that, I’ll quickly replay the stage and just add the relevant pictures. Thanks for the pickup.

  16. Anthurak

    Hey, do you already have the Double-X’s G-Falcon in Stage 18 (I’m pretty sure I saw it in the DX screenshot)? Because the entry on Akerasu say you don’t get it until Stage 36.

  17. YJ

    Nope, still using regular DX.

  18. Incognito

    You’re finally doing Saisei-hen! YES!

    BTW, any chance you’ll be doing a support attack somewhere in your playthrough involving _both_ the Heavyarms Kai and the Leopard Destroy?

    I’d love to see the Heavyarms Kai attacking an enemy and the Leopard Destroy following it up with a support attack. (Or vice-versa.)

    Let me know if you can incorporate that somehow into one of those “arranged battles” or feature it in one of your screencaps, because that would be awesome.

  19. YJ

    Though I’m still quite far away from acquiring either unit, I’ll be sure to work that one in when I do get them πŸ™‚

  20. Anthurak

    Hey, me again. Have a few more music suggestions.
    -Yuusou (Stoner Sunshine theme): They didn’t put this in the actual game where it counted. You should rectify that error.
    -Zero (Ace Combat Zero): For the ‘Zero vs Zero’ mission. Because why not? Also it would be pretty funny if the arrangment for taking down Heero consisted of Lelouch and Setsuna.
    – Other Ace Combat music: There’s some pretty awesome stuff in the AC soundtracks.
    – Chicks Dig Giant Robots (Long ver.) (Megas XLR): For the Final Battle. Because it would be EPIC. If not, use it for something else. It deserves to be used somewhere in an SRW game.
    That’s my two cents for now. Hope it helps.

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  22. KLinedIScream

    Might as well chime in with my music suggestions for your arranged battle vids as well. =D

    For a Vocals song “Rocks” (Opening Theme for Super Robot Taisen OGs on PS2) by Jam Project:

    For an Instrumental song pretty much anything remixed with electric guitar by S.S.H. I linked to the Cybuster remix since Asakim and Shurouga are in this game. Though his default theme is pretty epic already:

  23. Anthurak

    Me again. You may have noticed that it looks like all the confirmed ‘Zero points’ have been posted on Akerasu. I took a look back at your playthrough so far, and it looks like in addition to taking the ‘Damage Heero’ method in Stage 27, you’re really going to have to level-grind Lelouch (Geass isn’t on any of the 00 route splits) to Ace to get enough ‘Zero points’ (looks like you have until Stage 37 to get him to 70 kills)

    Just thought you should be aware of that.

  24. YJ

    Thanks, my Zero already has 50-ish kills, so I don’t think getting him to ACE before stage 37 will be a problem πŸ™‚

  25. Forte

    Pro-tip for Stage 36, taking the 00 route.

    At the start of the stage, you’ll be stripped of morale and seishens. (Seriously, you get like no strength at all xD)

    Rush the Rook ADAMON, try to put guys with defense at the center of your guys so they can take hits. Almost every enemy you fight that stage will have between 50-70% chance to hit and they can take down some of your guys in one hit(the stronger enemies anyway).

    Why I say rush the Rook ADAMON? Because when you attack him, he has little to no chance of hitting you AND every unit that attacks him gets their seishins back plus full morale(not sure on the morale but pretty sure). Found this out after losing five guys >_> Thought I’d spare you guys some rage restarts(though I’m sure they will still happen)

  26. Forte


    Pretty sure you can ace him on Stage 37 itself, not have him aced before hand. (is at 61, only needs nine more!)

  27. Forte


    Wufei can’t get more then two kills or you won’t get the point. Generally, preventing him from getting any kills is the best move here. In case you haven’t got it yet, I mean.

  28. YJ

    LOL I have heard bad things about this stage…I’ll be sure to heed your advice!

  29. Anthurak

    Okay, that last battle arrangement was… interesting. Though strangely fitting considering what Baron Ashura really is in the Shin Z-verse…

    It also made me think of a few more songs to suggest:
    Protectors of the Earth (Two Steps From Hell)
    Shield of Faith (Immediate)
    Agent Tex (RedvsBlue) I had this crazy idea that you could use it in a montage of Kallen kicking all the Rounds’ asses after she gets the Gurren SEITEN.
    007 Music with Daitarn 3 (Banjou IS Anime-James Bond after all)
    Chicks Dig Giant Robots (Megas XLR) It would just be… perfect.

  30. Ray F Noel

    Hy, I just wanna say thank you for creating this walkthrough, it helps me a lot in hakai.
    Oh btw (this may not help much)
    stage 27 i think equipping a screw module wouldn’t hurt considering the enemy units in the water.
    stage 31 is another good grinding stage to abuse the repair/resupply trick after you get the SR point
    and about stage 36 00 route mentioned before by Forte, I remembered that the unit that attck rook will also auto cast “guts”

  31. YJ

    @Ray F Noel
    Thanks, for the tips, working on stage 27 at the moment.

    I wish my Saisei guide would be as helpful as the Hakai guide but I can’t play fast enough lol! πŸ™

  32. Forte

    Another little tip, this one for Stage 43, 00 Route, Carnage.

    In the second half of the stage, you get to choose ten units to back up Chirico and that lady of his(Fiana I think). Pretty sure there’s no time limit, so if its possible to level up any of your healers there, could be a good place to do so. Also, bring Setsuna or Heero for sure; those Rabiddog’s have some pretty nasty dodge rates, plus they defend each other if they are next to each other.

    Not sure if the AI will be dumb enough to do it for everyone, but for me, about ten of them lined up in a row. In. A. Row. Setsuna, plus I think it was Guts, Map move. Ten enemies dead in one shot. xD But yes, bringing some MAP users is helpful in order to kill them off fast.

  33. BQR

    Another tip for you is when you get to the stage 38 route split to go the Geass route to net a Yggdrasil drive since you did not go to the dark continent route split eariler to get the conditions for the mark of the brave. Also on stage 43, 00 Route, Carnage part one there is an opportunity for you to get a Mark of the brave by moving Ru Shako(purple AT with the pilebunker) up 8 right 1 from his initial start position.

    Looking forward to the epicness that is Stage 29.

  34. Otogi

    I think it’d be pretty funny if you ended this Let’s Play with a Mazinger video set to “Baby”. Like with Boss coming in for the Ludacris parts.

  35. BQR

    I forgot another tip is that on stage 39 the forced deployment on that stage is limited to Zero, Toudoh and his flunkies, C.C., Chrico and six units of choice so try to get them some levels if you want this stage to be easier. This is also a good stage to level up your healers as well.

    In regards to the recording situation, you will not like the last quarter of the game since those are pretty much the finales of many of the shows in game and the only one I can see you skipping is possibly stage 49 as the events all happen after the stage is over.

    Also pick the Li-Brasta B because I found that the R has an awkward MAP weapon, not very good range for post movement attacks(1-2 post movement second strongest attack for the R compared to the same attack being 1-4 post movement on the B) and is an EN hog even with the FUB compared to the B’s only EN weapons being the bayonet spiker and the 2 finishers.

  36. YJ

    Thanks for the tips. As long as the stages are interesting I’ll make a video for them.

    Don’t you get to use Heero on stage 39 as well?

  37. Ray F Noel

    nah, I don’t remember Heero being a forced deploy unit(could be wrong though I don’t quite remember),but still just deploy Heero and use his MAP.

    Couldn’t say I disagree about Li Brasta though, L is better than R IMO, since it also have good MAP, long range finisher fitting for support attacking another sniper unit.

  38. BQR

    No, but you can select him as one of the six you can deploy. He also goes on the geass route split before that too.

  39. Anthurak

    Latest battle arrangment was kinda ‘meh’. Nothing really seemed to be happening and you were only using about 5 or so characters, so there wasn’t a lot of variety, plus I think the music was a bit too ‘soft’ for a battle sequence (though I find it amusing that you are once again using GSD music with no GSD mechs to be found).

    On a more positive and gameplay-related note: Yeah, an Aced Setsuna in the 00-Raiser is pretty much the bane of all enemy Gundam/GN-Drive units. If you think it’s crazy now, just wait until he gets Soul and the 00-Raiser fully upgraded. I have literally seen him doing 40000+ damage. Frankly, I was hoping to see his one-shotting of Mr. Bushido as the ‘joke’ clip this time (and are you going to do any more of those?)

  40. YJ

    Yeah its definitely not my best work, I had an idea which sadly did not pan out as I imagined.

    As for joke clips yeah I will revisit it later when I have my Super Robots back πŸ™‚ do you have any stages in mind?

    Also are there any more great tracks from Ace Combat like Zero? I’ve had a listen and the next best thing I could find was Liberation of Gracemaria which still isn’t quite as epic as Zero.

  41. Owen

    Hey there! Thank you for making such a nice playthrough guide, there is an equal proportion of jokes, walkthrough material, and guides and stratagem. I hope you would continue making this guide better!
    Oh, and may I have a special request for the arranged battle for stage 55 of the Zeuth route or the stage where you get the durandal (YF-29)? I think lion and alto’s dynamic overkill (yes, that finisher is not a dynamic kill, it is worthy of being called overkill) would make a great choice for killing the boss on that stage. As for the Battle

  42. Owen

    (continuing from previous post) galaxy, allow the macross quarter to make the kill. Thanks.

  43. YJ

    Thanks for you support and I’ll to work in your request when I get there eventually πŸ™‚

  44. YJ

    Also the stage 55 you are referring to is in the normal route, on the ZEXIS route you get the Durandal on stage 57, (which happens to be the 00 finale as well).

    I’ll probably fulfill your request when I do stage 55 normal.

  45. Owen

    Oh, I forgot the stage for Zexis which you get the durandal, sorry. Well, I was just using stage 55 of normal as reference. πŸ˜€
    So do as you seem fit, killing forwards to your next comedic and interesting write-up

  46. Owen

    And yes, since ribbons is “god”, take him down in an ungodly manner on stage 57 zexis. (Ribbons and setsuna in serious one on one Trans am duel, gets nailed by random punch from aquarion for the KS)

  47. Anthurak

    Hm. Nothing comes to mind at the moment for Super Robot Hilarity, though I will be sure to tell you if anything does.

    As for more AC music, have you looked at the soundtrack for AC: Assault Horizon? It’s got some pretty awesome stuff. I’d especially recommend ‘Gotta Stay Fly’/’Fighter’, it’s a really badass/heroic theme.@YJ

  48. YJ

    I had a listen to Gotta Stay Fly/Fighter …they’re the same song right? Except one is the instrumental version?

    They sound good, apart from the ‘metal’ bit in the middle, but I think I can work with them. Thanks for the suggestion.

  49. Somath Cegem

    Just had a though, I know it’s got nothing to do with SRW but the JAM project song transformers EVO is really sodding epic and might fit in an Arranged Battle somewhere, maybe.


    There it is if you fancy having a listen.

  50. SAMAS

    As a small music request:

    “Alien Attack” from the Robotech soundtrack. Preferably on a Macross-focused mission.

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