Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen

Latest Update – 26/04/2013 – Playthrough Completed!

Nearly a year after the original Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z2, comes the playthrough for Saisei Hen!

As with Hakai Hen, this playthrough will capture my experiences with the game as I play through it. Format will be image based, similar to the last playthrough, but I’m also going to include what I call ‘arranged battles’ when I can, where I remix the battle scenes to make it more interesting and exciting.

When I first started I focused more on the gameplay, but as time went along I’ve started to include more and more storyline bits and even completely translate at times. I’ll credit those which I include, but think of this as more like a ‘visual walkthrough’ with some smart arse comments. 😛 Another thing to note is that I’m using my one playthrough save from Hakai Hen, meaning I start the game with 500,000 credits.

Once again, 00 Gundam will take the spotlight for me again, but I will try to get as much variety in my units as possible. I will also be attempting all SR points.

So let’s get started, and remember, please follow me on Twitter for regular updates! I also would appreciate it if you please rate, comment on my YouTube vids, subscribe to my channel. Also please share my playthrough with with your friends! Your thumbs up and views go a long way in helping me keep  motivated for this long journey!

Crowe is back! And still going with 11/11B, can’t go wrong!

Stage List

# Title Translated Has AB
1 ブラックリベリオン
Black Rebellion
Yes No
The Black Knights manage to infiltrate Tokyo Settlement thanks to Zero’s tactics and begin their final assault on the Administrative Offices in a bid to capture Princess Cornelia. With victory in sight, the battle goes awry when someone close to Lelouch is abducted…
2 ガンダム殲滅指令
Gundam Destruction Order
No No
With the disbandment of special the UN forces group, ZEXIS, the para-military group known as Celestial Being and Colony Gundams had their statuses revoked and were considered renegade terrorists once more. As the the Earth Federation issued the order for the Gundams to be hunted down and destroyed, the Gundams make their final stand…
3 世界最後の日
The Last Day on Earth
No No
As the Dai-Gurren and Getter teams make their way across the Dark Continent fighting the Invaders, the massive Shin Dragon appears along with Dr. Saotome, who swears vengeance on Ryouma, Hayato and Musashi. Things are made worse as the Federation decides to launch Nuclear missiles at the Shin Dragon in fear of the Getter Rays.

End Prologue

# Title Translated Has AB
1 ファイティング・ガール
Fighting Girl
Yes No
One year has passed since the events of the “Destruction Incident”. Esther Elhas is working with Carlos Axion Jr. on the streets of New Delhi to promote their new mass-production mecha based on Crowe’s Brasta, the Brasta-Es. Things get complicated when a new type of Dimensional Beast attacks, but two Colony Gundams show up to help…
2 逃亡者
Yes Yes
As Duo and Quatre hitch a ride to Myanmar with Esther in her transport, a Federation patrol forces the Gundam pilots to stage a hijacking to save Esther’s reputation. Things get heated when the Fangs of Dawn, remnants of the terrorist group WLF, show up looking for the Black Knights.
3 太陽の使者・鉄人28号
Messenger of the Sun, Tetsujin 28
No Yes
The team make their way to Singapore at Kallen’s request. There they encounter Ranka Lee, who is scheduled to perform at a concert. Esther accompanies Alto and Luca as Ranka’s bodyguards. When the Branch mafia launches an attack to capture her, Shoutarou summons the giant robot, Tetsujin 28 to save the day.

Middle East Route

# Title Translated Has AB
4 迷える戦士達
Bewildered Soldiers
No No
Esther decides to follow Duo and Quatre to the Middle East. Following a rumour that a Colony Gundam was spotted in Azadistan, the trio go to investigate. However, the rumour also catches the attention of peacekeeping groups OZ and A-LAWS, who are determined to eradicate the Gundams.
5 OZとアロウズ
No No
Determined to catch the Gundams, Treize sets a trap to lure them out, using himself as bait. Despite knowing it’s a trap, Esther, Duo, Quatre and Trowa decide to spring it knowingly, with the chance to take out OZ too valuable to pass up. Meanwhile former ZEXIS pilots, Camille, Shinn, Fa and Lunamaria try to blend in as OZ regulars.
6 彷徨う天使達
Wandering Angels
No Yes
Responding to a distress signal for a Katharon camp under A-LAWS attack, Esther and company are run into Celestial Being, now armed with a new battleship and lead by Tieria Erde.
7 反逆の翼
Wings of Rebellion
No No
Following a lead by Wang Liu Mei, the team heads towards an OZ Mobile Suit test site in Anballa, where they hope to find the wreckage of the Wing Gundam. As Heero attempts to infiltrate the base by himself, former ZEUTH pilots, Shinn, Fa, Lunamaria and Camille are told to launch in their Gundams.

B Route

# Title Translated Has AB
8 ツインドライヴ
Twin Drive
No Yes
Celestial Being heads to the Gobi Desert, to support Katharon in liberating a top secret Federation prison. Unknown to them, Saji Crossroad is being detained there, interrogated by Kururugi Suzaku, now the Knight of Seven. As Suzaku cripples Setsuna’s Exia, Ian reveals Celestial Being’s latest secret, the Twin Drive System.
9 魔神が目覚める日
The Day a Demon Awakens
No No
A year after the Black Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge lives a normal life with his brother Rolo, with no memories of what transpired before. As he skips class to gamble at a casino, the Black Knights launch their plan to awaken his identity as Zero.
10 もう一a人のロックオン
Another Lockon
No Yes
Celestial Being continue to search for their former comrades. Setsuna talks with Lyle Dylandy, Lockon Stratos’ twin brother in an attempt to persuade him to take his brother’s mantle as a Gundam Meister. As Setsuna goes to approach Sumeragi Lee Noriega to return as Celestial Being’s strategist, things get awkward when Quattro shows up on behalf of OZ to recruit Sumeragi as well, sparking a battle in the city.
11 アレルヤ奪還作戦
Allelujah Rescue Operation
No Yes
With news that Gundam Meister Allelujah Haptism, Marina Ismael and the captured Black Knights, are held in a Federation prison, Sumeragi devises a pin point strike to rescue their comrades. Meanwhile, Lelouch finds a way to fool the surveillance he’s under by asking Sayoko to act as his body double.
12 百万のキセキ
One Million Miracles
No Yes
Lelouch learns that Nunnally is now the Viceroy of Area 11, who wants to re-establish the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. Lelouch falls into depression, unable to act against his sister. Unwilling to fight, he contacts the Knights of Rounds with a plan to guarantee a million Japanese to attend the opening ceremony, in return for his pardon and exile.
13 戦雲の扉
Gates of War
No Yes
As the mass exodus of Japanese continues to the Chinese Federation site, a dimensional quake is detected nearby, prompting the team to investigate. Upon their arrival, they find a fleet of hostile ships belonging to the interdimensional Kingdom of Insalaum, who wish to rebuild their world using Earth.
14 与えられた力
Power Bestowed
No Yes
Zero sets up a rendezvous with the Crusher team in the Middle East. On route, they receive a distress call from Katharon under attack from A-LAWS and decide to intervene. Meanwhile, Treize announces that the special squadron, ZEXIS, is reinstated as an independent body of the Federation.

Split Merge

# Title Translated Has AB
15 マン・アズ・ビフォー
Man as Before
No Yes
ZEXIS retreat temporarily to the ruins of Remonicia, once the location of a city which was destroyed by Shioni Clegs and Gaiou. As Esther explores the remains of the city, she is approached by Marilyn Cat, commander of the Firebug squadron which Crowe once was part of, who hopes to take her captive in a ploy to lure Crowe out.
16 次元の心央
Heart of the Dimension
No No
Uther, the crown prince of Insalaum, reveals his intentions – to invade and claim Earth as their own. To this end, he reveals the ZONE, the Zodiac of New Energy, a device which would somehow fuse ZEXIS’ world with Insalaums. ZEXIS heads to Sacremento to intercept, but Setsuko is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the ZONE from activating.
17 朱禁城の花嫁
A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City
No Yes
In a bid to secure more power, the Eunuchs of the Chinese Federation have organized for the Empress Tianzi to wed Prince Odysseus of the Britannian Empire. Knowing that this would tip the balance of power against them, Zero organizes ZEXIS to crash the reception by abducting Tianzi herself. Meanwhile Tieria meets the person who is pulling the strings of the Earth Federation, Ribbons Almark.
18 アッシュフォード・ラプソディ
Ashford Rhapsody
No No
Lelouch makes his return to Ashford Academy, where is his shocked that Sayoko has set him up with 108 dates while masquerading as him. Milly has organized “Cupid Day”, in the hopes of setting up Lelouch with Shirley. Things don’t go to plan when the Fangs of Dawn show up to hold the school hostage, leaving the Knights of the Round and ZEXIS to respond.
19 それぞれの戦場
Each Other’s Battlefield
No Yes
OZ are testing the Mobile Doll program, an AI system which allows for Mobile Suits to operate unmanned. As ZEXIS goes to observe, a battle inevitably breaks out between the two forces.
20 白と黒と
Black and White
No Yes
An army led by Timp, Beck and Gan Yu head towards Northern Africa, where former ZEUTH members have set up a small farm. Roger Smith shows up to negotiate on their behalf, but when the negotiations break down, ZEXIS have no choice but to defend it. When Marilyn Cat shows up in her new mecha, the Pearlfang, the reason for Timp and Beck’s actions become clear – the Insaluam want to unseal the dimensional barrier surrounding the Dark Continent.

Space Route

Stage 21: 伝説の歌声 – Legendary Voice

Stage 22: ランカ・アタック – Ranka Attack 

Stage 23:悲しみのカトル- Grief Stricken Quatre

Stage 24: ゼロと呼ばれたG – The Gundam They Call Zero

Split Merge

Stage 25: 終わらない約束 – Neverending Promise

Stage 26: 冥府への転落 – The Fall into Netherworld

Stage 27: ゼロVSゼロ –  Zero VS Zero

Stage 28:  暗黒よりの使者 – Messenger from the Darkness

Stage 29: 戦士達の叫び – Warriors’ Cry

Stage 30: 第30話: 一点突破 – Breakthrough Point

Stage 31:  ジ・アンブレイカブル – The Unbreakable

Space Route

Stage 32: メメントモリ攻略戦 – Assault on Memento Mori

Stage 33: 散りゆく光の中で – Scattered Light

Stage 34:白き牙 – White Fang

Stage 35: 明日へのあがき – Struggle for Tomorrow

Split Merge

Stage 36: 加速する世界 – Accelerating World

Stage 37: 銀河をステージに – The Galaxy is the Stage

Area 11 Route

Stage 38: 過去からの刺客 – Assailant from the Past

Split Merge

Stage 39: 禁断の継承者 – The Forbidden Successor

Stage 40: 歌え、誰かのために – Singing, but for Who?

Frontier Route

Stage 41: トライアングラー – Triangular

Stage 42: 異能者 – Abnormality

Stage 43: 修羅 – Carnage

Split Merge

# Title Translated Has AB
44 降臨!! 終末を呼ぶ邪神!
Advent!! The Evil God that Brings Forth the End!
Partial Yes
The Shin Dragon nears it’s complete evolution! Emitting Getter Rays, a huge swarm of Invaders appears in the surrounding areas, prompting a final showdown with Dr. Saotome. As Gou is incapacitated during the battle, the Old Getter Team takes the seat of Shin Getter once more to settle an old score.
45 次元力
Dimension Power
Partial No
Insalaum forces occupy the remains of Remonecia, where the have set up a latest ZONE. ZEXIS moves in to intercept, but encounter a new type of artillery Rook ADAMON. As Crowe is about to make the ultimate sacrifice, Carlos Axion Jr. shows up…
46 失われし聖王国
The Lost Holy Kingdom
Partial No
In the fallout of the ZONE explosion, ZEXIS find themselves in the world which the Kingdom of Insalaum orignates from. Having lost faith in her King, Marguerette defects to ZEXIS, in the hope that she can still save her people. Meanwhile, the team devises a plan to attack the Palace Insalaum, in an attempt to rescue Eureka, and maybe even Esther…
47 死線! 総攻撃Dr.ヘル!
On the Verge of Death! Dr. Hell’s Final Assault!
Yes Yes
In a final bid to obtain Photonic Power, Dr. Hell challenges ZEXIS to a decisive battle at the Photonic Energy Laboratory! As ZEXIS arrives on scene, they are confronted to a large mechanical beast army, lead by Count Brocken, Pygman, Baron Ashura, and Dr. Hell himself.
48 ゴッドブレス・ユニバース
God Bless Universe
Yes No
ZEXIS take some R&R following the defeat of Dr. Hell. At the scheduled concert to boost the crew’s morale, Ranka declares that she will no longer sing, shocking the crew. Meanwhile Sayuri appears once more, kidnapping Sara and Ranka! A confrontation with Muge Zolbados looms…
49 ゼロとルルーシュ
Zero and Lelouch
Yes Yes
Lelouch is disturbed by the return of Charles zi Britannia, who was trapped in the Sword of Akasha. Unwilling to let Nunnally be used as a pawn any longer and with no one left to turn to, he turns to Suzaku for help. At the meeting, Kanon arrests Lelouch under suspicion that he is Zero. Meanwhile as the battle rages on over the control of Tokyo Settlement between ZEXIS and Britannia, Suzaku’s Geass forces him to launch the F.L.E.I.J.A, a new warhead which wipes out most of the settlement.


# Title Translated Has AB
50 超合集国決議第壱号
U.F.N. Resolution #1
Partial No
Given a chance by Ougi, a grieving Lelouch reveals the complete truth of his actions to the members of ZEXIS. In order to repent for his sins, he chooses to dedicate his existence to becoming Zero forever. Meanwhile, as the United Federation of Nations formally recognizes ZEXIS as it’s military arm, Charles zi Britannia approaches with a large armada, preparing for Ragnarok. The U.F.N. issues it’s first order – defeat Britannia and liberate Japan.
51 戦乱の王ピースクラフト
King of War Peacecraft
Partial No
ZEXIS moves to confront the newly formed alliance between Earth Federation and White Fang. At the battle, Dorothy controls the Mobile Dolls remotely using the Epyon System. When Louise shows up in her new Regnant, along with Bushido, Sumeragi makes the call to release Suzaku from detainment, who has learned to use the Curse of Geass, to turn the tide.
52 決死のエンドゲーム
Desperate Endgame
Partial Yes
In the epic alternate conclusion to Code Geass arc, Schneizel reveals that Nunnally is alive and calls out Lelouch to a final showdown in Area 11. There he reveals his new weapon – the Sky Fortress Damocles, armed with stockpiles of F.L.E.I.J.A warheads, which he intends to use to destroy all warring nations to bring peace.
53 最後の勝利者
The Final Victor
No No
With their backs to the wall and their ally Schneizel surrendering at the Battle at Mount Fuji, White Fang spring their final plan into action – by setting the Libra and the Space Fortress Barge on a collision course with Earth. As ZEXIS engages White Fang, Lady Une broadcasts the battle to garner support for ZEXIS.
54 決戦!!果てなき進化へ!
Showdown!! Towards Endless Evolution!
No No
ZEXIS make their way to space to confront the massive Invader force that is approaching Earth. There they encounter Sting and Corwen, who evolved into the ultimate form of the Invader. As Nia announces that the Human Extermination Program is about to begin, some old faces appear to help out – Rand and Setsuko, rescued from the ZONE by the New Getter Team and the awakened Shin Dragon.
55 復活の暗黒神
The God of Darkness Revives
No No
The Human Extermination Program kicks into gear, as the grimacing moon approaches the Earth with an Anti-Spiral army. As the fight goes on, the moon reveals itself to be a gigantic Gunmen called the Catherdral Lazengann. In order to defeat it, Simon merges the Gurren Lagann with the Arc Gurren – forming the Arc Gurren Lagann! Upon it’s defeat, a new threat appears – the God of Darkness…
56 奈落への螺旋
Spiral of Hell
No No
ZEXIS finds themselves drawn into a dimension of negative energy. There, they find Zuul and Muge, who begin to drain them of their willpower. All seems lost until the spirit of Marg appears, who restores everyone’s power. While ZEXIS battles Muge and Zuul, Simon infiltrates the Cathedral Lazengann in order to retake control of it, and maybe even save Nia…
57 ネクスト・フロンティア
Next Frontier
No No
Running out of supplies, the Frontier Fleet sets course for the Vajra homeworld to colonize it, in a do or die fight against the Vajra horde. Meanwhile Grace has enslaved Ranka, in preparation to seize control of the Vajra’s communication protocol and control the Vajra for herself.
58 革新
No Yes
The battle over the Vajra homeworld rages on, as ZEXIS battles the combined forces of the Images and the Alliance between Grace O’Connor and the Innovators. Suddenly the colony ship Celestial Being appears, prompting Ribbons himself to join the battle as Grace finally merges herself with the Vajra Queen. The despair allows Setsuna to finally awaken into a true Innovator and unlock the true power of the GN Drives – the TRANS-AM Burst system.
59 革大逆のインサラウム
Insalaum’s Betrayal
No No
ZEXIS proceeds to Mars, where Insalaum are making their final stand at the site of the remaining ZONE. As Marguerette makes a plea to the remaining Arksabers to remember the honour they once fought for, they retreat, leaving only Marilyn, Anbrone and her artificial DMs to hold the line. In a desperation move, she uses the Revive Cells on the Palace Insalaum, transforming the ship and herself into the ultimate DM – the EXA ADAMON.
60 再世する次元
Rebirth’s Dimension
No No
Uther betrays his alliance to Gaiou, paying with his life as he fails in an attempt to strike the Dimension General down. Asakim appears, hoping to reap Uther’s spheres, but Uther, with the help of Rand, Setsuko and Crowe, manages to seal Asakim in the ZONE and deactivate the barrier protecting Gaiou. As Gaiou reveals his true form, the final battle for the fate of the universe begins now…


Why is the dialogue so inconsistently translated?

I can’t really read Japanese, so when I first started playing back in April there weren’t many resources. Fast forward to now and you have guys like Mark Neidengard and Dick who work tirelessly to translate the events in the game, I’m now actively going back and fixing up some of the earlier stages. My plan is to finish my current playthrough, then go back and translate some of the key conversations in the game on a causal basis (however long that may take).

Why u so slow?! Other people have finished the game already!

Few reasons. Currently there are a million playthrough videos on YouTube and they are all pretty much the same format. People can churn these out very quickly, but I find they can get quite stale.

This is mainly an image based playthrough, it takes on average around 2 hours for me to play a stage and write it up, sometimes even more if I decide to do arranged battle videos. Also, due to work etc, I just can’t play as hard as I did when Hakai Hen came out.

What I’m hoping for this playthrough is something which can be easily digested in a few minutes, some pretty screenshots, and interesting battle remixes, all while keeping the relevant information easy to find.

That said, IF I’m running really short on time, I may consider just doing a video for a stage or two if I’m really busy.

Do you take song requests for arranged battles?

Yes, but only if it’s relevant in some way to SRW. So if you’re looking for your Bieber fix while Mazinger is rocket punching mecha beasts, you’re out of luck. However I may make an exception if the piece you have in mind is epic enough.

I’m only really familiar with Gundam music, so if you happen to know any good music please post leave me a comment, tweet, or email me. The music can be vocals, can be opening songs, or can be from the OST of any of the anime series in the game, but the ones I’m particularly interested in are the ones which play during those epic battles from the anime.

Credits / Sources / Thanks

Akurasu SRWZ2.2 Wiki

JL Lee of GameFAQs whom I borrowed some storyline translations from

Shoutouts to the regulars who read this (and occasionally contribute), especially Dick, BQR, Anthurak, Forte, SAMAS, Owen, Incognito, KLinedIScream and I’m sure many other lurkers :P.

Also shoutouts to the folks who share/link my videos, and whoever was kind enough to link me on TVTropes. You may or may not be one of the people listed above, but whoever you are, thank you!

Thanks to my YouTube regulars, Anthurak, DestinyOfFreedom, RenartRegal, GoodGameFTW, SAMAS and my many other subscribers

More shoutouts, this time to zxyu0369 another fellow AB maker and for helping me promote my vids

Zeiro of SRW-Genesis, again the occasional translation and strategy

KLinedIScream for his help writing captions and skits

Dick for skits and translations

Mark Neidengard for his hard work translating the game

Thanks to Bandai Namco, Banpresto, Terada for continuing to make such awesome games.

And last of all thanks to all the people who take the time to read this playthrough!

Revision History

26/04/2013 – Stage 60 Completed

11/03/2013 – Stage 59 Completed

11/02/2013 – Stage 58 Completed

16/01/2013 – Stage 57 Completed

29/12/2012 – Stage 56 Completed

07/12/2012 – Stage 55 Completed

17/11/2012 – Stage 54 Completed

06/11/2012 – Stage 53 Completed

20/10/2012 – Stage 52 Completed

06/10/2012 – Stage 51 Completed

29/09/2012 – Stage 50 Completed

22/09/2012 – Stage 49 Completed

07/09/2012 – Stage 48 Completed

02/09/2012 – Stage 47 Completed

31/08/2012 – Stage 1 and 2 are now fully translated

30/08/2012 – Prologue 1 – Black Rebellion is now fully translated

16/08/2012 – Stage 46 Completed

15/08/2012 – Minor updated, added new skits to stage 31

14/08/2012 – Stage 45 Completed

11/08/2012 – Stage 44 Completed

05/08/2012 – Stage 42 and 43 (Frontier) Completed

03/08/2012 – Minor update, converted Prologue 1 to new format, added storyline and skits to Stage 41 (Frontier)

29/07/2012 – Stage 41 (Frontier) Completed

25/07/2012 – Stage 40 Completed & skit added to Stage 3

24/07/2012 – Stage 39 Completed

20/07/2012 – Stage 38 (Area 11) completed

18/07/2012 – Stage 37 Completed

16/07/2012 – Stage 36 Completed + skits added to stage 25

08/07/2012 – Minor update, skits added to stage 2

05/07/2012 – Stage 35 Completed

30/06/2012 – Stage 34 Completed, skits added to Stage 1

22/06/2012 – Stage 33 Completed

18/06/2012 – Stage 32 Completed

10/06/2012 – Stage 31 Completed

07/06/2012 – Stage 30 Completed

04/06/2012 – Stage 29 Completed

28/05/2012 – Stage 28 Completed

26/05/2012 – Stage 27 Completed

21/05/2012 – Stage 26 Completed

19/05/2012 – Stage 25 Completed

16/05/2012 – Stage 24 Completed

10/05/2012 – Stage 23 Completed

08/05/2012 – Stage 22 Completed,  added some skits to Prologue 2 and 3

04/05/2012 – Stage 21 Completed

03/05/2012 – Stage 20 Completed, also added some skits to Stage 2, 3 and 19

01/05/2012 – Stage 19 Completed

28/04/2012 – Stage 18 Completed

26/04/2012 – Stage 17 Completed

24/04/2012 – Stage 16 Completed

23/04/2012 – Stage 15 Completed

21/04/2012 – Stage 14 Completed

20/04/2012 – Stage 13 Completed

17/04/2012 – Stage 12 Completed

15/04/2012 – Stage 11 Completed

14/04/2012 – Stage 9 & 10 Completed

13/04/2012 – Stage 8 Completed

11/04/2012 – Stage 7 Completed

10/04/2012 – Stage 6 Completed

09/04/2012 – Stage 5 Completed

08/04/2012 – Stage 3 & 4 Completed

07/04/2012 – Stage 1 & 2 Complated

06/04/2012 – Playthrough started, Prologue 1, 2, 3 Completed


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    It would make playing this game much more fun. million thanks in advance ^^

  2. YJ

    Please refer to http://akurasu.net/wiki/Super_Robot_Wars/Z2.2 , there are menu translations/commands listed there.

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    hey i’ve been following your walkthrough and i’m in stage 32 now.i just cant do the power leveling that you do to the pilot with repair and supply method.can you explain about ir more ?i want to level my underleveled character with repair and supply. thanks before.

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  6. YJ

    Yes, please see the unit and pilot hacking guide here:


    The game can be a bit glitchy and freeze alot if you use boss characters, so use at your own risk!

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