YJ is an IT Consultant living in Melbourne, Australia, and a gaming enthusiast.

I started gaming at age 6 and grew up enjoying just about every genre of gaming from adventure, FPS, RTS, RPG, racing, to turn based strategy.

In high school I lived the golden age of arcades and fighting games, playing the VS series, Street Fighter Alpha, 3rd Strike and King of Fighters. I had a brief but enjoyable run in the SF4 tournament scene, but I still like to dabble in fighting games occasionally. Nowadays I’m an avid stream monster and support the FGC by watching every online tournament I possibly can.

In 1999, I bought my first gaming console, the Dreamcast, and have owned every console since.

In 2002 I was introduced to the world of Gundam, which drew me in immediately with it’s deep storyline and mecha designs. Eventually I started collecting Gundam plastic models (or ‘Gunpla’) and building them.

These days main games are Super Robot Wars, League of Legends, Halo 5 and Uncharted 4.

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TheSaintISM (OCE)

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Twitter: @TheSaintISM

Email: yj at saint-ism.com

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  1. Hector

    I’m actually very interested in some gunpla commission work. Specifically MG Gundam Sandrock EW & the MG Gundam Heavyarms EW.

    How much it cost me?

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