*UPDATE* Famitsu covers first six stages and route splits for Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen


*UPDATE* Post  has been updated with hi-res scans of the article, as well as translations.

This weeks Famitsu magazine has an article giving a preview of the first few stages in the game. Hit the jump for the images and info.

  • Prologue 1: Black Rebellion
  • Prologue 2: Gundam Destruction Order
  • Prologue 3: The Last Day of the Earth
  • Stage 1: Fighting Girl
  • Stage 2: Escapee
  • Stage 3: Taiyou no Shisha, Tetsujin 28

After the Stage 3 there’s a 4 way route split, which are:

  • Japan – SR route
  • Space – 00 Gundam/Macross F
  • China – Wing/00 Gundam
  • Kummen – Code Geass/VOTOMS

Japan 4: Takeo General Company

Japan 5: The Melancholy of Public Relations Division 2

Space 4: Second Coming

Space 5: Twinkle Star

China 4: Bewildered Warriors

China 5: OZ and A-laws

Kummen 4: Assemble EX-10

Kummen 5: Maelstrom


SRW-G forum user Serados also translated the chapter summaries for each of the missions. Full credits to him!

Chapter summaries start here:The first real chapter takes place 1 year after Z2-1, and 1 month after the formation of the Earth Federation from the three major power blocs. With the death of Gaiou, it seems that the Dimensional Monsters have become weaker. However, freed from the control of the Imperium, the DMs have gone berserk. Gundam Deathscythe and Gundam Sandrock join in this stage.

In the second stage, you learn that the Earth Federation is corrupt hurr durr. Also Kallen joins with the Guren Mk-II equipped with the first type arm after the events at the end of Geass S1 that wrecks the original arm. C.C. also joins in a Burai.

In the third stage, they travel of Singapore by Kallen’s request. There they meet Ranka who is on vacation and Alto and Luca who are her bodyguards. Also Tetsujin 28. You get the RVF-27 Lucifer (Luca), VF25-F Messiah (Alto) and Brera in his VF-27gamma Lucifer join for a bit. Tetsujin’s got no weapons and is a pure melee robot. At the end of stage 3, you get two route splits. First option is to choose between sending Kallen and her group (the Geass and Wing characters) off and going with them. After the intermission, you get the second split. If you decide to send Kallen off, you get to choose between staying on Earth and joining up with the Crusher Squad or going into space and regrouping with S.M.S. If you decide to go with Kallen, then this opens up the Middle East and Kummen routes.

Japan route (with Tetsujin)

Chapter 4. Turns out Watta is Shotaro’s classmate. What a coincidence. Kappei is employed in Takeo General Company. I think some Tetsujin plot happens here. Some robot mafia tries to rob our Takeo General Company and of course fails spectacularly. Garrod in the DX, Gainer and Sara in her Panzer join here. That’s because they’re employed in Takeo General Company too.

Chapter 5. Turns out Saeki has replaced Shirota as tactical advisor for Public Relations Division 2. Then, Heterodyne. Great Knot Punisher’s under maintenance, how convenient! Dai-Guard obviously joins in this stage.

Space route (with Frontier units)

Chapter 4. Esther doesn’t like Alto because he’s got girl issues. They run into Vajra. Esther and Alto get rid of their issues after each’s words and actions on the battlefield. Also Aquarion is with S.M.S. and on this stage the pilots are Apollo, Pierre and Reika. The other two members of Skull Squadron and the Macross Quarter join up.

Chapter 5. Sheryl and Ranka are involved in a collaboration called “Twinkle Project”. They drag Alto out to shop. Then a terrorist attack happens and they get kidnapped. In the chaos, there is Setsuna F. Seiei. The Koenig Monster and Queadluun-Rea join up, together with the Exia Repair.

Middle East route (with Wing units)

Chapter 4. We head to Azadistan, where the Colony Gundams have been spotted. A-Laws forces disguised as terrorists come. It’s an excuse for them to conduct an armed intervention in Azadistan. Knowing this, Heero and Trowa come out from the circus tents they were hiding in, Heero in the Leo and Trowa in the Heavyarms.

Chapter 5. Quattro, Kamille and Shinn are under Zechs’ squad. Treize is moving alone. This is a trap to lure Duo and the other Gundams out. They enter the trap knowingly. Apparently Wufei hates Treize.

Kummen route (with Geass units)

Chapter 4. The people from Astranagius have founded a new country on earth – the Kingdom of Kummen. Kallen and gang go to Kummen to make money for the Resistance. There they meet Chirico and Gotho. Chirico’s Marshydog, Potaria, Kidera and Kan Yu’s Diving Beetles and Ru Shako’s Berserga join this stage.

Chapter 5. Chirico is convinced Fyana is in the blue AT. Then, DMs appear near the base. While they’re wrecking the DMs, the Veela guerillas surround the party. To confirm the identity of the blue AT’s pilot, Chirico takes some unusual measures. Also, Kallen is made to wear a bunny suit and work in Club Phantom. Also, special bunny suit cut-in for this stage. No new units join.

Source: 2ch, SRWG-W


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