Stage 60 – Rebirth’s Dimension

第60話: 再世する次元
Stage 60: Rebirth’s Dimension

This is it. After 13 months, we’re finally here at the final mission of the game.
My final squad consists on all my hardest hitters, highest level supports, people with enable etc. Though I did fuck up and forgot to sortie Crowe for some reason or another.

Uther, despite being the last remnants of Insalaum , refuses to surrender, vowing to fight to the death!

The ZONE suddenly activates, but unlike all the previous times, it’s doesn’t go beserk.

Gaioh rushes towards ZEXIS and calls forth his greatest DMs, it’s time to see engorge himself in battle. Gaioh challenges ZEXIS to come at him with all their strength while telling Uther to stand back and watch how it’s done. ZEXIS swears to stop ZONE and beat Gaioh to the curve, though after Crowe speaks Uther tells them it is fruitless – None of their attacks can effect Gaioh as long as ZONE is in its current state.

Turn 1

Here’s the map. Uther has positioned himself out of reach, yet he must be defeated before we can take on the Lord of Destruction himself.

The Basara power up begins!

Despite being golden, these DMs crumble easily to the Moonlight Butterfly, getting one shotted.

They do have kinda hax accuracy though. Be sure to cast Confuse.

End of turn 1. A few more Moonlight Butterflies crush the front lines, while the rest of my guys make their way in.

During the enemy phase, the ZONE will randomly bombard some of your units.

Gaiou can also move twice, he’ll only use his 2nd most powerful attack, but it’ll still do about 4-5K on upgraded units.

Turn 2

Another confuse goes out from the Shuttle.

I proc a series of Continuous Actions by bouncing kills across my whole squad.

I manage to chunk down most of the DMs by the end of turn 3.

The ZONE continues to attack random units during the enemy turn.

Turn 3

With the DM cleanup operation complete, it’s time to work on the King.

Uther has around 160K HP so it does take a bit of Hot Blood and Enables to burn him down.

Amuro shreds him after the bombardment.

Once Uther is defeated Marguerite moves to defeat him however he tells her that she isn’t the one that will kill him. He retreats and calls Gaioh over than asks for more power which Gaioh happily obliges to. As Gaioh tells Uther to get back in the fray Uther activates his sphere and attacks Gaioh with all his might as well as the might that Gaioh had just given him.

As his last move, Uther one shots Gaiou, leaving him sinking into a muddy pile.

Uther reveals his true intentions all along and everyone reveals that they suspected this was the case. Uther was pretending to be evil to try and get ZEXIS to fight him with their full power not only to defeat Gaioh but to shoulder all of the worlds hate so that they can move forward after his death. However his sins are too great and his sphere has drained a great deal of his life force already, even the sins of his own vassals like Anbrorn are also his own which he must pay for!

Although Gaiou’s actually been sandbagging all along, as he reveals his 100% full power ultimate Super Saiyan Space Akuma form!

He proceeds to maul Uther.

Gaioh had expected Uther of betrayal, the only reason he waited till now was because Uther amused him and he wanted to see how far Uther would go with that little plan of his. Uther has disappointed Gaioh, he had figured Uther would have put up more of a fight. Asakim returns to try and reap Uther’s soul to obtain his spheres, Crowe tells Asakim to get stop. Asakim asks Crowe what he can do about this, Asakim then attacks Uther who is in no condition to ward off Asakim’s fatal attack. However Uther isn’t done yet, he grabs hold of Asakim and drags him to the ZONE site with the intention of sealing him but Asakim strikes him back.

Crowe, Rand, and Setsuko quickly come to Uther’s aid and all 4 use their 5 spheres to try and seal Asakim. During the process the Holy Vessel explodes and Uther dies, his spheres go to Asakim who is moments away from being sealed away. Marguerite mourns the loss of Uther as Asakim tries and fails to escape his sealing. However, Asakim laughs and figures this isn’t so bad after all. Sure this isn’t death but if he’s sealed than he can at least sleep for eternity.

With that Asakim and 3 of the spheres are sealed within ZONE which causes it to stabilize into a more pacified form. ZEXIS mourns the loss of Uther who was lost to stop ZONE and Asakim. Esther and Marguerite are especially distraught since they had the greatest connection to Uther but they wont let his sacrifice be in vain!

Gaioh is moved over what has happened and pities the fate that has occurred to Asakim who he promises to carry out his wish. For Asakim was his only real friend other than Axion Carlos Jr., both of whom are now lost thanks to ZONE. Gaioh reveals that his true name is General of Dimensions and tells ZEXIS of an ancient enemy that humanity encountered many ages ago. Universes were torn asunder by this enemy as humanity fought against them in a fruitless war against a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

The enemy was spoken of in the Black Knowledge, it is the true enemy of all existence! Gaioh and his comrades were the hope of humanity and took up the title of Lords of Dimensions and discarded all their past attachments to gain power to defeat such a foe. DMs were created to serve as the soldiers of such an army that would serve under the 4 Generals as the last hope for victory but despite all their effort they were defeated. Gaioh fled, though one day he was called to the Insalaum dimension. At that time Gaioh had lost everything and his mind was gone to despair. However, he still remembered that he needed strength which is why he converted as many strong warriors as he could into DMs.

After a lengthy conversation, we’re left with a choice. This is exactly the same one as from Saisei Hen, which influences the level you fight Gaiou at. Do you fight for justice, or for strength?

Selecting the bottom choice twice means you’ll be fighting Gaiou at full power (level 99).

Here’s the map now. Gaiou is at the north west, but he’s also summoned 4 of the Dino DMs as reinforcements. Since I already spent most of my units’ turns, I’m going to turtle this turn.

Camille must be shitting his pants right about now.

Turn 4

Most of my squad is out of position and damaged.

Get to the choppaaaaah

The Sol Gravion and Gurren take a beating from Space Akuma.

Turn 5

I continue to fall back and regroup.

Turn 6

Gaiou is still a bit far away but I don’t want to have to wait another turn while dealing with his x2 attack and his DMs, so I’m going to to take him out this turn.

I have Esther Exhaust Gaiou down to 100 morale. He won’t go any lower as he has a special skill which prevents him from dropping below 100. Analyze goes on him for 10% extra damage.

I also start trying to surround the mofo. I send the Ptolemy in to start, since it’s out of SP and not going to be doing any fighting.

The beatdown begins! Spinning drill punch – 30K

Waverider crash – 28K

Fin Funnel X 2 – 40K

Dankuuken – 14K

Destiny Finger – 23K

And now the surround is complete, giving me an extra 10% damage on him. I also refresh the exhaust on him, bringing him down to 105 morale again.

100 Rocket Punch – 21K

Assault Compact X 2 – 35K

Double Dankuuken X 2 – 30K

Stoner Sunshine X 5 – 80K

At this point, Gaiou’s HP finally becomes visible, 97K/403K.

Another Stone sunshine – 17K

Trinity Wing – 10K

Another Waverider Crash – 20K

Solar Sword X 2 – 30K

Choju Zan X 2 – 8K

19 K left!

Moonlight Butterfly – 4K (but Quattro goes down :()

Radiation Fist – 7K

Meteor Slash – 3.5K

And the final blow, Setsuna puts down the Lord of Destruction with a Raiser Sword, doing 11K.

After much fighting Gaioh is injured and Esther asks if he still desires to fight. Gaioh responds that he has used up every last bit of his strength, even if he desired to continue fighting he can’t. However, Gaioh isn’t sad. In this battle he had thrown everything he could at ZEXIS only to meet defeat, if anything this is a huge burden being lifted from his shoulders. Gaioh tells them that countless battles rage across the endless stars and that eventually that battle will arrive here, for war always follows close behind peace.

As ZEXIS digests this Gaioh tells them not to lose, they defeated him so it would be insulting if they couldn’t accomplish something as simple as that. Crowe tells Gaioh to wait but he isn’t having it, his time is over. As his star fades he again tells them not to lose, they’re the hope for a future that he couldn’t obtain. His last moments are spent thinking of eating another delicious hotdog one last time.

Celebration Party

The gang proceed to celebrate their victory. What happens is a massive wall of text, so I won’t paste it here, but here are some key events:

Esther than gets in on it and asks Crowe if he has changed his opinion on women. Crowe can say(Top choice is yes, bottom is no. If you pick yes you get another choice later) that his time with ZEXIS has changed his views on beautiful women which leaves Esther speechless though she is overjoyed at this revelation since it means he may finally return her love.

Meanwhile Traiya moves to the side, out of sight, and talks to the “NOT DEAD” Carlos Axion Jr. It turns out he is alive(Normal Route doesn’t show this) and will remain to support Traiya. Though it’s better if ZEXIS believes he’s dead at least for the time being. Traiya tells him no to do something so stupid ever again and he promises that he wont die so easily, he still has sins to pay for and doesn’t mind spending more time with Traiya. Carlos Axion Jr. than thinks of how far ZEXIS has come and is glad that his trust in them wasn’t misplaced.

And thus, ZEUTH forces return to their world via the abyss, and ZEXIS disbands…for now.

Now that everyone else is gone Crowe is a bit lonely. Traiya reminds him that they all have a home and responsibilities to return to as well which confuses Esther. Speaking of responsibility, doesn’t Crowe still have that debt waiting for him…?

Esther confronts Traiya over this as their ship returns back home and tells her to hold the debt talk for the time being. Traiya humors Esther who immediately turns to Crowe and starts overflowing him with numerous questions that aren’t really making much sense to Crowe since they’re coming too fast for him to process.

Traiya tells Esther to slow down. Esther than reveals that she wants to know which girl Crowe likes since he no longer hates beautiful woman(From the other choice, if you picked no than this scene plays out like the Normal Route version with no girl choice). Her or Marguerite? Though Traiya doesn’t want to be left out of the fun and throws her name in as well. Who will Crowe pick?

(I choose Marg)

Esther is sad that she isn’t the one but is still happy since Marguerite is a good woman. However Crowe doesn’t sound all that serious… Can’t he be serious for once? This is important, why must he toy with her emotions?! However… Maybe Crowe is testing her? Perhaps she must try harder to win his heart? No way she’s going to just sit back and lose without a fight! When it comes to love Esther Elhas never loses!

With that out of the way Traiya returns the topic back to Crowe’s debt with Esther supporting Crowe as Traiya runs the numbers. Perhaps Crowe can now enjoy his freedom once more? However this doesn’t seem to be the case… Esther is confused and Crowe tells Traiya to stop joking around. Traiya says that this is “no” joking matter, money is always serious business. Turns out the CDS system is VERY expensive and uses real money since fake money doesn’t snap Crowe out of his feral state.

Which means Crowe is going NOWHERE until this debt is paid for as well, but hey! Traiya will gladly give him the Axion Scott Mk.II and CDS for free when he retires and the VX system is a gift from the deceased Elgan, so it isn’t all bad right? Even with those sweeteners Crowe’s mind begins to break while Esther is overcome with joy since this means she can spend more alone time with Crowe and win his heart. Crowe on the other hand is straight out panicking and having a nervous breakdown over losing to debt once again which is music to Traiya’s ears while Esther can’t hide her own happiness in the background. (Picture Traiya smirking as she watches Crowe panic and Esther seeing hearts)

And so the Saga of Crowe ends as it began… With tons of Debt.

Strategy Corner

Gaiou can not be damaged until Uther is defeated. Both of them have Extreme, allowing them to move and attack twice during the enemy turn.

Once Uther is defeated, Gaiou and 4 DMs spawn at the north west. He has 408K HP, and is extremely dangerous if you choose to fight him at level 99, his main attack one shotted my fully upgraded Turn A. I highly recommend destroying him in a single turn if you can. Surround him, exhaust, analyze him, use Zero’s suicide attack buff and Basara’s songs to maximize your damage output. Be sure to have defensive seishin cast when attacking him, with Enables and Awakens you should be able to burn him down.


And thus, the playthrough is finally completed! I know I took my sweet time, but it’s been a rough year and I’d like to thank everyone who stuck around and read this till the end.

Thanks again, and I’m hoping to get some kind of Macross video out by years end.


Dick for storyline translations

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