Stage 59 – Insalaum’s Betrayal

Palace Insalaum

Marilyn has a chat with Uther over the fast approaching confrontation with ZEXIS and she’s wondering how Uther is holding up. Not good as Uther shows Marilyn the effects of using his sphere which drains his life force as a cost, his face is severely cracked and Marilyn is saddened. To go through such lengths… Uther is truly a magnificent and selfless ruler! Uther wonders why Marilyn would be sad for a man like him but she cheers up him from his dark and brooding mood by reminding him that she’ll follow him to hell if need be. Marilyn also promises that she will give her everything in the upcoming battle, as Uther expects from everyone, though Uther would mourn if it comes to that.

Frontier Medical Bay

Elsewhere, Louise is recovering from the GN particle poisioning she suffered as a teen when her parents were blown up by Nena Trinity. It’s all thanks to the TRANS-AM burst that Setsuna initiated in the previous mission.

Louise feels guilty for being used as a pawn by Ribbons to fight ZEXIS though. She isn’t sure if she can forgive herself for all she put Saji and her friends through. Noticing that Kallen is feeling sad over this Louise change the subject and asks how Lelouch is. Kallen says that he’s doing fine though it was strange to hear him laughing, still this makes Kallen happy nonetheless.

Frontier, Island 1 monument

The crew gather, where they talk about the upcoming battle.

Individual members of ZEXIS and ZEUTH express their hopes for the future after they have won and what they will do when they aren’t needed to fight anymore. They have faith in not only themselves but Crowe as well, as long as they stick together to the end than their hopes and dreams may yet become a reality. Speaking of Crowe he’s looking forward to paying off his debt by saving the Universe yet again and Esther, Rand, and Setsuko know he can do this and are glad for him. Hopefully this time Crowe doesn’t leave Esther waiting at the end though by disappearing again.

Palace Insalaum

Meanwhile back at the Palace, things get pretty heated as it seems that Gaiou…isn’t really doing anything for the upcoming battle. Anbrone though is pretty confident that she can pull through with her fake DMs.

Gaiou leaves, along with Asakim, who licks his chops at the mere thought of getting his hands on Uther’s….sphere.

第59話: 大逆のインサラウム
Stage 59: Insalaum’s Betrayal

Members of the Arksabers wonder what their King is thinking. The actions they’ve been ordered to carry out since arriving in this dimension have been anything but honorable. At the beginning they believed this was necessary to save their people and was the honorable course but now they aren’t so sure. To add further insult to injury they’re working with the same monster that had put them in this situation in the first place!

The lead Arksaber tries to silence them but it is too late as the Insalaum forces appear around the ZONE being lead by Anbrorn and Marilyn. They sense the dissent from the two Arksabers and Marilyn gets to work killing them to prove a point. Questioning the word of their King wont be tolerated! Marilyn is enjoying every minute of her absolute authority over the “cowardly” Arksabers that fear for their lives.

ZEXIS than arrives soon after and lash out verbally against Anbrorn and the Arksabers who have a moment of shattered faith. Seeing her chance to restore the honor of the Arksabers, Marguerite pleads to them to remember who they are. They are Arksabers yet the path they now blindly walked only serves to sully their name and spits on the graves of all those that have long since past. Can’t they see that Uther is leading them into ruin, that he isn’t the same man that they swore their lives to?

The Arksabers contemplate her words then quietly leave the battlefield which only serves to anger Anbrorn and Marilyn. They swear that the traitors will pay severely but ZEXIS reminds them that they’re their opponents, ones that the pair can’t hope to overcome even with all the DMs in the Universe at their side.

SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Palace Insalaum by Turn 4.

Turn 1

First, we start with the usual Basara power-up.

A confuse from one of the guys in the Shuttle.

And thus the slaughter begins. Quattro gets 4 Moonlight Butterflies off, thinning out the eastern side of the map.

I’m not exactly confident I can clear the map in one turn, so I lay off the MBs and I have the rest of the guys do things the old fashioned way (ie, not spamming MB).

Heero and Kira manage to get their own Souled MAP attacks off, on the west and east sides respectively.

About 1/2 way through Turn 1, and progress!

End of turn 1. 38 enemies wiped out thanks to C.A, MB, and I’m looking good to get the SR point next turn.

Another 12 enemies go down in the counterattack. Aquarion gets pounded pretty low, but manages to survive.

The goggles, they do nothing!

Turn 2

Quattro moves over to the western edge of the map to continue the facemelting.

Only using up 4 of my units turns fully, I manage to clear the rest of the mobs, leaving only Marilyn and Palace Insalaum.

Marilyn is first up on the chopping block. She gets brought to critical by the Dankuuken combo spam.

And finally, bodied by Touga.

She drops a DM-Adapter.

With Marilyn’s defeat she considers escaping and moves away from ZONE. However, it turns out that she has no intention of retreating but instead chooses to die here because that was what Uther ordered and she promised – to give her everything. Though Marilyn isn’t dying for Insalaum, she’s dying for Uther! Crowe is mystified that Marilyn would die for anyone else though Marilyn counters that she’ll wait in hell for him before the Pearl Fang explodes. Anbrorn doesn’t mourn her loss and focuses her attention on ZEXIS, it’s not like she was particularly fond of that silly woman anyway though she was somewhat useful.

Time to take down the Palace! Aquarion starts off the show, with 4x Solar Sword spam.

2x Souled Buster rifle brings her down to 1K…

And Crowe puts her out of her misery.

SR Point GET!

Anbrorn is defeated but isn’t despairing at all and shuns ZEXIS when they tell her to call forth Uther. In fact she’s completely off her rocker! ZEXIS is confused, why would anyone laugh in such a way over their defeat? Anbrorn uses to the artificial Revive Cell and transforms her battleship, herself, and her entire crew into a giant malformed DM monstrosity, Artificial DM Eksa ADM, to the horror of ZEXIS.

Now altered Anbrorn is starting to lose her grip on reality and claims to be the ultimate DM. Esther in particular questions if Anbrorn seriously desires to fight in such a state but she brushes off Esther, Marguerite asks why and Anbrorn says it is all for Uther’s sake. ZEXIS pities Anbrorn and Crowe decides such a creature has no right to exist and he personally will see to it that she’s put to rest. Marguerite seconds this.

Asakim then appears to offer aid to the twisted being that was formerly Anbrorn. He could care less about that hag but he can’t turn down the opportunity to finally kill Crowe and take his sphere. Luck would have it that Rand and Setsuko are here too so he’ll be confiscating their fears from their cold dead hands too! Crowe isn’t in the mood for Asakim’s antics and he wonders if this is what Uther wanted. To join arms with the likes of those that caused ruin to Insaluam and if he desires all his subjects to walk the path of the twisted Anbrorn in their devotion to their King?

Crowe, Setsuko, Rand confront Asakim over his past misdeeds but he doesn’t care, if he can have their spheres than it wont matter. Sure he may go to hell but being in hell is far better than his current state! For all his talk he goes down fairly quickly but promises to return before fleeing. ZEXIS is angry but Shinn is outright furious that Asakim gets away yet again without paying for what he did to Setsuko but they have far more pressing matters to attend to.

Here’s the situation now. Anbrone respawns roughly where she was defeated in her new form, while Asakim is kinda further south, putting him between my main forces and my support crew. Unfortunately, she’s surrounded by Rook DMs that have support defend.

I start by taking out the 3 of them (you can MAP them, but my guys had already used their turns and were in the way).

DMBrone has around 132K HP. I begin by cheesing her down with more Solar Swords, and Raiser Swords.

Shinn gets the final blow, gently caressing her with his GOD FINGER

She drops a DM Extractor.

All that’s left now is Asakim and 2 Rook DMs.

He’s much much weaker, at only 80K.

…he goes down after a few Stoner Sunshines…

…but Jesus Yamato shoots him down in an off screen accident 🙁

Once Asakim goes down, all that’s left to do is clear the remaining 2 Rook DMs to finish the stage.

Uther appears after all the fighting and questions why they would shed tears for his retainers. Marguerite and Esther are shocked to see Uther suddenly appear who muses that Anbrorn is dead and that he’s sad that Marilyn had chosen to die for his sake and he will give his everything as well. Though before ZEXIS can unload on Uther they are interrupted by Gaioh’s appearance. Everyone is shocked that Uther is still fighting at Gaioh’s side. Gaioh tells ZEXIS to go prepare for the true battle, there’s no use fighting them when they are exhausted.

Marilyn meanwhile reflects on her life as a mercenary and why she couldn’t have simply died when the Pearl Fang blew up. As a Mercenary she never had time for such thoughts, though she can at least rest easy knowing that the name of Firebug will be succeeded by Crowe. For he is the last surviving member. Marilyn thinks of the tale of the prince and swallow and finds it ironic that like the tale she, the swallow, will die and be forever separated from her beloved prince. Though the prince was happy of his time with the swallow she is sure that the swallow, like her, was also happy with the time spent with the prince before it passed away…


Dick for storyline translations

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