Stage 57 – Next Frontier


Sirius gets more buffs to his melee skill.

Simon gets Attack Again and a small buff to skill.


Things have not gone well at all for Ranka since she left with Brela, she’s now completely under Grace’s thrall. Brela says that he has almost finished analyzing the Vajra network’s quantum protocols. Grace takes this moment to gloat, she will now prove that everyone was wrong and she was right. Soon everyone will acknowledge her and that it is the correct path to force humanity to evolve beyond the protoculture!

At this stage nothing will get in her way, she also talks to the unresponsive Ranka. Grace whispers in her ear that everything is all her fault, however Ranka can still atone for her sins… Brela eventually informs her that he has finished and Grace tells Ranka to be a good girl and do as is expected of her, with that the final stage of plans may commence.

Macross Quarter Briefing Room

Elsewhere ZEXIS learns that Grace has taken control of the Vajra through Ranka who is one of the few that can communicate with them. Cathy also shares with everyone that Ranka has the V-type disease which she inherited, it’s because of that she’s able to reach the Vajra. Luca shares what he has learned of Grace’s theory, the thought of others reading their minds against their wills doesn’t sit well with anyone.

Ozma figures that there must be a catch to all this. Turns out there is, if this theory works as intended than it means that the main hubs will be superior. Which means that Grace will have supreme control, though how would she implant humanity against their will? It’s simple, as Luca points out, Grace plans to use the Vajra as her enforcers that’s why she worked so hard to manipulate Ranka into a willing pawn.

Thus Ranka is the key to everything, without Ranka than Grace’s plans will not come to pass. However, she seems unreachable at the moment. ZEXIS doesn’t like this, they aren’t going to just let Ranka be used by Grace. Luca points out that they must get Ranka back at all costs and that they can’t let this plan succeed. Basara is going to give it his all and when Alto questions him he optimistically says that things will work out.

This gets Basara a stern talking to, whatever the case Luca goes on to explain the whole situation in great detail, what’s at stake, and he then explains the whole Leon has taken over the Frontier Fleet. THat’s a surprise, well there’s more! The Frontier Fleet is moving to counter the Vajra and will be using Sheryl to do just that. Alto doesn’t understand, Luca explains that Sheryl is suffering from the same V-type disease. The only difference is that Sheryl’s is fatal and as she inches towards death her abilities are enhanced to be similar to Ranka’s.

Ozma eventually tells Alto to calm down but he is furious everyone knew about this but never bothered to tell him. Furthermore he doesn’t approve that Leon is using Sheryl since apparently this is only making her situation even worse! Ozma continues to calm down Alto who is not handling the whole Ranka and Sheryl being used thing. Eventually he reaches Alto and convinces him to put his energy to use saving both the girls. Alto can only grit his teeth and storm out.

Cathy feels bad for Alto but Ozma tells her to let him go. Basara understands what Ozma was really trying to do and Ozma says he’s counting on Basara to let loose in the coming battle. Naturally Basara intends to do just that! Ozma and the Captains discuss the approaching mission, also it seems the entire Frontier Fleet has moved ahead of them. This gets Ozma angry, what the heck is Leon doing? He’ll get everyone killed this way! Whatever the case they need to hurry up.

Shotaro can’t believe the situation, Esther in particular doesn’t like the thought of Ranka being used and that Alto will be forced to fight against her. Even the Dai-Guard team expresses their disbelief, they can’t fight Ranka! Basara tells them not to worry, he gets a stern yelling at for being careless. Basara asks if he’s wrong. As far as he’s concerned he isn’t and he’s going to sing his heart out there so that everyone can listen to his song!

Esther pulls out her triangles and plays them, if Basara needs a drummer then he can count on her support! The silent drummer plans her drums in response. Mylene is surprised that Esther and Veffidas are pumped, Ray understands. The two girls have figured out what Basara wants to do, Ray agrees with them. Basara tells everyone to go all out in the coming battle! That seems a bit irresponsible but it’s Basara, right? So everything is fine.

Alto is busy brooding over the entire situation, he’s trying to look cool and edgy. Takeru asks him what’s the issue, Alto lies and says that he’s perfectly fine. Takeru gives him words of encouragement for the coming battle, Alto says that he will do his best. Roze senses that something is wrong, Takeru and Roze share a moment about the defeat of Zuul and seeing Marg again. Shotaro and the Gravion team encourage Alto to go get his girls back! The Gravion team can relate to the responsibilities of having a harem!

So they tell Alto to not lose hope, fight, fight, fight! Also, did he forget that he’s a part of ZEXIS? ZEXIS stopped the freaking moon from falling, so stopping the Vajra should be a piece of cake! However, Alto remains super serious since the situation is still pretty dire. He explains the situation with both girls(and that Sheryl is dying) which even makes Takeru sad. Crowe approaches and tells him to get his head of the gutter already.

Alto notices that Lock-On is with Crowe. Lock-On asks Alto why he’s doubting himself, besides he should be focusing on getting his girls back. They know full well just how hard situations like these are, so don’t lose hope. Eiji encourages Alto as Crowe goes on to say that this is Alto’s debt and he better pay it off and give it his all. Alto says he knows that! If Anew is alive she tells Alto to not give up, just like everyone still tried when she opposed them.

Crowe reminds Alto that he has been through worse and this isn’t like him to be down over something like this. The only choice here is to succeed or does Alto prefer the latter? As Alto is shocked Crowe explains that he has a lot of experience(Esther) for things like this, he can take his word that things will work out fine in the end. Lock-On says that they’re both pretty useless when it comes to their girls, so is Alto so there is no choice here but to get his girls back.

Anew asks Alto if he’s at ease now, he is. Crowe says he’ll gladly support Alto and that he better pay off his debts to both girls by being a big goddamn hero! Alto says he will, he looks at his necklace and thinks of Sheryl and Ranka, he has to do everything he can for the both of them.

Meanwhile, the Frontier Fleet are on course towards the Vajra homeworld to colonize it, for a do or die showdown. Sheyrl gets ready to sing for her life on the Battle Galaxy as they approach planet…

第57話: ネクスト・フロンティア
Stage 57: Next Frontier

ZEXIS arrive just as the battle between the Frontier Fleet and the Vajra. Leon is pretty confident at this point…


Like Trombe she overrides Sheryls song and the fight swings again. I guess it’s time for us to clean up?

SR Point: Defeat 30 or more enemies, then defeat Giant Ranka by Turn 3.

Turn 1

I do the usual power up with Basara routine.

Miliena casts her confuse to help survivability a bit.

Quattro manages to get in 3 moves and a single Moonlight Butterfly off. There aren’t enough enemies to go nuts…just yet.

End of turn 1. 21 enemies defeated so far.

Ranka goes for Camille, and in turn gets slapped by a giant fucking beam saber for her troubles.

Turn 2

24 enemies down!

You gotta be careful when dealing with these ‘large’ Vajra, as they have an attack that will paralyze your units if it hits.

With the quota reached, it’s time to deal with ‘Ranka’.

She only has 46K HP, so 2 or so Hot Blood attacks bring her down to critical…

Alto sets her up the bomb as it’s one of the steps for him to get the Durandal.

SR Point GET!

Dun dun dun! Giant Ranka is actually just a hologram projected by the long thought lost Battle Galaxy. The plot thickens!

Brela refuses to let Alto get to Ranka, Alto demands to know why Brela is forcing Ranka to do this. Brela says that it’s their duty to protect the Vajra from humanity. Apollo starts flipping out again, best to ignore him. As the Frontier and 00 crew admires the Ghost V-9’s they’re interrupted. Turns out Feldt’s sensors have picked up the A-Law forces. They soon arrive being lead by Ali Al’Sachez who is more than happy that he isn’t late for the party. Amuro demands to know what Ribbons wants, Ali Al’Sachez explains that he’s on Ribbons payroll. Seems Ribbons has some investment here and he has decided to have all of them wiped out now, this gets Celestial Beings attention.

However, there have more pressing matters. For Louise is here and her condition has only taken a turn for the worst. Louise wants nothing more than to destroy the 00 Raiser and Saji for hurting her, Setsuna can feel that she’s beyond words as Saji yells for Louise. Ali Al’Sachez says that this is beautiful, this is going to be a very enjoyable day for him! Alto then contacts Sheryl and tells her to sing, he’ll save Ranka but he needs Sheryl’s song to awaken her! Sheryl understands and starts to sing once more, Alto thanks her.

What a mess! Battle Galaxy spawns to the north west with a tonne of Ghosts, meanwhile Ali are at the north east, staring down my batteries.

Quattro squashes about half the Ghost squadron…

In order to deal with the rest, I have Flash cast on the rest of the guys in the firing line so they won’t get friendly fired.


I have Aquarion weaken the Battle Galaxy with 2x Solar Sword, bringing it down to 10K HP.

And with Awaken, he also punches Brera in the face. Fuck you Brera!

…and slaps Louise around too.

Alto finishes off Brera, another condition to unlock the Durandal.

Camille ends the Battle Galaxy by crashing into it.

This also unlocks the Macross Attack from the Quarter, who moves next to the Galaxy to attack it.

The Galaxy runs into the north west corner, causing Alto to chase after it to save Ranka. You won’t be seeing him for the rest of the stage.

I have the closest combat unit blow up Louise, being Esther.

Her defeat causes her to run back to the Galaxy, prompting Saji to separate the 0 Raiser and chase after her.

The last boss on the field is Prince Ali, though he’s no stronger than any of the others we’ve seen so far.

Since he’s so piss weak, I spent my remaining SP/Awakens/Enables clearing out the rest of the map.

MDE Missiles are perfect for dealing with these Aheads.

And finally, it’s just down to Ali on his lonesome.

And the 00 Gundam makes it’s last show by taking him down.

Feldt confirms that all enemies are defeated, before anyone can relax a massive Vajra swarm appears. Michel is surprised and Klan tells everyone to watch out as they all suffer a barrage from the Vajra. Eureka than feels something which concerns Renten. Eureka knows this feeling, she says the Images are coming and they’re angry! Esther is confused, weren’t the Images their allies!? Esther demands an explanation. Holland can’t believe it either as the Images appear in massive numbers.

Eureka can’t contact the Images, they’re angry and seem to be enemies. Feldt informs everyone that things just got worse, a massive force is approaching! Setsuna and Amuro immediately know that it has to be Ribbons and the Innovades! ZEXIS prepares for a very rough battle, they have to hold out until Alto and Saji return!

Inside the Battle Galaxy…

Saji managed to reach Louise and calls out to her. Louise is surprised to see him as he says that he’s glad she’s okay. However, something evil takes hold of Louise and she screams for him to die as she moves to strangle Saji. Louise rants on about the evils of Celestial Being and Saji’s betrayal! Saji begs her to stop as she strangles him, Louise suddenly notices that Saji kept his engagement ring this entire time which means he never stopped loving her. Louise has a mental breakdown over this which shocks Saji who asks her what’s wrong. Louise then passes out and Saji can’t believe that it’s all going to end like this, he failed Louise… Saji dramatically screams out Louise’s name as he holds her in his arms.

Strategy Corner

Only two things you should be aware for in this stage. First is to watch out when attack the “Large” Vajra at the flanks, they have status attacks which can paralyze a unit for one turn. You could potentially lose the a unit if it got hit as the AI tends to gang up on incapacitated units during the enemy turn, so save yourself the hassle and either avoid them or attack them with reals.

Second is just to be aware of where the enemy reinforcements spawn once Ranka is defeated. The bulk of the enemies (Ghost V9s!) spawn along the north of the map, so prepare your MAP attacks there if you can. The A-LAWS appear kinda on the eastern side towards the center of the map, but it’s mainly Ali and Louise that are the problems, the rest are just Aheads which at this point of the game, are just fodder.


Dick for storyline translations

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