Stage 56 – Spiral of Hell


We’re back! First up, Camille gets Attack Again, and some boosts to his skill stat so it will hopefully proc more often.

Setsuna gets morale limit break.

Amuro gets B-Save, since the Nu is mostly ammo based.

Takeru gets guard, a skill I feel most supers should really have.

And finally, that delicious new platinum emblem (which lets a unit get an additional move per turn) goes onto the Turn A, for more mapping goodness.

第56話: 奈落への螺旋
Stage 56: Spiral of Hell

We’re put right back into the action from the previous mission, with our heroes having been sucked into Evilland by Gestalt.

Not wanting to soil his hands, he summons various various enemies that he’d managed to scrounge up over the course of the game.

Turn 1

SR Point – Defeat all initial enemies by Turn 3’s player phase

Once again, I bring what’s close to my final team, which includes the hardest hitters, guys with the biggest MAP attacks, and Esther, Sayaka and Marg for SP batteries.

Time to power up! Basara lets loose 2 Totsugeki Love Hearts.

With a lot of Awakens, Quatrro dances around the map, dropping Moonlight Butterfly MAPs for that Armour down debuff.

With a shitton of CA abuse, liberal use of Hot Blood and Awaken, I manage to destroy most of the enemies.

By the end of the turn, there are only 2 left.

Turn 2

Suzaku clears the last grunt.

SR Point GET!

Finally Mr Evil himself decides to show up, along with Muge, who are in league with eac h other DUN DUN DUN. He uses the power of DESPAIR etc to trash talk the heroes…

…cue Takeru’s dead brother Marg to give a pep talk to save the day. He even gives everyone their SP back!

Here’s the situation now. Zuul to the north, while Muge is at the south, each with their own set of grunts (fuck em).

First I work on Zuul. I spam the fuck out of him with Raiser Swords and Stoner Sunshines. Zuul has attacks which paralyzes and halves the stats of any units he hits (ie my Setsuna), so make sure you take care when fighting him.

I let Takeru get the final blow as he cleaves the mofo in half.

Cue storyline events, and Zuul is defeated yet again by Godmars FULL POWER

Next up is Muge. He’s only got 89K HP, so I start by Kallen’s Radiation Fist, then spamming him with about 7 Fin Funnels, which brings him down to about 10K.

…then finish up by hauling my Dancouga and DanNova (using Enable) over to his ass and cutting him up with Double Dankuuken.

He drops an S-Adapter.

ZEXIS confirms that Zuul and Muge are defeated, however the Psuedo-Gurren Lagann is still there. Nia powers it up and decides that it’s time to seal ZEXIS here where they’ll all die in despair. Besides, she never expected Zuul or Muge to emerge victorious, this was just a nice distraction. As everyone freaks out that they’re really stuck here forever LordGenome tells them there’s still hope of escaping.

Turns out he just needs to hack into his old ship, which that Psuedo-Gurren Lagann seems to still be. After a bit of Banter LordGenome scans the Psuedo-Gurren Lagann and informs Simon that if he enters a large amount of spiral energy in the heart of that thing he’ll be able to re-establish control. Simon says he understands and with Viral he rushes inside, Ryouma says it’s all up to Simon now. F.S. gathers everyone up to send a small team to aid Simon, LordGemome wonders if this will work.

Part 2, Turn 1

Viral says that they’re in, it’s all up to Simon now! His little hamster warns him that something is coming, Simon is lost. The Anti-Spiral than appear to block their path in a really twisted looking Gurren Lagann. The Anti-Spiral isn’t surprised that the Spirals have come this far, this just reinforces that they were right about putting their human extermination program in place. Simon demands to know who’s there, the Anti-Spiral than reveals itself.

Viral says that’s the real deal, well this at least lets them dish out much deserved payback! Nia is also revealed to be in the Anti Gurren Lagann with the Anti-Spiral, they end things now. Simon is surprised by this and wants to save Nia, Viral tells him to focus and that they might not be able to save her woman. Simon isn’t backing down since he never shy’s from any challenge! He tells the Anti-Spiral he’s going to lose hard today and he’ll free Nia from his grasp. The Anti-Spiral tells him to bring it.

I bring along my heaviest hitters who have Enable, and Sayaka as a battery.

It turns out it was hardly necessary as the Anti Gurren Lagann only has 56K HP. My first attack with Aquarion (Attack Again + Awaken 4x Solar Sword) brings him down to 16K HP.

All that’s left is for Simon to run up to the guy and punch him into the next dimension.

Simon manages to seize control of the Lazengann, bringing the old Nia back to her senses. With that, the gang finally manage to escape the land of Despair and return to normal space…

Where they find Uther and Gaiou trolling, announcing that they have joined forces and will be waiting on Mars with a final ZONE.

Unfortunately, the team can’t deal with them just yet, as there’s bad news from the Frontier Fleet…

On the Arc Gurren…

Elsewhere Rossiu confronts Simon. The Dai-Gurren team is glad things worked out and ZEXIS are a crazy bunch. Simon understands why Rossiu did what he did and everyone tries to cheer him up. Simon says that Rossiu did a lot to try and save as many as he could, Rossiu says that even if his planned worked so many would have been left behind. Eventually Rossiu says he must atone for his sins and pulls a gun to try and kill himself, Kinon freaks out. Simon tells her to stand back as he rushes over and socks Rossiu in the face.

After this he asks Rossiu if he’s thinking straight again. Simon says that Rossiu did his best and when everyone else panicked Rossiu tried to do whatever he could to save as many lives as possible. The things Rossiu had to do, he can’t even imagine. If it was him he couldn’t have went through with it, so Rossiu shouldn’t feel guilty for trying to do something when no one else wanted to shoulder such a burden. Simon eventually gets Rossiu to see reason and he says that compared to Simon he just doesn’t compare. From now on he’ll leave the rest to him.

Team Dai-Gurren says they got this covered and Rossiu thanks Simon for knocking sense into him. Simon says he wont let his faith be misplaced, Nia than embraces Simon who is happy to have her back in his arms. He swears he’ll put an end to all this, they can be sure of this! Nia believes in him and will await his return, Simon and her then share a moment. Leeron interrupts because would like to talk to Simon alone about what the Anti-Spiral had said before its defeat…

Strategy Corner

In the first part of the map, you need to clear all the grunts by the end of 3rd Player Turn for the SR Point. It shouldn’t be too hard if you split your units properly. Also note that the grunts vary between 9K – 20K HP, be sure to focus on the ones with more while you counterattack the weaker ones. Feel free to burn as much of your SP in order to get the SR Point, as good ol’ Marg will restore it for you once you clear the grunts.

After clearing them, Zuul appears at the north, while Muge appears south, each with their own set of grunts. You can ignore them if you want, you only need to defeat Muge and Zuul to finish the stage. The only thing to be aware of is Zuul’s crazy status afflicting attacks – make sure you have Flash cast on any unit attacking him.


Dick for storyline summaries

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  1. Dick

    This stage was quite the pain… Mostly because I decided to try to kill both bosses at the same time so I split my forces up. Was very disappointed at how weak the Anti-Gurren Lagann was, expected it to at least have a decent health pool. Had trouble not taking it out in one turn, since I wanted to see if anyone else had dialogue with it.

  2. mjemirzian

    You’ve fallen to the sway of the Turn A I see. It’s ok.. few can resist its power!

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