Stage 55 – The God of Darkness Revives


A ton of new recruits! They all get CA.

Loran gets E-Save for more Moonlight Butterfly spamming.

The Heat gets a FUB, gaining 1 movement, and small EN regen.

At the mystery house, Ribbons isn’t exactly concerned about the impending moon drop. Rather there’s an internal squabble between Regene and Ribbons, on the interpretation of Aeolia’s plan and who should be leading humanity.

The peeps on Earth aren’t exactly calm about it though.

The news then reveals Milly who’s covering the Relena Peacecraft Emergency speech! Naturally the three friends are shocked to see their friend on TV all of a sudden. Anyway, Relena is giving her little speech. Humanity more than ever must come together, they mustn’t let fear dictate their actions! Now more than ever they must stop their petty little conflicts and join hands during this trying time! Sure the moon is falling but humanity has faced worse. Pretty much Relena is asking everyone to join together, peace/love, and not to freak out about the moon falling!

Elsewhere Gaiou is chilling out at the local shopping mall, when a certain crazy cat lady approaches him with a deal…

第55話: 復活の暗黒神
Stage 55: The God of Darkness Revives

Service with a smile! Rossiu’s in orbit with the Arc Gurren. He orders the Grapearls to launch, which of course, get immediately wiped out by that cheesy grin.

Before the mission starts, Quattro goes into the Turn A.

Simon totally outdoes Basara by giving some rousing speech and boosting everyone’s morale to maximum.

SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then defeat Kou Mugann and Kyo Mugann by Turn 3.

Turn 1

I start by having a few MDE MAP attacks go off to weaken the frontline enemies.

Which sets Quattro off on a small rampage. I cast Awaken on him and have him steam roll through with a few Moonlight Butterflies.

And he gets aced in the process, no longer suffering from dodge decay.

Here’s the map after mapping out the centre area.

Meanwhile Suzaku heads north and lands a Souled Super VARIS map on the top pack.

Quattro gets yet another 2 Enables, and squashes the west group.

End of turn 1. I’ve managed to obliterate most of the enemies.

Aquarion takes out a few of the remaining Mugans in the counterattack…

Turn 2

But somehow some of these decide to run away instead of attacking me 🙁

I have Alto finish off the 2 Mugans.

Now it’s time to deal with Kou and Kyou Mugan.

A Moonlight Butterfly MAP goes off, lowering these two’s armour.

Kyou Mugan gets sliced in half by several RAISER SWOOOOOOORDOOOO

Upon defeating either one of the Mugans, Asakim appears to troll the heroes, wanting to claim Crowe’s Sphere.

I choose to deal with Asakim first, even though his defeat is not necessary for the SR Point.

Amuro spams him with about 6 Fin Funnels…

…and is finally BBQed by Kallen.

Back to Kyou Mugan, Setsuna gets off another 2 Raiser Swords, bringing him down to 6K

Finally Athrun takes him out, since I’m still trying to ace him.

SR Point GET!

It’s still not over yet, as the two merge to become…KouKyou Mugan :S

Anyway, this SR Point nets me the Platinum Emblem, which allows the equipped unit to move twice. It should come in pretty handy 🙂

I get 4 Destiny Fingers and 2 Radiation Fists off on him before Suzaku finishes him off.

He drops a Barrier Field.

HURRR storyline revives. This however angers the Simon as he merges the Gurren Lagann with the Arc Gurren and punches the KouKyou Mugan into oblivion.

However, something is up. The moon still seems to be falling and that smile is getting creepier. A ZONE-like effect starts to occur which confuses the heck out of everyone. The fake moon suddenly vanishes and is replaced by a massive Pseudo-Gurren Lagann, ZEXIS freaks out but LordGemone says that this too is a part of the Human Extermination Program. It than unleashes its power, ZEXIS is shocked that it’s so strong and massive. They can’t let it reach the Earth’s atmosphere, all will be lost if it does!

Unfortunately, my Arc Gurren was out of position, leaving Simon in a kinda crappy location.

6 Solar Swords bring the Lazengann down to 85K.

And finally…I haul Simon’s ass over to him using Enable and pwn his face with the Spiral Punch. GG

Just when they think they have prevailed something seems wrong. Roger Smith doesn’t like this, shits about to go down so they need to take out that giant thing while it’s staggered. LordGenome than confirms that this isn’t over, in fact it’s quite possible they’ve walked into trap. Funny how he loves confirming things instead of telling everyone AHEAD OF THE TIME. This freaks out ZEXIS and they tell Simon to go take out that thing, before he can go all out they’re interrupted by Not Zuul.

Not Zuul has been waiting a long time to get back at ZEXIS, thankfully they all walked right into such an obvious trap. Roze and Takeru wonder what he could be doing here, he’ll show them! They’re all going for a ride, ZONE-Like effect! Everyone freaks out as they feel like they’re being pulled elsewhere. Not Zuul has been looking forward to this and takes his prey to their DOOM! Takeru wonders what’s happening, he knows this vile feeling! Suddenly a very familiar Zuul “Just As Planned” laugh is heard…. That’s never a good sign.


Dick for storyline translations

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