Stage 54 – Showdown!! Towards Endless Evolution!


Touga gets Aced via Sub Orders. His bonus grants all pilots of the Sol Gravion an additional 10 SP.

Quattro and Shinn get Attack Again and a small boost to their skill stats.

Frontier Fleet Government Offices

At the Frontier Fleet is good old Mr. Leon. Awhile back Cathy and Ozma participated in an investigation upon him, their results had concluded that Leon was more than likely going to try and seize power. However the events that occurred that lead to the Vajra attack ruined their chances of confronting him due to ZEXIS being required to leave immediately. This has allowed Leon to seize much power which he has used to confront Perry who figures out he has been had.

Perry, of course, suspects that Leon has been working alongside Grace the entire time and that Grace seems to have gone rogue. Leon doesn’t deny it and instead explains to Howard how things are going to happen now that he has seized power. Perry is in no position to deny him and instead asks various questions such has why, when, how, and the such. Leon humors him, besides with the threat of the alien invasion in space this was the most opportune time to make his move. Perry says that Leon wont get away with this but he already has. With that Leon has obtained complete control and thinks that things will be different now that he’s in charge.

Dragon’s Hive Hangar Bay

The Getter Team wants to get into Shin Getter and go meet the Invaders head on, it’s high time they punished those freaks. Darry is a bit worried over all this since that’s a lot of Invaders, the odds aren’t in their favor at all. Seeing her worry Gimmy tells her to have faith in ZEXIS, they can’t lose! Simon asks if Gimmy is scared, which surprises him. Simon continues that it’s okay to be worried, there’s no need to put on an act. Kittan and Yoko figure Gimmy is just trying to be brave for Darry who thanks Gimmy. Of course Gimmy denies this is true and he isn’t scared!

Ryouma says that Gimmy and Darry have grown pretty strong. Simon is pumped and after this battle he’s going to kick Anti-Spiral ass, Hayoto intercedes and explains that the situation is extremely dire despite their bravado. Viral laughs it off, he loves the thought of being sent against impossible odds. Benkei scolds him and reminds everyone to get their A game going. Gimmy says he’ll do just that!

Crowe is observing this, those guys are pretty crazy. Esther asks how they can be so laid back, well Crowe explains that’s just how they are. It’s not like they all aren’t scared, this is just how they cope with it by challenging their problems head on instead of running from them. Naturally Esther is awed by this since it’s all pretty cool but she quickly says that’s how she rolls too which she’ll show everyone in the coming battle!

Crowe doesn’t deny her this and instead says that he wouldn’t mind seeing her in action, besides they’ll need everyone’s strength. While dotting on Esther he notices that Marguerite is oddly silent so Crowe asks her what the issue is. Obviously it’s about Insalaum and that it has really gone to hell since those like Marilyn have pretty much undisputed in power. Crowe tells her to stop worrying, when the time comes they’ll go deal with all that and get answers. Right now he needs her to stay focused, he could really use her help in the coming battle as well. Marguerite relents and Esther becomes somewhat jealous(Since Crowe might be straying) as well as being worried for Marguerette.

Instead of taking the situation the wrong way she tells Marguerite not to worry and instead encourages her since they’re friends. So Marguerite can count on her to help reach the Prince when that time comes! Marguerite is glad for Esther’s support and says she’s fine for now and she’ll stick around with ZEXIS whom she’ll place her faith in. Ryouma interrupts and says they’re almost to the battlefield. Crowe says he understands and tells his lovely ladies to come along, they got Invaders to demolish. Ryouma gets pumped and says he has waited a long time to dish out this ass-kicking, so those Invaders better be prepared!

第54話: 決戦!!果てなき進化へ!
Stage 54: Showdown!! Towards Endless Evolution!

Since there are going to be a lot of things to kill this stage, here’s my team. A whole bunch of guys that are closed to getting aced, as well as some I haven’t used in a while.

SR Point – By the end of the stage, have 1 unit with 10 kills.

Turn 1

I start by having Basara power up some allies.


…and again….

Now I have Turn A (at Max Morale) get in position, while Sayaka Enables him.

Gekkou Chou! Punches a nice hole in the Invader line.

Another Enable from Sayaka lets me get another Moonlight Butterfly off.

I also use Enable to get Suzaku in for a map attack.

About 3/4 through the turn and I’ve taken out 18 enemies.

At 62 Ryouma learns Awaken.

End of turn 1.

At about 25 kills, there’s an event.

Them mind controlled Vajra show up, on the west side…

…right on top of where Dancouga and Godsigma are chilling out. They get pounded. Real bad. I end up having to block everything.

Turn 2

When even more enemies are defeated it’s Eureka who senses that even more trouble is coming their way which gets Renteo worried. Eureka says that they’re coming and is extremely worried over this. Nia than appears which doesn’t exactly surprise ZEXIS one bit. They demand to know what she’s doing here and she says that she wishes to observe, oh and she’s here to remind them that they’re running out of time before the Humanity Extermination Program commences.

Naturally ZEXIS still wants to know what she could possible mean by that, she explains that that soon those that abuse spiral power will be dealt with. Amuro demands that she stop being so vague. Whatever the case ZEXIS doesn’t like this but Nia could care less, she again states that she will wipe out the sin of spiral power and those that would abuse it. Simon tries to reason with her but she ignores him and reminds him he’s on the clock. As Simon begs her not to leave she takes her leave.

And Holland makes an appearance…but who cares him now, right?

Followed by the Anya, Gino, Luca, and Ozma….

And yes, Setsuko, Rand are back! With the Shin Dragon in tow…or was that the other way around?

Here’s the map now. The left side is totally zerged with Vajra. While there are some new Invader reinforcements on the right.

And I’m surprised these guys didn’t die. THE POWER OF SUPER ROBOTS (actually it’s just Potential)

First up, cast Invicible on these guys.

Loran learns Soul at 63. Very convenient, because…

He fucking pancakes these fools

And gets Aced, now receiving an extra 5 SP at the start of each turn.

SR Point GET!

Quattro gets 2 MBLs off at the bottom right, damaging the big Invaders down to 15K.

I have Loran Enabled two more times, and have him cast a final Moonlight Butterfly at the remaining Vajra pack. Poor Daitarn has to eat it.

I have Suzaku rush there via CA and have him clean up.

The result is he ends up with permanent Red Eye!

Here’s the map about halfway through the turn. The only remaning enemies are one Vajra on the west, with the rest being the boss-type Invaders.

End of turn 2.

Turn 3

More fucking Invaders! Sting and Corwen show up as well, raving on about the power of their complete evolution. In league with the Anti Spirals rar rar. And oh hey, the moon is falling. In 5 turns! So you’d better clear the mission before that happens!

End of turn 3. With my forces out of position and too many high HP enemies, I decided to leave the final showdown for next turn.

Sting and Corwen are able to attack twice.

Turn 4

I clear the rest of the Invaders before dealing with Sting and Corwen.

I analyse him and exhaust him as much as I can. He starts at 170 morale and I can only spare a few to get him down to 140.

The rest is as simple as Enable spamming as much as possible and unloading everything into the mofo.

Since the guy is level 90, the final blow goes to one of my supers that haven’t unlocked all of their seishin yet – the Gravion.

And Touga learns his final 2 seishin.

The freaks say it’s useless! Now behold the ULTIMATE EVOLUTION! Go struggles, it means they must…! Ryouma tells him that he’s done enough, leave this to the old men because this is their duty not his. Kouji doesn’t understand as the Getter Team explains that this is something they just gotta do, alone, and they’ll take those bastards down with them with GETTER… Reactor Explosion!

Ryouma and the Shin Getter than confront the freaks alone, they ask what they hope to accomplish by confronting them even in this dimension. It’s simple, they’re going to use their ultimate attack to kick their asses, maybe than the freaks will stop talking about such stupid and in-comprehensive things! Everyone than says they BELIEVE in Ryouma! Ryouma knows and with that he unleashes the power of Shin Getter as everyone looks on. When Ryouma comes to he sees Getter Robos everywhere! They also seem to be fighting a ridiculous number of enemies with no hope of victory or end! Oh joy, it’s Getter Heaven!

Other Ryouma says that they have all been waiting a long time for them. Ryouma is awed by the sexy Getter Emperor as the others admire the view of Getter Heaven that is filled with eternal battle. Other Ryouma tells them that now isn’t their time to join them just yet, Ryouma understands and they take their leave. Back in reality the freaks are panicking that they have been defeated!

Kamina City, Arc Gurren Bridge

Rossiu has gathered as much humans and necessities as he can to ensure humanity can create a home on a new planet. It’s not as much as he desired and many will be left behind. However, they’re now out of time. Soon the moon will drop on the Earth and everyone will be screwed. They all discuss how this is going down(They found a sweet ship to house some of the worlds population!) with Rossiu taking a moment to feel extremely guilty over leaving so many behind, he isn’t even sure they’ll find another planet. Kinon wants nothing more than to glomp her beloved Rossiu but he regains his composure and wants them all off the planet before the Moon drops.

After a bit more banter on going into space and the such Rossiu gives the command to integrate LordGenome into the ship so they have control. LordGenome now has control. Rossiu wonders if this will work, no it has to work! A bit of banter reveals that LordGenome is doubtful this will change anything but Rossiu doesn’t want to believe that! He asks Kinon how far they are, 98%! Good, when they reach 100% they launch into SPACE! No matter what Rossiu WILL preserve humanity, screw the Anti-Spirals!

Strategy Corner

This is long stage with lots of enemies and reinforcements to deal with. MAP attack weapons are extremely effective here, but be vary of the timing of reinforcements. The first wave appears after 30 kills, in which a large pack of Vajra will show up on the west side of the map. If this happens in the enemy turn it could be rather hazardous if you’ve got units there that aren’t prepared. Have high dodge units or Super with Iron Wall there to tank them.

Eight kills after the first pack of reinforcements, the next wave appears on the east side. There are less but the enemies have 30-40K HP are tougher to kill.

Finally on the next player phase after the previous set of reinforcements arrive, Sting and Corwen arrive at the south. He has 240K HP, starts at 170 morale, can move twice in the enemy turn and has a rather huge ass map attack (though I’ve never seen him use it). Oh and he has HP regen, and can get regen about 40K HP back each turn. Once he appears you have a hard 5 turn limit to defeat him. Save yourself trouble and destroy him in one turn.

Sting and Corwen are also level 90, so you should consider who gets the kill on him.


Dick for storyline translations

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