Stage 46 – The Lost Holy Kingdom


Okay, first up. Marg joined us at the end of the last mission, so she gets the usual C.A and some upgrades

I get 2 new aces, Basara and Michel. Basara gets +20,000 starting Song Energy, meanwhile Michel gets +10% damage when next to a female piloted unit.

Oh and what’s this? It’s the Iron Emblem, for obtaining 20 ACE Pilots. It grants double XP to the equipped pilot.

Gaiou….what do you plan to do now that you have your memories back? Surely we don’t have to continue this violence anymore?
I need more power! And I won’t stop until I have enough…
Others can lend you their strength….
I have depended on the strength of others in the past. And it failed me! Therefore I must win on my strength alone!
The End
The End
Or I’ll eat you!
The End
If you can’t be persuaded then there’s no point in continuing this.
Bye old woman! I’m off to collect more people for my army! Hahaha!

Back at the Dragon’s Hive…
Lady Marguerette. Before we accept your request to join ZEXIS, we’d just like you to answer a few short interview questions, just to make sure you’ll fit in with our team.
Very well.
First of all, what are your qualifications?
I was previously an Arksaber for the Holy Kingdom of Insalaum.
Why do you want to join ZEXIS?
Our King is leading the people of Insalaum into a path of ruin. I have to stop him, and I believe with your help I can.
And what do bring to our team?
I’m a good team player. I have good support seishin, and it’s cost effective. I can also raid on weeknights.
I see. Why did you leave your last job?
I had to take a hit for my superior. He did not appreciate it.
Have you ever had to work with a difficult pers….
Guys, guys guys! Why the long process? ZEXIS clearly needs more women! It’s a freakin sausage fest here! And besides, her mecha has breasts!! Just let her join already!
I do not see the point of this interview. According to section 14, paragraph 2 of the guidebook “So you want to join ZEXIS?” that you provided…
…I believe I already meet all requirements to join. I have a Super Robot and “wish to fight against the forces of evil and injustice”.
Furthermore subparagraph 3 states that “ZEXIS will allow defectors to join, no questions asked, if that person is of good character”. Surely I’ve proved my intentions are noble already?
Oh man, she’s sharp.
*Ahem* That was just a test! You see, not many people read the booklet….
You appear to tick all the boxes, there’s just one final check. Please fill in this medical checklist.
Medical conditions? Nope…Drugs…nope…
Am I pregnant?! What is the meaning of this?!
Ma’am, here at ZEXIS we take the health of our pilots very seriously. We just need to know so if there are any issues, so we can help you out if needed.
Then what’s this about my three sizes then?!
*Ahem* That question isn’t supposed to be on the form…
Duo, you pervert, you really did it this time!!
It wasn’t me, I swear!

At the Dragon’s Hive Hangar…
Our assault on the Palace Insalaum will consist of two teams. The Overmen, Mazinger, Aquarion and Walker teams will cause a distraction.
Meanwhile Crowe, Simon, Viral, Ryouma, and Xingke will follow Marguerette to infiltrate the Palace. Walker team, feel free to use explosives at your discretion.
Cheer up kid.
It’ll be okay Renton, we’ll definately save Eureka and Esther today!
Zero, what about Renton?
I was getting to that. Renton, you’ll be a part of the infiltration team, and your job is to locate Eureka.
Woo, go Renton!
There’s a time in one’s life where you must chase the woman you want!
(Though at this rate, we’ll be chasing after her forever…)
Marguerette. We’re all counting on you.
I shall not let you down. You can depend on me.
Are you really okay with fighting against your own people?
If I can save the Kingdom of Insalaum, then I’ll gladly bear the burden of being branded a traitor.

第46話: 失われし聖王国
Stage 46: The Lost Holy Kingdom

Anbrorn is informed that ZEXIS is assaulting their base with her expressing disbelief that they got through their defenses so easily and undetected. Arksabers than inform Anbrorn that the city is laced with explosives which angers her. The Xabungles, Aquarion, King Gainer and Shin Mazinger Z crew than get to work causing explosions all around the Insalaum city while taunting the Arksabers to come out and play.

Meanwhile Crowe’s team slips into the Insalaum ship and confronts Anbrorn who screams for the Arksabers to defend her though they prove no match against Team Maliness(Crowe, Xingke, Simon, Viral, and Ryouma.) + Marguerite. Marguerite states all the crimes that Anbrorn has committed and that she has long awaited the day that Anbrorn would be brought to justice for bringing Isalaum to ruin. Anbrorn refuses to relent and says that Marguerite will pay for betraying Insalaum which Marguerite says that she is fighting to save Insalaum from people like her.

Crowe than warns Marguerite to watch out as she barely blocks an attack from Wayne. Wayne can’t believe that Marguerite has betrayed Uther and Insalaum. He thought nothing of it when she vanished but he never would have thought she would have used that time to sell out Insalaum. Wayne than orders the Arksabers to get Anbrorn out of here which causes her to protest as she’s dragged away. Marguerite doesn’t want Anbrorn to escape but Wayne tells her that she still has him to worry about.

Just as he’s about to take out Marguerite she’s saved by Crowe who tells Wayne that he would make a far more fitting opponent. Wayne yells that he can’t stand anyone getting in the way of him punishing the traitor. Crowe takes this moment to admire how mature and strong Wayne has become with Wayne saying that Crowe is indeed a worthy opponent. However he still has his duties as the Knight of Knights and attacks Crowe and says that he will defeat him not for his own personal grudge but for Insalaum.

Viral and Simon than intervene and tell Crowe to leave Wayne to them and that he still has that promise to keep to Esther. Even Ryouma gets in on this and says orders Crowe to get his ass moving now. Crowe reluctantly agrees with them and takes his leave to find Esther with Wayne demanding that Crowe stay and fight. Marguerite tells Wayne that he will have to settle for her instead with Wayne saying that he will deal with the traitor first than and that she should expect no mercy. Marguerite demands to know if Wayne is fine with the current state of Insalaum but he tells her that he’s the Knight of Knights and that he wont be questioned by a traitor.

Crowe finally locates Esther in the labroratory….
Esther, we’re going home now.
You’ve gone through an awful lot of trouble for this beast.
Uther Insalaum I presume?
You are correct Crowe Broust.
Are you going to try to stop me?
…I was wrong about you Crowe Broust.
There may be yet a way to save your friend.
And why would you want to help me?
It is not you who I will help. But my friend here.

Meanwhile Eureka and Renton have escaped the Palace Insalaum, only to find that the Insalaum have launched their forces for a full scale attack against ZEXIS. Eureka gets corned by an ADAMON.

The End and the Nirvash FINALLY combine to become the Nirvash spec3 again.

Turn 1

SR Point – Defeat 24 enemies by the end of turn 2 player phase

We’re on a tight time limit, so we’re gonna power up using Morale Up (with anyone who has it anyway).

Kallen and Simon take point, doing a CA suicide run to the back line on the right and left sides respectively.

At level 55, Shinobu learns Hot Blood.

As with Amuro.

End of turn 1. Having splashed quite a bit of seishin on Morale Up, and the occasional Hot Blood, I’ve smashed through 11 DMs already, with quite a few more damaged, and my team in a good position for counterattacks.

Turn 2

Turn 2 and an update…up to 16 kills, which means it should be an easy wrap this turn.

Arrgh Trowa you fucking fail.

SR Point GET!

Uther and Wayne appear to confront ZEXIS with Wayne still desiring to fight Crowe and punishing Marguerite while Uther is furious at the sight of his capital in ruins. Roger Smith than talks to Uther about his motives and his sphere than everyone has inner dialogue about this as Roger Smith continues his interrogation with Uther asking Roger his own set of questions.

Uther than breaks down and says that he will defeat ZEXIS as the King of Insalaum and lead his people back into their age of glory. Which surprises Roger since Uther refuses to fall for his negotiation skills Dorthy than asks Roger is he’s okay even though his negotiations failed and he says he is.

A ZONE-type event happens, and….
It’s the Dimension General!!!
Quiet hag, or I’ll eat you! Mwahahah!
I’ll deal with you here and now!
Give it your best shot boy. You don’t even have the balls to be “King”!
I AM the King! By my blade I shall avenge the suffering of my people. FOR MY FATHER!

Uther slams Gaiou while reciting the intro to Star Wars

Fufufufu, Marvelous!
He was a fake?!
Of course it was!And now that your sphere is awakened, it’s ripe for the reaping!
We cannot allow Aim to retrieve the sphere. The Black Knowledge…
I’m on it!

Roger slaps Aim around with his giant phallus, I mean Final Stage!

Aim curses Roger Smith for getting in the way of his reaping as he flees for his life.

Roger apologizes to Uther for interrupting but Uther is fine with this, Aim will die by his hand another day. Uther reveals that he is now accepted as the “True” King of Insalaum however, at this time Crowe appears with Esther and Marguerite with ZEXIS glad to see Esther and Crowe unharmed. Uther decides to grant Crowe one Kindness and orders Wayne to bring Crowe, Marguerite, and Esther to ZEXIS. .

Ywain. You will escort Crowe and Marguerette back to their ship.
You heard the man, son.
I’d shut your mouth, Crowe Broust! Otherwise my Diamund might accidentally crush you into pulp!
Geez, I guess all you Insalaum guys have no sense of humour!

After getting back in the Li-Brasta, Uther tells Crowe he would like to try “that” with Crowe saying he understands. Besides, Crowe figures that his sphere alone wouldn’t have been enough to restore Esther. Sumuragi asks Crowe what he plans on doing but he tells her to trust him on this. With that he takes Esther to Uther.



Wayne than tells Uther to leave which he protests but Wayne asks if Uther has forgotten his duty as the “True” King of Insalaum which gets Uther to relent. Wayne than says to leave the rest to him and yells for Anbrorn to get Uther out of here. Anbrorn says she was already planning to do that and Uther is convinced to leave. Esther tries to talk to the Prince but Uther has to leave but he’s glad that he knew her and got to learn her name.

So now that all the events are done, a few more Goblins, Gigamons have spawned, along with Ywain, who is determined to settle things with Crowe once and for all.

I continue to clear out the original enemies while making my way north
I…I can still fight!
Crowe worked so hard to save me…
…and I’ll never forget Uther’s kindness…
but I won’t stop fighting Insalaum! Not until all the DM research is destroyed! I won’t allow anyone else to suffer like I did!

There’s a short scene when Esther engages a DM.

Kira gets a good Super Dragoon off, taking out 3 Goblins.

End of turn 2. Most of the original enemies were destroyed, and I’ve taken out quite a few of the reinforcements, leaving me in good shape to finish up next turn.

Turn 3

I lost the map screenshot, but basically there were about 3-4 DMs left as well as Ywain. Note Ywain comes with Flash on him, so you’ll need to waste an attack to get rid of him. I use Trowa, since he’s failed me for the last time!

I take out all the DMs, but I’ve had to use up around 1/2 my guys already. Since Ywain has like 2500 armor and all the crazy ass boss skills like Extreme and Guard, I’m not sure I can finish him off this turn.

My Esther though, has CHEAAAAAAAP Exhaust. I manage to bring Ywain down to 100 morale.

I manage to finish him off…just. A Hot Blooded Funnel attack from Amuro takes him out. And he drops a D Extractor

Ywain, it’s over.
Detecting dimensional anomaly forming in the Diamund’s D Extractor.

Upon his defeat, Ywain overloads his D-Extractor, causing a ZONE effect.

Eureka’s despair though, causes the Images to appear…
Ywain, there’s still time! Leave with us!
I…I will not. My last duty is to my king…
Marguerette…you were right…about Insalaum…
…live on…and right our wrongs….

Refusing aid, ZEXIS are teleported back to Remonecia…

Where Dr Hell awaits! Though he’s not here to play, only to announce that he will attack the Photonic Energy Labs in a few days, and Kouji better be there. OR ELSE

Back at the Dragon’s Hive, Kouji discusses his upcoming battle against Dr. Hell whom he’s sure he’ll defeat. ZEXIS of course says they’ll back Kouji.

Esther on the other hand is alone, the ordeal was very traumatizing for her. Being made into a DM, subject to experiments, and forced to fight Crowe and her friends against her will was a lot to digest. Kallen and ZEXIS than arrive and try to cheer up Esther who hides her thoughts from them. Instead they catch up and express how much they missed Esther with Esther telling them that she’s fine and totally back to normal. She uses this time to try and get caught up on recent events in between ZEXIS gushing with happiness.

Esther than asks for Crowe but ZEXIS says they haven’t seen him since the battle, he must be taking care of something important. This makes Esther feel depressed since she really wanted to talk to Crowe about something that she can’t bring herself to confide in with her friends from ZEXIS about. They tell her to cheer up and that Crowe was extremely worried about her and he went through a lot to get her back. They’re also sure Crowe is happy that she is back with Esther saying that she’s fine with not seeing Crowe yet and is glad that he cared that much about her. They asks Esther if she’ll still fight with Esther saying that she plans to continue fighting and with the Brasta Es she will never lose.

ZEXIS doesn’t suspect that she’s still upset at all and takes their leave while telling her again that it’s good to have her back. Who can blame them, Esther has turned out to be quite the actor. Once they’re gone Esther thanks them for trying to cheer her up and being good friends. However, she soon returns to being conflicted but before she can brood she’s approached by Marguerite who wishes to speak to Esther about Uther which gets Esther sad once more.


What’s up guys? I’m trialing a new way of creating skits in this stage, this will help me create skits faster and that hopefully means more in future updates. Let me know what you think!

Anyway, this stage marks the return of Esther! Although by now she is totally outclassed by most of your squad, she’ll still have some decent seishin (depending on which birthday you chose). My Esther has pretty cheap Exhaust, so that’s semi-useful at least.

And oh yes, the Shin Mazinger Z finale is next up!

Strategy Corner

The SR Point might seem a bit daunting, since the enemies are spaced out in such a way where about 1/2 your team may not be able to engage them on the first turn. First of all, keep ground units away from the right side of the map. That giant crater will slow them down a lot.

Secondly, we’re aiming for the “damage and counter” strategy. Aim to spread your damage on as many enemies as you can, so they can possibly be destroyed on the enemy turn. Put your fastest guys on the wings, hopefully someone like Alle/Shinn can reach the sides with Concentrate, and you’ll be able to damage quite a few DMs on each side on the map.

There is no enemy phase on the 2nd turn, so you’ll need to go all out in order to get the 24 kills for the SR Point. Use Hot Blood on the Rhinomons if necessary, and of course, a MAPW attack always helps.

Once the SR Point has been achieved, the rest of the map is straightforward. Keep in mind that Ywain is a pain in the ass to kill, due to his crazy armour, and enemy skills.


Dick for storyline translations

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  1. Dick

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    Haha dude, my Esther came back at level 71! She’s still +14 levels over the next highest guy (I repair tricked her before she left).

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    Good going!
    Btw the next mission has one boss who is SS size and horribad status effect for his second attack so I reckon you bring along supers who have strike.
    All super gang again, I presume?
    it can be hard for that, as you have to best three bosses at the Same turn and there is quite a distance to transverse…

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    You’re referring to Pygman right?

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    If I read the kanji and translate it the attack seems to be dark curse.
    Getting pilots with flash to kill that guy may be viable as well, and he is fond of counterattacking you with dark curse and only used his spear throw on his turn… And somehow that SS size makes Chirico miss, even, so you will surely need a well structured team to take him out. With only four turns and eight phases to clear the stage, and with super robots for the SR point… Will be interesting to see you do that.

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