Stage 44 – Advent! The Evil God That Brings Forth The End!


Okay, the split has ended and we have some new toys. Namely the Dragon’s Hive, Boss Borot (!) and God Sigma Gravion. Mazinger also acquired it’s God Scrander and a couple of guys like Trider/Zambot also got some new attacks.

On a side note, we also acquired the Double Missile Pod Scopedog. Fyana also goes into it, as it’s got overall better range than her Brutish Dog.

Chirico gets Attack Again and Ignore Size.

Sayaka gets SP Regen

Shin Getter gets a FUB and can now transform after moving.

Dancouga gets +1 movement and +100 EN

Kittan has a chat with his sisters, and they talk about Rossiu’s plans to save humanity. Kinon knows the truth but doesn’t say anything, Kittan then reminisces about the good ol’ Team Dai Gurren days, when oh look, Yoko shows up.

All Ryouma cares about is getting back at Satome, the Invaders are just practice. If anything gets in the way than he’ll just tear them to pieces, clearly Ryouma isn’t over his grudge with Satome which even puts Simon at awe. Ryouma does explain what he goes of Shin Dragon and the power it holds which again makes everyone despair. Viral than notices that Go is being extremely quiet and he asks him what the deal is. Go just glares at Viral who asks what he did to deserve that.

Kei worries about Gou as well, but Ryouma knows exactly what it is. It’s the Shin Dragon. And it’s coming. Ryouma can’t wait to get his revenge on it and the old man.

第44話: 降臨!! 終末を呼ぶ邪神!
Stage 44: Advent!! The Evil God that Brings Forth the End!

Turn 1

Super Robot Gundan arrives! Note that Aquarion, Black Getter and Shin Getter are forced deployments along with 18 others of our choice.

Note: It’s probably not smart bringing an all-super cast for this mission as we’re dealing with energy sucking mooks, but this is how we rollllll

Ryouma yells that he’s going to finally pay Satome back for what he has done with Satome saying that he knew Ryouma and ZEXIS would come since he called them here. The crazy freaks on the other hand are happy that they have now reached Shin Dragon. Kei demands to know what Satome wants with Shin Dragon with Satome telling Kei/Genki that she’s about to witness as he awakens Shin Dragon. Satome than fuses his corrupted DNA into Shin Dragon, the ultimate in Getter, which makes the crazy freaks cry tears of joy at the beauty of Getter and the coming Evolution and that Evolution is amazing as they feel the change happening within them and Shin Dragon.

Apollo is reminded of a similar situation with the angels they faced in Z. Shikishima then tells everyone to stay back, as Shin Dragon is evolving

SR Point – Defeat all enemies, then Shin Dragon by end of turn 4.

The general strategy applies. Confuse (hey it helps okay?), Iron Wall and away we go.

End of turn 1.

My guys take a pretty big beating. This is what happens when you bring a bunch of Super Robots to a stage full of EN sucking badguys!

Aquarion is the MVP though dodging EVERYTHING while dishing out a ton of damage.

Turn 2

Most of the Invaders moved forward, meanwhile the lazy ass mecha beasts just stay where they are.

Another Confuse to go around.

It’s a freaking comeback though as my guys smash through the Invader line.

Simon learns Hot Blood at level 53.

Aoi as well, at 54.

By the end of the turn I’ve smashed almost all of them, even breaching the inner circle of Gol & Brais.

Shin Dragon goes for it’s massive MAP attack, but somehow all of my guys except Roger manage to dodge it.

A ton of guys go down in the counterattack.

Turn 3

It’s turn 3 and now there are only 5 enemies left, including the Shin Dragon itself

With the rest of the beasts going down easily (and most of my guys still having their move) it’s time to burn that Shin Dragon down.

When Ryouma encounters Satome he tells him that his time has finally come. Satome is very annoyed that Ryouma is still alive after all this time and continues to get in the way of his plans. So it’s good that Ryouma is here since it gives Satome a chance to finally end him since Ryouma doesn’t stand a chance against Shin Dragon. Ryouma of course tells Satome to shut
his mouth and that he’s going to beat the hell out of him.

When Go confronts Shin Dragon he has a panic attack with Kei asking him what’s wrong. Satome than interrupts to say that it’s good to see Kei/Genki after all this time and wonders what she hopes to accomplish. Gai says that they will defeat Satome with Shin Getter but he isn’t confident which makes Satome laugh as he tells them to come at him than. Go struggles but manages to get a hold of himself, at least for now, as he proceeds with attacking Shin Dragon.


Since Gou failed miserably, it’s up to Watta to finish him off.

SR Point GET!

Upon his defeat Satome is surprised that they continue to resist against Shin Dragon and have pushed it this far. Kei notices that Go has withdrawn back into his state of shock and doesn’t seem to hear her. The crazy Doctor says that the Evolution and Corruption of Shin Getter has affected Go. Kei tries to get through to Go as Satome tells Go that he is a part of Shin Dragon as Go despairs. Gai and Kei are worried about Go with Kei taking control of Shin Getter and tells Satome he’ll pay for what he has done to Go. Satome finds this humorous as he attacks Shin Getter.

Ryouma moves to take the hit for Kei and in the process Black Getter is severely damaged. Satome gloats over this turn of events with Ryouma telling him to shut his mouth and that he isn’t through yet. Kei is sad that Ryouma took a hit for her recklessness but Ryouma tells her to stay focused. Benkei than tells Kei to bring Go back and for Ryouma to return to. With them gone the crazy freaks say that they wont let them stand in their way any longer. Viral than tells Simon that the Anti-Spirals are coming.

Nia is leading the Anti-Spirals once more and says that she has come to continue with the human extermination program. Or she would but as long as such strong forces oppose her than the Anti-Spiral plans will fail. So she has come to join forces with the Invaders once more to punish humanity for their inevitable abuse of spiral power. The crazy freaks and Satome are more than happy to have Nia’s aid since their plans coincide with the Anti-Spirals since both desire the destruction of humanity.

Before she can order the attack, she’s hit by a sniper shot. Michel and Gain recognize it instantly.


A bunch of shit happens. Shikishima has an amazing revelation about Go’s connection to Shin Dragon, but decides to ram the Tower into the Shin Dragon before he can reveal what it is to everyone. DERP

And the old man is back, this time in his own Metal Getter Beast.

After all that mess here’s what we have to deal with. Most of my forces used up, ZEXIS are having a party at the mountain, meanwhile Zero is pretty much surrounded by Antispirals.

With some help from Banjou, I get Zero into a nice place for a MAP attack.

After attacking the Metal Beast Dragon down to around 60%, there’s an event. It just heals itself as the mad doctor says it can’t be defeated as long as it’s connected to the Shin Dragon.

Enter the mind rape. The Getter team starts to relive their accident with Michiru, who blames them for her death.

But the real Michiru shows up, and exposes the other one as an Invader. Needless to say, the guys aren’t impressed.

Neither is Apollo.

He proceeds to fuck up the Metal Beast Dragon with his ultimate attack.

Who just heals up to maximum again.

So back to the killing…The Metal Beast is back at 100% and needs to get the beat down again.

End of turn 4.

Turn 4

Kitan comes filly kitted with Hot Blood, so why not take advantage of this?

I send some extra guys to deal with the Anti Spirals.

Meanwhile the rest of my guys brutalize Dr Saotome.

Man getting hit by Daiguard

End of turn 4. There’s the 3 Antispirals left, along with Saotome, who can be easily finished off next turn.

Turn 5

With the Antispirals going down, time to finish the Doc!

I let Aquarion do the deed, since he’s one of my supers that hasn’t learned Hot Blood yet.

He drops a Super Repair Kit, and at 56, Apollo learns Hot Blood.

Of course, this doesn’t stop the old man from reviving YET AGAIN

Finally Gou contacts the Getter Team telepathically with a special message

And we have special delivery for the Doctor

Arranged Battle Scene

The Doc finally blows up for good, telling the Getter team to forge their own future.

Turns out Gou was still somewhat conscious…but the Shin Dragon calls to him.

Inside Shin Dragon Gai and Kei are freaked out when it synchronizes with them but Go tells them not to worry. Kei than says that she can see everything from Shin Dragon to them inside herself and Gai wonders if this is the ultimate form of evolution of Getter. Go says that all of their minds are now as one within Shin Dragon which Gai and Kei can see that quite clearly. Go than asks them to leave the rest to Shin Dragon though the feedback is too much and nearly kills Kei and Gai but Go tells them to believe in Getter and to believe in themselves as he unleashes their power and absorbs all the Getter rays around the Earth.

No rest for the weary as Boss informs the crew that a new ZONE as appeared.

Elsewhere LordGenome is talking to Leeron who says that ZEXIS has defeated the Anti-Spiral once more and stopped Shin Dragon which than aborbed all the Getter Rays surrounding the Earth which killed the Invaders on Earth. LordGenome admits that he didn’t expect this to occur with Leeron saying that ZEXIS is known for defying expectations. Rossiu than asks what Nia meant and what will happen when that date will occur. It’s simple, they’re going to drop the moon on Earth which causes Rossiu to shit his pants and he says he must speed up his plans because as Leader his people are counting on him. That and he must preserve humanity at all costs…


Stoner Sunshine! I hope this arranged battle was what people were hoping for. I’ll make a blog post in the next few days with the production notes for it and why I decided to make it the way it is.

Strategy Corner

Okay, you’ll be almost exclusively fighting Invader type enemies on this stage, and they all have those nasty EN-draining attacks. For your front line, I recommend reals who are really good at dodging or supers who are ammo based.

Shin Dragon has around 100,000 HP, and Guard, which will probably be active by the time you get to fighting him. Without upgrades, you’ll probably need a whole turn to burn him down, use Exhaust, Analyze and Hot Blood to speed things up if you have it.

Once Shin Dragon is defeated, Anti Spirals will appear at the North, while Saotome in the Metal Dragon spawns at the west, with the Getter Team close to him. An event will occur when you damage Saotome down to about 60%, he will regain all his health, but at this point Aquarion teleport next to Metal Beast Getter and will obtain it’s Ultimate Solar Sword attack. I believe it also get’s a full HP restore.

The rest of the stage is pretty straightforward. Note that all enemies retreat after the Metal Beast Getter is defeated, so save him for last.


Dick for translations

Took the Apollo quote off the TVTropes page for Saisei Hen

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  1. Dick

    The arranged battle was pretty good, nice how you worked out attacks like that. The Big O punch at the end was random as heck though, didn’t expect it.

  2. Forte

    Tough stage. *throws on his sage hat*

    And like many of the later stages, having two parts and a boss means power leveling! I cranked Amuro, Heero and Duo to godlike 99! Trust me, the more of them you have for the final stage, the less people that will die >_>

  3. YJ

    Is level 99 Gaiou really that tough?

  4. Forte

    He packs a mean punch and his area attack makes being in close combat with him really bad to be for certain units. But the hard part, honestly, is that unlike the first one, he doesn’t come with just two guys; he bring an army of jacked up DM’s too. You could probably just focus on him but…that’s no fun xD.

    I don’t know if the two different scenarios differ at the end though. For the normal route, this happens and he managed to take out like…a third of my guys. It was not fun. So yea, the higher the fire power you can bring on him, the better. So any chance you get, level trick people. (Loran, the Wing Crew, anyone else you can cram into a healing unit for a round). It’ll help.

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