Stage 43 – Carnage


Ru Shako, Fyana and Gregory all joined up during the end of the last scenario, and since the next stage is the VOTOMs finale, they get some upgrades.

All 3 of them get C.A

Kallen gets Attack Again and +10 to skill

Before the mission starts I highly recommend you boost the Beserga’s (Ru Shako’s purple AT’s) movement by 3 if possible, this will help obtaining a secret while keeping on track for the SR Point.Also if you want to be able to punch air units, put A-Adapters on their ATs.

On the Ikaruga, the crew are discussing Chirico’s recent turn. Fyana is pretty upset, Crowe tells her not to give up hope as he’s known Chirico for a while. Zero tells them they may have to accept that Chirico is a slave of Wiseman now, and they may have to kill him. Kallen refuses, saying she’ll definately bring Chirico back. Crowe smirks that they’ll just have to beat the sense back into him.

Ru Shako takes Zero and co to meet Meiji (who’s apparently hundreds of years old).

Zero asks why Meiji is being so silent but Ru Shako tells him that he will speak for Meiji. With that Ru Shako, speaking for Meiji, answers their questions and reveals as much of the prediction as possible to them. However when Zero asks how to save Chirico this causes Meiji to utter a name, Overman/Wiseman. Ru Shako continues with Fyana unsure on what to make of anything. Vanilla than runs in to inform Zero that a massive force is appearing near Ru Shako’s village. Zero demands answers from Meiji with Ru Shako telling ZEXIS they must head out to confront this force.

C.C. is enjoying pizza and is happily waiting for her Master’s return. However she wonders what’s taking him so long and wonders what she can do to properly welcome him back home. She decides that she would like to something nice for him that’s for sure to pay him back for his kindness. Just than Wiseman calls for C.C. which scares her. Wiseman tells her to remember who she is and she suddenly gets her memories back..

第43話: 修羅
Stage 43: Carnage

Elsewhere, Chirico is cleaning up a rebellion. He has the Arron shot for treachery, of which Wiseman predicted.

Chirico says that he plans to control the Universe in this way and to promote war so that humanity may continue to advance. This pisses of Ru Shako who can’t stand for this but Chirico tells him that it doesn’t matter once he becomes a God. Chirico’s friends tell him that they will gladly prove him wrong as they gear up to fight them though Fyana tries once more to reach Chirico. Chirico tells her that he has discarded everything, never wants to see her again, and that she should get off Quent as he calls for his AT forces. ZEXIS than appears to lend a hand to the Scopedog Brigade.

Turn 1

Chirico has amassed a small horde of mobile dolls as well as his own personal squadron of Bloodsuckers.

SR Point – Let Fyana, Shako and Gregory defeat 3 enemies each, then defeat all enemies with the Rabidlydog last.

Before I start killing folks, there’s a hidden Mark of the Brave on this stage. By moving Ru Shako onto this square, you can obtain it, and if you have 9 movement on his AT, you should be able to reach there on the first turn. Unfortunately I don’t so it’ll have to wait till turn 2 for me.

First up, Confuse, which helps our AT friends from getting blown up too easily.

End of turn 1, Fyana got one kill, meanwhile Shako went on a road trip to pick up that MotB.

I use my weakest attacks to soften the enemies so that the VOTOMs crew can easily scrape kills next turn.

Turn 2

Turn 2 is a massive clusterfuck, with Arios as the epicenter.

But first, Shako picks up the Motb from the marked point. But here’s the thing…in order for Shako to get his 3 kills, he actually needs to kill something by next turn in order to get his quota for the SR Point.

Another Confuse from Zero helps survivability once more.

And now I order a full scale retreat. This will hopefully bait the enemies into moving forward, into a range where Shako can reach next turn.

Turn 3

Success! Three Gelzuge’s just in range for Shako to maul.

Since Shako has C.A, he’s back into the game

With Greg and Fyana meeting their quota, it’s time to go full out with the rest of the gang.

Loran’s Moonlight Butterfly squashes a whole ton of guys at once.

Kira gets ACEd and now receives a 1.1x damage bonus to ranged attacks.

End of turn 3. Shako needs one more kill, so I’ve left 2 mooks for him to kill next turn (just in case), meanwhile Chirico is at 25% and can be destroyed at a moments notice.

Turn 4

Shako gets his 3rd and final kill…

And I let Athrun take down Chirico since he’a bit behind in levels. He turns Chirico into roadkill. With Double XP cast, he jumps to 55 and learns Hot Blood in the process.

Arranged Battle Scene

SR Point GET!

Much to Crowe’s annoyance, Chirico just shrugs off the battle like nothing.

Wiseman tells Chirico to come to him, so he may receive his powers.

As he’s about to run off, Fyana goes to stop him, but Chirico just slaps her aside.

And C.C suddenly appears, firing on Fyana as well. The crew of course, thinks she’s in league with Wiseman.

Chirico escapes, Ali appears with a MD army.

End of Part 1

Chirico finally meets Wiseman, who appears as a ball of light. Wiseman is about to implant his power and knowledge into Chirico…

Well fuck that, he says. Chirico’s entire ‘turn’ was just a play to get close to Wiseman so he can murder his face. Rochina has a meltdown.

Fyana than runs in which surprises Chirico. He’s sorry for shooting her but he tells her that he had to fool Wiseman to get close enough to him. Fyana says that she understands since Chirico never shot any of his friends or her fatally and that this was all meant to stop Wiseman. Fyana than says that C.C. told everyone everything after Chirico left and that ZEXIS is coming to help. With that Fyana tells Chirico to finish off Wiseman with her which he does.

Part 2…Turn 1

We get Chirico and Fyana as forced deployment, as well as 10 guys.

Now you might be wondering why my deployment is so weird. Well, you can actually pick up the Twin Missle Pod Scopedog in this stage. The first condition is that Chirico needs to be ACEd, but as you can see, he’s still 10 kills short here.The second condition is that both Chirico and Fyana need to defeat at least 3 enemies each. Since Chirico will be soloing most of the guys, I’ve brought Basara and Zero to boost his stats, some guys who need kills, and Setsuna and Heero as ‘insurance’.

First up is powering up Basara with Morale Up/Hot Blood, then casting TRY AGAIN on Chirico and Fyana so they have boosted evasion.

Turn 2

Wiseman really likes lining up his guys. But alas I cannot MAP attack for now, as Chirico desperately needs those kills.

Time for Fyana and Chirico to get to work. I also use Zero’s Commands to give them a nice boost in evasion and accuracy.

End of turn 2.

Turn 3

All the Bloodsuckers move in, completely surrounding Chirico. It’s also semi-annoying because they have support attack and defence, much like MDs.

End of turn 3. Fyana has her 3 kills, meanwhile Chirico needs another 6 more to get the ACE pre-requisite done.

Strangely enough, Wiseman seems more interested in destroying Zero than he does Chirico.

Turn 4

From here on in it’s just rinse and repeat the process until Chirico gets enough kills.

One of the Bloodsuckers drops a S-Adapter.

At level 56 Chirico learns Soul, which means it’s time for universe destroying punches

Turn 6

And on turn 6 he finally becomes an ace, getting +300 damage to all his weapons when above 130 morale.

Having had his fill, the rest of the pack rush in to pick off the scraps.

Once all the ATs are defeated Wiseman’s fake body appears as does C.C. who tells everyone that is the real Wiseman. Wiseman calls out to Chirico and asks what he hoped to accomplish with his death. Civilization has been guided by him for thousands of years and without him they will be lost. He than explains all his deeds in his lifetime and that he has become a fact that must be accepted with Chirico telling him that he’s selfish and that all he has ever done is to serve himself.

Rochina is having a meltdown, unable to believe that Chirico rejected Godhood and destroyed Wiseman.And Zero orders the retreat, leaving that asshole for dead as he self-destructs the place.

Gaioh is enjoying the sights with Carlos Axion Jr. who has so far kept Gaioh tamed and taken out quite a few targets to boot. He asks Gaioh if he’s satisfied with how things have turned out with Gaioh saying he is and that he can’t wait for his battle to come up. They than discuss what has happened to Wiseman whom Gaioh seems to know. In the end Wiseman was an arrogant man but saying this just makes Gaioh become stern with Carlos Axion Jr. He tells Gaioh that he was kidding and that he’s needed elsewhere and for Gaioh not to cause too much trouble while he’s away. Once he’s gone Gaioh mourns the loss of Wiseman.

Post scenario, F.S. contacts Sumeragi and informs her about the other teams’ status. Moon WILL attacked and he had to reveal his secret battleship, the Dragon’s Hive. From now on he’ll personally take part in the battle against Moon WILL.Apparently Muge Zolbados also has appeared, but now there’s a bigger problem, because a massive surge of Getter Rays has been detected on Earth!

Back on the Ikaruga, there’s SRW forgiveness all round, as the welcome Chirico back to the team. C.C asks Shako whether he sees her as an enemy, but he doesn’t hold anything against her since Wiseman is now gone.

Zero asks C.C. what she’ll do now that she’s free and has regained her memories and she says that she’ll stick around for now. Besides, he has pizza. Zero says she’s welcome to stay and looks forward to her support in the future. C.C. than thinks that she’s glad she met Lelouch and the others and had it not been for him she would have made a mistake by giving her code to Charles

Chirico tells Fyana that he has decided to stay though he doesn’t want her to fight. Fyana tells him that his battles are also hers and that she will fight alongside him to see this through. Chirico’s friends get in on their little romantic moment and tell the two of them to just get a room and that Chirico better take responsibility and not abandon Fyana again.

Strategy Corner

Okay first up. If you’re going for the SR Point AND want the Mark of the Brave, make sure Shako has 9 movement so you can pick it up on the first turn. Don’t move your guys too far forward, because you’ll want some of the enemies to move up so he’s actually in range to attack something in the next turn.

Chirico and the Bloodsuckers can’t do much against flying units so keep that in mind. Chirico’s only got one attack that can hit air, and that’s his weakest one, meanwhile the Bloodsuckers Assault Compact has a C rating against air so it won’t do that much damage.

The rest of the stage (both parts) are pretty straightforward. Confuse is your best friend, and use the “damage and counterattack” strategy to maximize kills. You’ll need to leave 9 weakened so that the Scopedog Squad can easily get their quota for the SR Point.

In the second part of the stage, you also have the opportunity to get the Black Scopedog with the double missile launchers as a secret unit. The conditions are that Chirico must have 70 kills by the end of the stage, and Chirico and Fyana must get at least 3 kills each. If you fulfill the condiitons the Missile Scopedog will be added in the intermission.


Dick for storyline translations

BQR for mentioning the MotB secret

Shoutouts to Incognito for the Heavyarms X Leopard Destroy idea. Hope you like it!

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  1. Dick

    You’re gonna love the Shin Mazinger Z Finale when you get there… Count Brockon’s banter with the ZEXIS girls is hilarious.

    See that you did two updates at once.

  2. Incognito

    YES! YES! YES!

    While truth be told, it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking*, I still enjoyed the extravagant display of dakka and (Macross) missile massacres courtesy of two gatling-equipped Gundams! 😀

    Looking forward to the rest of your Saisei-hen walkthrough/let’s play. Keep up the good work!

    (* – More along the lines of the H-Arms and the Leopard covering each other with alternating support attacks… Oh well, the arranged battle was awesome anyway.)

    P.S.: The aerial punching finale from the Scopedog Team(?) had me in stitches. XD

  3. Kaze Koichi

    That’s what I get for using a dated walkthrough for tactical advice. Even with movement 9, Ru Shako can’t reach the targeted square in one turn due to terrain penalty. The only way around this is to spend PP on move +1 skill, which is probably do not worth it.

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