Stage 42 – Abnormality


Alto gets Attack Again and I pump his skill to make it viable

Kira, Kallen, Duo and Shinn gets E-Save. Amuro gets Hit and Away so he can better utilize his funnels

DX gets a full upgrade and gets +150 EN

Despite the long list of recent fuckups, such as failing to obtain the Zero System, the loss of Anew, and being defeated at every single encounter, Ribbons isn’t concerned at all. Instead, he’s interested in the Perfect Soldier Program, Quent, and Wiseman, who’s been a recent thorn in his side.Regene isn’t quite sure about their ‘alliance’ with Grace, but Ribbons says he lets her do what she wants because their goals are the same.

ZEXIS try to relax a bit after the Vajra assault in the previous mission. They talk about the crew on Earth who are dealing with Dr. Hell, and the Artificial Moon which Zero ordered them to investigate.Oh yeah, they’re wondering where the fuck Chirico is, since he’s gone AWOL after his duel with Ypsilon back at the Geass Directorate.

第42話: 異能者
Stage 42: Abnormality

SR Point – Defeat all enemies before Chirico reaches the marked point

The A-Laws have gathered around the Artificial Moon and they plan to wrestle control of it first. With the technology it bears not even Celestial Being or the Gundams would be able to stand in their way. Before he can gloat at his force being the first here the Captain is told that enemies are approaching. He quickly knows that signature, it’s ZEXIS! What are they doing here?! The signature is ZEXIS but it’s just a lone Scopedog – Chirico! Chirico wants answers and feels that he will learn everything if he goes to that Artificial Moon. The Captain demands to know what the hell is going on, only a single Scopedog? Before he can collect himself he’s told that the rest of ZEXIS is arriving on the scene too.

Chirico is too heading to the moon for answers, and Zero gives the order to ZEXIS to cover him while he makes his way there.

Turn 1

Now that is a lot of fucking AT’s. Chirico can move 7 squares a turn, assuming he doesn’t take a pit stop to kill somebody, it means we have around 4 turns to destroy everything.

First up, Confuse from Zero.

Garrod powers up and charges the enemy line, getting 2 kills

End of turn 1. 10 kills, but the abundance of asteriods is slowing down most of my forces.

About 5 or 6 guys at the south chase Chirico insstead of going for ZEXIS

My, that’s a big gun you got there

It’s a freaking MASSACRE in the enemy phase, with 15 kills going down. The enemy AT’s only have 5000ish HP which means most if not all my guys can one shot them.

Turn 2

I get to try out the Valkyrie’s MDE MAP attack, which is a post movement with 1 square radius.

Most of the guys who moved forward to deal with my guys get wiped out easily.

CA comes in handy, as does the Assault seishin, which makes all attacks Post movement (once per cast). This lets guys like Amuro get some massive range going,

End of turn 2 and we’re at 41 kills and all that’s left to do for the SR point is to deal with the small army that went after Chirico.

Chirico does take out a few in the enemy phase.

Turn 3

I lost the screeenshot, but it’s Just 3 AT’s left, and they are quickly mopped up.

And SR Point GET!

Chiba confirms that all ATs are defeated and none have reached the Artificial Moon. Chirico than rushes over but is surprised when his Scopedog malfunctions as it approaches the Artificial Moon and he gets dragged down.

Both A-LAWS and White Fang show up with, at the West and South respectively.

Millardo arrives with his army of mobile dolls which catches Heero, Noin, and Quattro by surprise. Millardo says that he will obtain the technology of Quent for White Fang and that he will settle things with Heero and crush the A-Laws. Amuro demands to know what Millardo is doing but he tells Amuro that he’s doing what needs to be done. Heero asks Millardo if he’s following the future that Epyon has shown him and if he will oppose the world Relena is trying to create. Millardo says yes and that he will with Heero saying that Wing Zero has shown him a different future and he will fight to make Relena’s ideals into a reality.

I send Heero and Kallen down south to deal with White Fang.

Meanwhile the rest of my guys deal with A-LAWS. Loran goes for a Moonlight Butterfly MAP attack which I have to spend some SP on my guys to avoid getting squashed.

Quatre and Lockon team up to take down Louise. She drops a Sniper Kit.

Quattro downs Andrei.

And Garrod takes out Revive.

Lockon pulverizes Healing.

Poor Bushido can’t bust through Tieria’s GN Field.

End of turn 3. Most of the A-LAWS forces were dealt with, leaving Bushido nearly dead and a few stragglers.

Amuro gets his 70th kill and becomes and ACE in the enemy phase. Newtype weapons get +1 range and he gets +20 skill.

Turn 4

Bushido is finally finished off by Michel

And the rest of A-LAWS are wiped out

That just leaves White Fang at the south.

I use a combination of Twin Buster Rifles and MDE Warheads to quickly take out the Virgo II’s.

Zechs is finished off with a Hot Blooded Radiation Fist

In the Artificial Planet thingy, things go all weird…

Chirico enters Wiseman’s chambers, where he communicates via a series of flashing lights. Wiseman explains that Chirico’s life up to this moment was to groom him to become his successor as ruler of the Astragius galaxy. Suddenly everything makes sense to Chirico and explains his piloting skills surpassing Fyana and Ypiloson despite them being PS’s, his ability to survive certain death situation on a constant basis, and why he always felt different. Wiseman reveals that this is Chirico’s destiny which Chirico accepts.


ZEXIS explains his destiny as the ‘son of god’ to ZEXIS, who really aren’t that impressed. It turns out that Wiseman has been manipulating events in the galaxy for thousands of years and soon Chirico will inherit that.He’s off to Quent, where it turns out Wiseman is hidden all along, and there Chirico will receive his godlike powers from Wiseman himself.

A Zone-like event occurs which is Wiseman’s doing. Zero orders Ohgi to quickly retrieve Fyana and Chirico’s friends and that they need to leave immediately. As the Artificial Moon is devoured in a bright light ZEXIS and the A-Laws make their escape with Fyana screaming for Chirico.

Post scenario everyone is confused/shocked/pissed at why Chirico would do such a thing.

Ru Shako contacts Zero, and asks him to meet him on Quent. He wants to talk to Meiji, an oracle of sorts who predicted that a ‘child of god’ would walk the land one day to decide the fate of the galaxy.Well, we’re off to Quent to slap some sense into Chirico then!


Akurasu Wiki and Dick for storyline translations.


This is an extremely convoluted stage if you can’t read Japanese or haven’t watched VOTOMs. This is essentially a turning point in the series, where the true nature of Chirico’s powers as a PS and connection to Wiseman is revealed.

For more info, I suggest reading MAHQ’s episode summaries or the summary on Akurasu.

Strategy Corner

This is another long stage with plenty of enemies to destroy. Note that Chirico will probably take around 5-6 turns in reality to reach the marked point, due to the crappy asteroids. The asteroids will also affect your team, so equip some S-adapter or Thruster Modules on those who are especially slow.

The enemy AT’s only have 5000 or so HP so, even with no upgrades, your team should be able to deal with them quite easily. If not, use the damage and counterattack strategy, in order to maximize kills during the enemy phase. Confuse will also be a good bang for your buck, since there are tons of enemy units.

One the initial enemies are cleared, A-LAWS and White Fang will appear with yet another massive army to destroy, but there’s no time limit after that, so dealing with them is pretty straightforward. Again, be sure to use Confuse when there are alot of enemies on screen.

Keep in mind that Epyon’s defense skyrockets as it’s HP lowers, so save yourself some trouble and destroy it with a Hot Blood attack that can bypass most of it’s HP.

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