Stage 41 – Triangular


Crowe and Apollo become Aces in the intermission via sub orders. Apollo gets +20 morale at the start of each map (wow) while Crowe gets 25% extra money for killing enemies as well as an extra 10% damage boost when above 130 morale.

Zero gets E-save and support attack so other people can take advantage of his cheap attacks.

Kouji and Apollo get E-save as well.

Heero gets attack again. I should’ve given this to him much earlier, as the Zero System gives him a nice skill boost, letting the skill activate more often.

All isn’t well in Japan and Dr. Hell is clearly up to no good since he’s been unchecked for so long. Kouji wants to return to deal with this threat and it doesn’t help that the life of his mother may be endangered. However there are also arising problems within the Frontier Fleet which requires immediate ZEXIS aid. It is decided than that ZEXIS will split up to deal with these issues with Zero and Kallen opting to head to space alongside Chirico. Crowe has the choice to help Kouji deal with Dr. Hell or help the Frontier Fleet, Crowe decides that he wouldn’t mind heading back to the Frontier Fleet for a bit.

– Dick (via Akurasu)

Alto is visiting Sheryl who is recovering from her illness. Things aren’t getting better for her but she tells Alto not to worry and that she’ll be fine. Alto than asks her if she’s really okay and that they’re returning the Frontier Fleet with Zero. Sheryl says she is, Alto than reveals that Ranka is supposed to be having a concert and he feels that Sheryl should be there since she’s the Galactic Fairy/Angel but she tells him that whether she sings or not she’s still Sheryl. Despite that Alto says that he wants her there and she says that she will go because it is what he, Alto, wants.


Time for round 2 of upgrades. The Fire Bomber Valkyrie gets FUB and gets +2 to movement and +40 mobility

Alto’s Messiah gets +400 to all it’s weapons

Turn A gets +100 EN and Large EN Regen (!!!)

Justice and Freedom get +400 Damage to combo attacks

The Frontier crew is glad to be back within their home space after such a long absence though this isn’t time to go hit the bars and get wasted. They’re here to deal with the Vajra, speaking of Vajra Sumuragi has high expectations for Klan and her Pixies as well as Michel who will be working with Klan to remain on guard for when Ranka sings and lures the Vajra to the fleet. Sumuragi than takes her leave and Klan is alone with Michel who aren’t exactly pleased with this plan at all. However Michel tells Klan that everything will work out just fine when he notices her worry.

Sheryl confronts Grace who pretends to be glad to see Sheryl. This causes Sheryl to tell Grace that there’s no use pretending and she’s furious that it was Grace that sabotaged her career. Grace humors Sheryl who demands to know why Grace did such a thing and why she called for help since she’s planning something. Grace questions when Sheryl grew a spine and says that Zero is an interesting man who has his uses. Speaking of which Grace recalls that Sheryl was just a little girl living in the GALAXIES when she picked her up for the Fairy 9 project. So really, Grace made her and once Sheryl could no longer put out she discarded her. Which is no real loss considering that Sheryl is easily replaceable.

In fact she has already had other pawns, like Ranka, already playing to her tune and unlike Sheryl they can actually produce results. Grace than reveals that Sheryl suffers from a terminal V-Type Infection and that soon enough she will die from it. Sheryl says that Grace is lying but she tells Sheryl that she knows she speaks the truth. Surely Sheryl knows that her “Illness” isn’t normal and that no matter how many times she goes to the hospital nothing ever changes, that’s because her illness is fatal. Now Sheryl would be wise to remember her place and not get in her way…
-Dick (via Akurasu)

I can only guess what’s going on here, but the crew go to see Ranka at a concert on Island 1.

On the roof, Sheryl comments that Ranka was on a beautiful stage. Alto asks her if she’s reconsidered her choice to stop singing, and she begins to fall. He catches her in his arms and tells her that if she doesn’t sing, her songs can’t reach people. As a former actor, Alto says he can tell the difference between a real and a fake. Just then, Ranka runs out of the stairwell (who wants to confess her love to him) and sees them.

-Chris Guanche, MAHQ


第41話: トライアングラー
Stage 41: Triangular

Suddenly the concert hall comes under seige by the Vajra! Ranka blames herself for the attack, since it looks like her singing has an attraction effect to the Vajra.

Klan goes to get Macronized for the battle. But before that, she professes her love to Michel.

Things go awry when the Vajra invade the chamber where she’s under going the process. Michel ‘sacrifices’ himself to save her.

Turn 1

And now we have cute and pissed off Armoured Klan to play with!

It’s Klan vs 8 Vajra, so hit that Concentrate and just go in.

End of turn 1.

Turn 2

It’s just a matter of hitting Concentrate again and putting her in a good place to take out all the rest of the Vajra this turn.

End of turn 2. The Vajra have a maximum range of 6, and she’s just outside that range so the remainder will have to move in to attack her.

Klan gets ACEd during the enemy phase. When she’s next to Michel, he gets a 100% crit rate. But wait, isn’t he supposed to be dead?

The last enemy goes down as planned.

Once Klan kills all the Vajra her bloodlust is still running and she wants to kill more Vajra to avenge Michel. She’s than contacted by Luca who tells her to pull out and to meet up with ZEXIS because there’s a huge Vajra force that’s preparing to attack which gets Klan to comply. She than thinks that she’ll kill as many Vajra as she can for Michel. Back on the Frontier ship Luca discusses what he has learned and that he can’t return yet because of his investigation,

Luca comes up with a plan for dealing with the Vajra; The team will relocate to Island 3, where Ranka will sing to attract the Vajra forces there. Once they are all gathered, Island 3 will be separated from the fleet and Luca will detonate ‘Little Girl’, a new fold bomb that was developed by LAI, to destroy all the Vajra forces.

Turn 1…Part 2

Time for part 2! ZEXIS have stationed themselves outside the building on Island 3 where Ranka is singing.There’s going to be a lot of things to kill in this stage so I’m going to deploy guys who still need to get ACEd.

Lacus confronts Grace and accuses her of plotting this entire thing. Grace says that Lacus is pretty smart but how could Grace have planned for all this? Besides, shouldn’t Lacus be out there supporting ZEXIS who will deal with the Vajra anyway? Lacus says that Grace wont have her way but Grace says that she already has and there’s nothing Lacus can do about it and that she already has plans on dealing with ZEXIS. Alto than rejoins ZEXIS and Ozma gives him words of encouragement and says not to make Ranka cry.

SR Point – Defeat 100 enemies by the end of turn 4. There’s also a hard limit of doing this by turn 6, and we also have to prevent any Vajra from entering the marked point

Here’s the map.

Right off the bat, Camille gets a kill and becomes an ACE. He gets a 1.2x damage boost when counterattacking and +20% to critical rate.

Since there’s a ton of enemies, I hit Roybea’s Confuse in order to help counter the continuous dodge penalty a bit

Kallen is the new Setsuna, with her Radiation Fist obliterating everything in one hit. Her CA activates and I send her to the south end of the map.

End of turn 1.

After 20 or so kills, another enemy wave spawns

Turn 2

24 kills so far.

Basara clears up the left side a bit with a MY FRIENDS MAP attack.

Kira gets 4 kills with his Super Dragoons, bringing in the next set of reinforcements at 40 kills.

Loran gets in position for a Moonlight Butterfly MAP attack, squashing 2 Vajra

At 65 kills, the next wave appears…

And finally at the end of turn 2, we’re at 66 kills.

Turn 3

Turn 3…81 kills. Which means this batch of enemies on screen now is the final lot.

The last Vajra goes down..

SR Point GET!

Hay guys I’m not dead

And the map ends with a full retreat, as the fold bomb goes off and destroys Island 3.

Basara and ZEXIS ask Alto how he’s holding up and that he should go see Ranka. Alto demands to know what Basara is implying by that which gets Basara angry who tells Alto that Ranka was hurting when she was singing. Alto rightly demands to know what he can do about it and Basara says that she’s hurting because of Alto and that he needs to go see her. This gets Alto by surprise as Basara continues to berate Alto, Gamlin than intervenes before Alto and Basara break out into a brawl.
Basara demands that Gamlin stay out of this but Gamlin tells Basara that he doesn’t understand the situation so it’s wrong of him to make such demands. Gamlin than tells Basara that he needs to go soak his head which Basara heads out to do though he’s still angry. Alto is surprised Gamlin came to his defense but it’s explained that song is very important to Basara and that he can understand the true feelings of a singer just by how they sing.
Gamlin than tells Alto that Basara is right and Alto should go see Ranka about what happened however he wont force Alto to since Alto is a man so he can make his own decisions. Talk than turns to Sheryl’s condition and later that Grace is up to something but they can’t say what yet. Whatever the case this gives Alto something to think about.

Cathy says that ZEXIS was truly a pawn of Grace and that they should watch out for her. However they can’t stick around since the chaos of the Vajra attack has lead to heighten security and that they can’t locate Grace. Furthermore Cathy is worried about the information she has gathered on Leon and that he may have started his coup already. It does seem too coincidental that the Vajra attacked like they did and that ZEXIS was almost taken out when they finished clearing the Vajra.
Whatever the case there’s no use worrying about any of this and Cathy tells Alto and Michel that they’re being equipped with MDE’s now. Michel wonders if this is really necessary and asks what MDE’s even are. Cathy assures them that they’re going to need all the firepower they can get and that the MDE’s have exceeded all expectations. Cathy than goes on to explain exactly what MDE’s are(They use Fold Particles extracted from dead Vajra) and why she feels justified in allowing them to be used(They are like nukes when used on Vajra). Michel relents though Amuro is worried about the use of pseudo-nukes. Alto on the other hand will use what’s given to him but his mind is thinking of something else, Ranka and Sheryl. Sheryl is observing the destruction and feels powerless since she couldn’t do anything to prevent it and isn’t confident that she can return to singing after all.

Sheryl is observing the destruction and feels powerless since she couldn’t do anything to prevent it and isn’t confident that she can return to singing after all.

Strategy Corner

This is a pretty straightforward stage, where your main goal is to just kill the 100 Vajra as fast as possible. Basara and guys with MAP attacks like Wing Zero/Turn A will come in extremely handy here.

Be sure to use Confuse if there are a lot of enemies on stage prior to ending your turn, as it will help counter Continuous Dodge penalty a bit.


Armoured Klan! But in the ultimate troll act by Banpresto, she has some of the best animations in the game and we only get to use her for HALF a stage. Why couldn’t they have made her an unlockable secret unit?


Thanks to Dick for providing storyline translations.

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  1. Dick

    Man I really need to rewatch Macross and VOTOMs for that matter.

  2. Dick

    For the Kira scene I believe it’s the one where Shinn is asking Kira to say “love words” or something to Lacus since she’s depressed that Ranka is going to be used as bait. Kira isn’t good with love words and Lunamaria says that Shinn isn’t good with them either so he’s one to talk. Thus Kira is just like Shinn after all.

  3. YJ

    Thanks, do you remember the general idea for this stage? Like why are they trying to summon the Vajra?

  4. KingPJ

    Isnt it because they noticed that ranka’s voice disrupts the vajra’s defensives lines in the battlefield? Making easy for the macross crew to kill them.

  5. YJ

    Yeah but they appear inside Island 1? Isn’t that a bit counter productive?

  6. YJ

    Nvm, found the episode synopsis

    Will update the stage soon.

  7. Incognito

    I see you’ve deployed both the Heavyarms (Kai?) and Leopard Destroy on this stage. Nice… 😀

    So…are you gonna do that support attack scenario with those two units in a future stage*? (As well as get it recorded on video for a YT upload?)

    (*- Preferably in a breather stage so you can take it a little easy…provided there are more breather stages after this one. 😉 )

  8. YJ

    I have Heavyarms X Leopard Destroy penned for Stage 43. I’m actually working on the video right now, and it should be out next week hopefully.

    I hope it’s what you’re looking for 🙂 Pressure’s on!

  9. Dick

    My summaries of the later stages are still a work in progress and as you can see I’ve finally arrived back to the 40s(Which means I gotta redo my old summary for the Japan/Frontier route split). I need to really cover what the non-OG characters are doing in the Esther centric stages(45-47) and 47 is incomplete.

  10. Owen

    Are you a fan of ranka’s? Well I sure am and by the looks of it you look like one too!
    Nice update, like the Armored Klan screenies there, most fluid animation IMO.

    Looking forward to stage 56 (was it?) Macross finale!
    Nice work, update soon! (Dying to see your next chapter, personally unfortunately on normal route T.T

  11. Dick

    He said he was going IF Route so the Final Macross Stages would be Stage 57 and 58/

  12. Zera

    so, is michel surviving automatic or no?

  13. YJ

    I believe it’s automatic.

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