Stage 40 – Singing, but for Who?


Trowa becomes an ACE via Sub Orders, and he gets +15% to evasion as well as +1 range to all non MAP attack weapons

Gravion gets FUB, and now grants adjacent units 10% EN Regen.

Dancouga Nova gets +100 EN and +1 movement.

Gurren Lagann gets +1 Movement and +150 EN

Somewhere in an Area 11 prison, Nunnally is having a conversation with Kallen, when Suzaku shows up.

Since Kallen is being rather uncooperative, he wants to use Refrain on her to confirm that Lelouch has regained his memories and is Zero. He stops at the last second though, disgustingly realizing that would put him on the same level as Zero.

One maid ninja does arrive to help her out though.

第40話: 歌え、誰かのために
Stage 40: Singing, but for Who?

Turn 1

And today I take the B-team’s B-team. A whole bunch of guys who I never use or are like 5 levels or under my main force.

Defeat all enemies by the end of turn 3 player phase

Basara takes point.

End of turn 1. Accel on absolutely everyone that has it, but Basara was the only one close enough to be in range.

And of course he gets a ton of kills during the enemy phase.

Turn 2

Tetsujin hits like a grown man! (Well with Bravery on)

The rest of my guys charge into the Vajra horde

Meanwhile Basara’s MY FRIENDS post movement MAP (times 2) nets him a whole lot more kills

With all of my guys having CA, clearing these guys is a breeze.

End of turn 2, with just 4 enemies to go.

Turn 3

The rest are cleaned up easily.

SR Point GET!

Aand a huge mobile doll army shows up at the west side.

Orson shows up, granting the Orgus the Orgus Combination attack.

We have 5 turns to destroy the MD army. No sweat right?

After a few kills there’s an event.

A ton of DMs show up on the east side!

Dermail tries to make a run for it, but the Gigamon just fucking eats him.

Sayoko has busted Kallen from prison, and she arrives in her spanking new Guren SEITEN Eight Elements.

The rest of the gang gets a nice morale boost.

Here’s the map now.

I use Tieria and Watta’s CA to put them next to Basara…

Time for some Hot Blooded DYNAMITE EXPLOSION

And here’s the situation now at the end of turn 3…my forces are split in half, and the MD army has been 1/2 destroyed.

Kei gets targeted over and over, eventually his luck runs out and he gets raped by a random MD. Luckily his event is already over and there’s no game over.

Turn 4

For once, the crazy RNG works in my favour, showing more mercy than mercy.

Basara gets to work again, with a Hot Blood DYNAMITE EXPLOSION MAP taking out 3 DMs and giving Kallen THE POWER

At level 52, Kallen learns Hot Blood, which means MOAR RADIATION PWNAGE

The MD army is wiped out, leaving 2 DMs left.

And the Gigamon is punched in the nuts, ending the stage.

There’s some kind of distortion, causing a shit-ton of Images to appear, but Eureka wards them out somehow

To top it off, Marilyn appears, and snatches Eureka right out of Renton’s clutches

Strategy Corner

With three turns to clear the initial Vajra for the SR Point, the few key tactics are:

  • Bring Basara, whose attacks will one shot most Vajra. Combine this with his Battriod mode My Friends MAP attack and he will clear out the place by himself easily. If you charge him into the pack, make sure he’s in Battriod mode as well, since he has far more range than in Valkyrie mode.
  • Naturally, guys with big MAP attacks like Wing Zero and Turn A will also rule here, assuming you can boost them to the required morale on turn 1. You can use parts or their seishin to do this (Heero has the +30 morale seishin)
  • Use Confuse to increase your real’s chances of survival.


With the conclusion of this stage, I’m finally 2/3 through the game! The last few updates have been done pretty quick, but we’re reaching the pointy end of the game, and with all the finales starting soon, I’ll be sure to make the arranged battles as epic as I can.

Back on the stage, we finally get the beastly Guren SEITEN Eight Elements, and the Orguss finally gets it’s combo attack with Orson.

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  1. Dick

    Aren’t we all glad that Banpresto cut out a lot of Kallen’s captivity time?

  2. YJ

    Indeed. I wish the SEITEN had one or two more attacks though :S

  3. Dick

    It should have but they spent the Code Geass budget on Suzaku even though he joins for less than 10 stages while Kallen is with you for nearly the entire game in both z2.1 and z2.2.

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