Stage 39 – The Forbidden Successor


After the short route split we’ve got some more new toys. Daitarn 3 has joined up, Viral was added as a pilot to the Guren Lagann and the Gallier Walker has the awesome ICBM toss back.

Some of the grunts like Asahina, Chiba and Luna finally get CA too.

Mazinger Z gets FUB and now has EN regen (M)

The Scopedog gets +1 Movement aand +30 to Crit

And the last of the 00 crew, Cherudim gets all its attack ranges boosted by 2.

Not sure about the exact conversation, but Zero reveals himself as Lelouch to Chirico. Chirico does not give a fuck.Apparently this only happens if Shirley was saved.

Meanwhile at the secret Geass Order base…

第39話: 禁断の継承者
Stage 39: The Forbidden Successor

Turn 1

We only get a 12 unit deploy, with half the cast being fixed 🙁 In this case I take all the guys with new weapons I want to try out, and Setsuna/Alle as ‘insurance’.

Defeat all enemies then the Strike Dog by Turn 3. It will retreat when under 8000 HP.

I abuse my level 99 C.C, Confuse and manage to take down 10 guys by the end of the turn.

Example of Alle’s bullshit movement speed

Another 4 enemies taken down during the counterattack, Ypsilon heads straight for Chirico but can’t reach him.

Turn 2

At the start of turn 2 there’s a short event. Rolo and Jeremiah join up, and Asahina gets suspicious now that we’ve got a high ranking Britannian working for us. (Sorry I lost the map screenshot :()

The remaining mooks are cleaned up…

To avoid any hassle, I use Setsuna to BBQ Ypsilon with a Hot Blooded Raiser SWOOOOOORD

SR Point GET!

Ypsilon runs, and Zero allows Chirico to pursue him.

Meanwhile V.V finally shows himself, in the Siegfried that Jeremiah used to pilot, along with 4 mooks.

Who are easily dispatched.

And another Hot Blooded Raiser Sword for V.V

End of turn 2.

Turn 4

Turn was skipped because I had to get Jiron in position for…

some ICBM goodness

He drops a Spinal Cord Response Connector and a Barrier Field

Some background on this. Lelouch *hates* Rolo. Well, not quite in this case, but if Shirley died, then he plans on having Rolo die to pay for his crimes.

Things don’t quite go to his plan as Cornelia shows up to off V.V herself.

V.V manages to crawl to the entrance of the Thought Elevator, where Charles is waiting. Lelouch goes to chase him, but is sucked in as well…

Elsewhere, Chirico and Ypsilon are locked in a 1v1 duel.

To avoid him being blown up by Ypsilon’s high hit chance, I just go with casting Attune and counterattacking him in the enemy phase.

Chirico conveniently learns Move Again at level 50, allowing me to finish Ypsilon off in the Player Phase.

He drops a Jijirium Chip.

It looks like Ypsilon’s AT punching days are over.

Post scenario is a Code Geass mindfuck. Lelouch encounters Charles at the Sword of Akasha, where he promptly Geasses him to kill himself. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, since Charles is immortal somehow. And how? Well he takes V.V’s “Code” which kills him, and thus inherits his former immortality too.

C.C appears as well, now wanting Lelouch to finally fulfull her wish. That is, she wants to finally die (by Charles’ taking her Code).
Now we end up in C.C’s head, which resembles some sort of fucked up art gallery. Here we get a flashback to her beginnings. She was a dying peasant girl given the power of Geass by a nun, and her Geass caused people to love her unconditionally.

It was all a ploy by the nun, as she desired to die, eventually giving her Code to C.C by force and making her what she is today.

After a touching monologue from Lelouch, she suddenly rejects Charles’ plan. Lelouch responds by exploding the place.

Back in the real world, Lelouch encounters a shaken C.C, who seems to have reverted to her slave girl self…


Another straightforward Code Geass stage, this time following the events of episode 14/15.

Also you guys might’ve noticed there hasn’t been an arranged battle in a few stages. Well that’s because the finale stages for each of the series are coming up soon and I’m kinda saving my material for them.

Strategy Corner

There are some things you should note about this stage.

First is that Jeremiah and Rolo spawn as reinforcements on turn 2. Rolo will appear at the west, while Jeremiah will appear at the east, RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE THE AT’S ARE. Make sure you send help, since he is in a crappy Sutherland, and the AT’s will not hesitate to rape his Orange ass. Oh it’s game over if he dies too by the way.

The other semi-important thing to note is that Ypsilon will only go for Chirico. You can use terrain to your advantage, but he’ll most likely get the same kind of bonuses while chasing Chirico. 8000 damage shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with Hot Blood (or Basara if you bought him can give Hot Blood via Dynamite Explosion), but if you don’t have Hot Blood, just use a support attack, surround him, analyse for maximum damage.

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  1. Owen

    Nice chapter… And hilarity ensues with luoluoch’s infamous dance till you die.
    I would have personally used wing zero to map the grunts for a fast clear, since they are all in a straight line, all ready to be killed.
    I am not sure if this is true, but the final part AT vs AT was scripted. Cause if you survive enough turns, there will be a scripted finisher battle. Just so you know 😀
    Anyways, nice chapter, updated getting faster (I caught this within the first minute you published 😀

  2. YJ

    Thanks, updates should come pretty fast until stage 41/42, after that I will be doing videos again hopefully.

  3. Owen

    Hehe… Nice to know.

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