Stage 37 – The Galaxy is the Stage


Newcomers means upgrades! First up is Lacus, she gets Hit and Away and +10 starting morale (so we can use METEORs sooner)

Harry, Jamil, Roybea, and Witz all get C.A.

The Shuttle gets SP Regen.

Lockon finally gets Hit & Away as well.

All their respective mecha get upgrades as well

And Arios gets a FUB! It gets +1 movement, and all it’s attacks are converted to Post Movement. I give it the +1 movement bonus for the lulz, giving it a total of 10 movement (and not to mention it now has an 7 range post movement attack mwahahaha!)

第37話: 銀河をステージに
Stage 37: The Galaxy is the Stage

Turn 1

The Vajra horde arrives in full force

Good thing Basara is a forced deployment, which means it’s time for him to get some kills.

SR Point – Defeat all enemies by turn 3

Time to get started, with Accel and Concentrate and start spraying those Vajra with some singing love!

Basara finally learns Hot Blood at level 45.

And before I forget, here’s the map minus the one Vajra I took down already.

End of turn 1.

Basara takes down a few more in the enemy turn, jumping a few more levels in the process.

Turn 2

Basara heads further north to one shot the big Vajra with his orgasmo powers.

The rest of the turn is pretty straightforward.

I’ll mention though that in this stage you finally get Destiny’s Full Weapon Combination Attack back.

And the final Vajra goes down!

SR Point GET!

More show up to the north east…

…as well as a ton of Ghosts, Rhinomons lead by Aim to the north west.

Cue DYNAMITE EXPLOSION! Aim gets transported to a hell where Basara screams DYNAMITE in you face for weeks straight.

Oh and he gets punched by Gamlin in the face on the way out.

Chirico actually APPROVES. Maybe he’s a closet Fire Bomber fan?
Aim and the Vajra retreat, leaving the Ghosts and DMs left.
End of turn 2.

I swear half the Ghost army tries to take down Duo. He gets like 5 or so kills.

The other half goes for Basara who unfortunately can’t do shit.

Turn 3


Kallen gets her ACE, and her bonus gives her 1.1x to her melee attacks.

End of turn 3. With just 6 enemies to go, this should be an easy wrap next turn.

Turn 4

Tifa sluts it up for a Double Satellite Cannon finish. It’s a bit disappointing that the GX doesn’t have a DK animation, but oh well.

I can’t even begin to tell you what happens in the post scenario dialogue, so that’s going to have to wait for a future update.

We get a Fire Bomber Disc for our troubles!


A rather short and uneventful stage, but you do get some new weapons, namely the very awesome DYNAMITE EXPLOSION for Basara and the combination with Gamlin. Basara’s version has the added effect of transferring whatever seishin he has cast on him to allied units, which means Hot Blood for everybody!

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  1. greg

    How do you have over a million gil when in the last stage you showed you used most of your money to upgrade the new units how do you get so much I mostly get about 200k a mission on average changes on some of the larger army mission but how are you getting so much.

  2. greg

    Also do you either know any guides on how exactly sub orders work exactly or info on the items.

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