Stage 34 – White Fang


Tieria gets E-Save and only minor upgrades, since I spent all my money last mission.

While out cold, Setsuna has a minor flashback to his days as a child soldier and is berated by Lockon the 1st to change the world.

In the Ptolemy sickbay, it’s been discovered that the bullet Ali used to shoot Setsuna had the fake GN particles in it (the kind which slowly kill you, and the same thing Lasse is suffering from).

Meanwhile White Fang start their op to take over the Mobile Doll factory.

The Innovators are shocked to learn that White Fang is able to bypass Veda’s information control. Someone was able to destroy Veda’s protection.


第34話: 白き牙
Stage 34: White Fang

Quatro feels a pressure that is similar to Enhaced Humans due to Ribbons/Innovators being nearby. Implying that they’re much closer to Enhanced Humans than Newtypes.


SR Point – By turn 3, defeat all enemies, then the Hyaku Shiki.

Turn 1

Anyway White Fang have been busy at work, now with Vigro II’s that have more than 1 shitty attack.

I charge in using my usual tactic and taking out quite a few Virgo’s.

End of turn 1.

All the Byarlants at the top try to take down Aquarion, but get one punch shotted to bits!

Turn 2

Alle gets 70 kills and is my next ACE. He gets +1 to movement and +20% to evasion.

Tieria joins him as well, getting a rather unusual bonus. He does 1.2x damages to Veda controlled units, and only receives 0.8x damage from them.

Quattro in his outdated Hyaku Shiki doesn’t really put up much of a fight against Amuro.

Sigh, Luna you suck.

The rest of the Dolls go down easily.

And now it’s time to start working on Quattro.

Finally Shin impales his ass and the SR point is mine!

Ribbons on the sidelines has another trick up his sleeve.

And it turns out that Anew is actually an Innovator sleeper agent the whole time DUN DUN DUN

She disables the Ptolemy and manages to escape with data on the Twin Drives.

A whole bunch of stuff happens. She re-launches in her MS, the Gadess along with Ali.

Sick of getting his ass beat down by ZEXIS all the time, Quattro decides to finally rejoin, much to the dissappointment of Millardo, who appears at the south with aonther Mobile Doll army.

Here’s the map now. Note that the Ptolemy can’t move or attack anymore after the Anew event.

Attacking either Anew or Millardo causes an event, which is the first part to saving Anew.

Mr Bushido shows up, wanting a piece of dat Gundam pie.

End of turn 2.

Bushido the honorless, attacking a defenseless ship!

Turn 3

The Dolls manage to clump up in good places, letting Kira get 4 kills with his Dragoon MAP attack.

Ali is despatched by Athruns GUREITO BOOSTA easily after being softened by Aquarion in the previous turn.

Well fuck I really did not expect it to do THAT much damage. Bushido goes down in 1 hit to a Hot Blooded Raiser sword, and that now means that the 2nd phase of saving Anew is done.

Setsuna goes ahead and softens Anew up…

…and letting Lockon finish her off. You have to use his last TRANS-AM attack to down her in order to save her. (only works assuming Setsuna is ACEd).

Crazy naked understanding moment happens.

An event happens where Lockon goes to claim her, but Ribbons does his mind control trick once more.

At this point, Setsuna will shoot her, and if you’ve cleared all the conditions, he’ll not shoot her in the face like he did in the anime and will be saved instead.

Lockon retreats, presumably since he has to go make some love to his woman.

The only thing left to do now is clear the grunts…

And take down Millardo.

I let Jeffrey and the Macross Quarter take the kill, with double XP and cash cast since he hasn’t killed anything lately. He jumps 6 levels to 44.

Arranged Battle Scene

Post scenario Lockon thanks Setsuna for saving Anew (instead of slapping him silly in the anime).

Holy fuck it’s Quattro without his shades.

Celebrations are cut short, as there’s word that a new ZONE has appeared!

Strategy Corner

Yep, Anew is savable/recruitable in this stage. In order to save her:

  • Setsuna must be ACE
  • Once Anew appears, either attack her or Ali once. This will cause Bushido to appear.
  • Defeat Bushido and Ali.
  • Use Lockon to defeat Anew. You must use his final TRANS-AM attack and not the sniping one.
  • If the conditions have been fulfilled, when Setsuna shoots her she will survive.
Also keep in mind that once the Quattro is shot down the Ptolemy will not be able to move any more. If you’re worried about it surviving the enemy reinforcements, you might want to park it in the north side of the map.

Production Notes

Had a really tough time choosing music for this Arranged Battle Scene. Originally I thought Anew and Lyle would have more quotes against each other but this wasn’t the case so it made it rather challenging to include them.

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