Stage 33 – Scattered Light


Time to splash some cash and get some Full Upgrades! Ok first up, the Nu Gundam gets the works. As it’s full upgrade bonus, its Fin Funnel attack gets +400 attack power and 4 extra ammo.

And I give it +1 to movement.

Next up is Destiny, who gets +400 to all melee attacks, and I give it the +1 movement as well.

Wing Zero gets it’s Zero System morale requirement removed.

Seravee gets +1000 to HP and +100 to max EN

Now since the next stage takes place in the air, I equip a Flight Module on Nu Gundam so it can actually launch. My other flight module goes on Heavyarms since I want to level Trowa up a bit.

And of course Amuro gets Continuous Action.

So at the end of the previous stage, the Memento Mori fired off a shot at Africa Tower/Solar Pillar. The effects caused it to destabilize and purge all of it’s mirrors, sending them falling to Earth.

Marie tells Allelujah that she’s planning to launch in the GN Archer, a support unit for the Arios Gundam. Alle objects, since he promised Sergei that he would never let Marie fight, but she says it’s her decision.

第33話: 散りゆく光の中で
Stage 33: Scattered Light

Turn 1

We get 18 units to launch, with Turn A and Arios as forced deployments

That’s a lot of solar panels.

And our goal is to stop them from reaching the bottom of the map. The SR Point is to destroy 100 of these things!

Here’s the map.

The entire team starts at maximum morale, so there’s no need to worry about boosting. Instead I cast Assault on anyone who has it so they can dive straight into the mass of panels.

Amuro and Heero get off to a good start, with Heero getting off a Rolling Buster to take down 2 more panels.

Geeeeez. What got me is that there’s actually two sizes of panels, one with 6K HP and one with 8K HP.

End of turn 1

Turn 2

Basically each turn, the panels will fall 6ish squares towards the bottom of the map. Funnily enough, you can actually block them with your units.

Wing Zero really shines with it’s MAP attacks. Fully upgraded, it can one shot all panels it hits.

I finally manage to unleash Seravee’s GNHW MAP attack as well.

After 20 kills, there’s an event.

More panels appear, and Sumeragi sends a general distress call for anyone around TO HELP THE FUCK OUT OR DIE

The crazy cat lady shows up with a bunch of DMs to troll.

Sergei, Andrei, Colasaur, Millard Peacecraft all show up to help.

Kira gets in on the MAP attack action on the right side, but his Dragoon’s power is a bit low to destroy anything.

Setsuna goes straight for the money and whacks Marilyn for 20K with a Hot Blooded Raiser Sword.

Meanwhile Amuro and Shinn start damaging that Gigamon.

End of turn 3.

Sergei is such a boss in that Tieren.

NPCs do their thing, Millard, Sergei and Andrei actually manage to get some kills.

But it seems the Gigamon has a taste for young, blonde, annoying women and proceeds to NOM NOM NOM Louise.

She respawns as ZOMBIE LOUISE, now 100 times more annoying and useless.

Turn 3

Turn 3, and we’re at 41 kills, though some of them are DMs.

A few more map attacks go off.

Setsuna wins with Connect 6!

Garrod! How could you!

Trowa downs Marilyn with a little help from Lockon.

More Heero MAPpage!

First time trying out Arios’ GN Archer attack. It’s one of the better done animations in the game.

After another 20 or so panel kills, Loran decides to be useful and UNLEASH THE BEAST

For breaking his promise on not using Gekkachou, Loran’ll accept whatever punishment Diana Sorell gives him when they meet again. Setsuna could hear a song, while Saji couldn’t. Basara also hears it and says it’s a nice song. A transmission with Diana Sorell begins. Knowing that Loran will feel bad for breaking his promise with her, she says she’s proud of him for having that much resolve to release the seal on Gekkachou and that giving him the White Doll was the right choice. He should have pride, for he understands the most important thing and use the White Doll in the right way.


Here’s the map now.

Shinn finally hits ACE, and he gets +20% to evasion and 1.1x damage multiplier.

Aquarion sends the Gigamon to the moon! By accident actually, he was supposed to weaken him down for someone else to kill but got too carried away with Attack again 🙁

End of turn 3.

Your father’s light saber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in OZ. Before the dark times… before the A-LAWS.

Unlike Louise, Colasaur does not respawn when blown up. Cute.

Turn 4

Tieria cleans up the right side with GNHW. Lockon and Garrod had Invincible cast so they don’t get blown up!

ZZzzzzzz…hebebee….map attack…..zzzzzzz….STELLLAAA

After a long fight, I finally manage to get the 100 solar panel kills and the SR Point!

End of turn 4. Just 2 solar panels left and 1 DM.

One of which Andrei ninja’s

Turn 5

Loran takes his Turn A and proceeds to crap all over the final DM with pretty butterfly wings

And lastly, Camille takes out the last panel.

With the area now clear, Millard leaves.

Hay guys what did I miss

Andrei sniffs Hercules the traitor and takes him out.

Not only that, the guy shoots down his own father, who happens to be one of the most awesome characters in the series. WHAT A DICK

Schnezel was the master mind of the coup d’etat on the tower. He wants to overthrow A-Laws. and he thinks a force like Treize is needed in order to do so.


Back at the ruins of the Africa Tower, Setsuna runs into Ali Al Saachez, who reveals his ‘sponsor’ is none other than Ribbons himself.

Ribbons tells Setsuna that he was the pilot of the original 0 Gundam, which at the time saved Setsuna as a kid soldier in the battlefield. Ribbons was supposed to eliminate all witnesseses to the event, but the way at which Setsuna gazed at him pretty much gave him the god-complex which he has now. He also reveals he was responsible for Setsuna’s selection as a Gundam Meister, by entering his name into Veda.

He’s not interested in Setsuna though, he just wants the Twin Drive and the Zero System. Setsuna refuses, and Ali shoots him.

Elsewhere, Millard invites Quattro to fight with him in White Fang’s upcoming operation.


A pretty straightforward stage, where MAP attacks will obviously dominate. It’s also a really good opportunity to rack up Aces since there’s so much stuff to kill.

Sorry guys, no arranged battle scene for this stage! ZEXIS vs the evil solar panels of doom wouldn’t exactly make for an interesting video.


Zeiro for storyline translations.

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