Stage 32 – Assault on Memento Mori

Intermission #1

Route split time! But before that some usual subordering so we can get the maximum value from the split.

Sumeragi gets SP Regen.

E-Save for Setsuna so he can keep spamming those attacks.

The team decides to split in two to deal with A-LAWS new satellite cannon thingy, the Memento Mori. Basically the Super Robots will stay on Earth to create a distraction while all the high mobility Gundams, etc will go into space to destroy it.

Time for Crowe to make his choice. Top choice to stay on Earth, bottom choice to head to space.

Naturally, I choose space.

Intermission #2

Woo double the cash!

Some general upgrades to go around, especially Celestial Being. I am saving my cash though, because someone rather important shows up on this stage.

Before the mission starts, Lockon declares his love for Anew, lest Pierre or Michel snipe her first.

At the Africa Solar Tower, Hercules has seized control of it, his plans to show the world how horribad the A-LAWS are.

Amuro now understands what Ribbons wants to do after firing Mementomori. Ribbons comments on his Newtype power, but Amuro says he doesn’t even need his Newtype to know such things. Amuro’s angry that Ribbons doesn’t care about the lost lives on the Mementomori incident. When asked if he can’t feel the light of hatred of those lives through his Quantum Brainwaves, Ribbons only says that those people can’t use those brainwaves. Amuro says that Ribbons is neither an innovator or human. Ribbon attemps to kill Amuro, but he uses his Newtype powers. Amuro says the one who will shoot Ribbons won’t be him, but the True Innovator.


And then Furuya’s voice achieves recursion, providing an ample distraction for Amuro to escape.

Meanwhile the Earth Government have sent Sergei to negotiate with Hercules (they are old war friends), where Hercules briefs Sergei on the atrocities that A-LAWS have commited.

第32話: メメントモリ攻略戦
Stage 32: Assault on Memento Mori

Celestial Being arrive on the scene!

Iain mentions that he’s equipped the Celestial Being Gundams with their GN Heavy Weapsons. BUT WHERE’S MY NORMAL GN SWORD III ATTACK IAN???

SR Point – Defeat all enemies then have the Ptolemy reach the marked square by end of turn 5.

Turn 1

Here’s the map. For now we only start with CB.

Ok first up. The Ptolemy is 30 squares from the Memento Mori, and can only move 6 squares a turn. So without any interruptions, it means it will arrive on time, but ONLY if the enemy doesn’t cock block you on the way. So it’s best to use Accelerate for a turn or 2 to guarantee you’ll reach there on time.

Setsuna suicide activate!

At level 47 he learns Hot Blood. Meaning it’s GG for the A-LAWs.

End of turn 1. Defensive seishin cast on everybody, Accel cast on the Ptolemy and all move up as far as they can.

Time to test out some GN Heavy Weapons. Lockon gets 2 new attacks, one is a sniping attack which uses EN instead of ammo.

Allelulah gets a 3-7 range snipe as well WTF?

OMG Allelujah gets shot down! This is unacceptable and calls for a reset.

Reloading, the mission goes a bit smoother. A couple of lucky crits means an event occurs during the enemy turn (I think 6 or so kills triggers the event? If not, then on turn 3) :S

Ribbon’s otaku club show up

Devine in his Empruss heads straight for the Ptolemy…ANEW! OH NOES


He proceeds to slap Devine around with some Funnels.

Setsuna racks up a TON of kills at the frontline.

Devine gets BBQed hard by the Raiser Sword in the counterattack, but not enough to finish him off.

Ahh yes the Nu Gundam punchy attack. I love you.

(I forgot to take down Healing’s conversation with Amuro, but he was angry that “Amuro was flirting with Ribbons”. Innovators are gays!)

Turn 2

The Macross Quarter arrives, along with 18 units as reinforcements.

It looks seriously bad at this point. For the A-LAWS that is.

With most of the enemies weakened by CB, it’s easy pickings for the reinforcements.

Before I blow Devine up, there’s a special conversation between Amuro and each of the Innovators.

Lockon’s new TRANS-AM – Fuck the sniper rifle, WE GOING IN THEREEE

Devine drops an E-Carbon Armour.

End of turn 2. It’s just the 7 carriers, 1 Ahead, 1 GN-XIII, Revive and Healing left.

One Balkai sunk!

Turn 3

Shinn impales Revive, sending him packing.

Heero destroys another carrier, gets into a good position for a MAP attack which damages another 2 (not pictued :S)

Athrun takes down Healing.

Allelujah gets a lucky crit and takes out another carrier.

Setsuna shaves 14K off Lindt’s own carrier.

End of turn 3.

Turn 4

I let my lower level guys finish off the remaining guys.As for Lindt, well…


Setsuna just cuts the mofo in half. He drops a Beam Coat.

Arranged Battle Scene

With all the enemies dead, all that’s left to do is manuever the Ptolemy onto the square…

SR Point GET!

I don’t get it, why would he come back after being sliced in half by a fucking gigantic beam saber?

Ptolemy unleashes it’s own unimpressive TRANS-AM attack and finishes him off for good.

And Setsuna finishes off the Memento Mori with his Raiser Sword.

Unfortunately, it manages to get a last ditch shot off before kicking the bucket.

Back at the Africa Tower, the Memento Mori laser has hit the tower, causing it to fall apart and fall towards the Earth.

The next mission takes place in the air, so we can only bring flying units.


Another stage where you get alot of cool new stuff to play with! Celestial Being get YET another round of upgrades, this time in the form of GN Heavy Weapons, which now mean that they are effective at all ranges.

And of course Amuro joins up in this stage as well. For those who haven’t watched or are familiar with 00/UC Gundam, Amuro and Ribbon’s share the same voice actor.

Strategy Corner

With no enemy reinforcements, the stage is relatively straightforward. Some things to note are that Healing, Devine and Revive will either appear when you have destroyed 6 units or in turn 2. The Macross Quarter will arrive on the next player phase after the Innovators show up.

With all the upgrades Celestial Being receive, and Amuro, you should be able to easily clear the stage, even without the help of your reinforcements. Just keep Ptolemy moving (with accelerate cast) and you won’t have to worry about reaching the marked square on time.


Zeiro for storyline translations.

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