Stage 29 – Warrior’s Cry


Well it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy and also working hard on making the arranged battle for this stage the most epic yet. I hope you guys enjoy it!


First up, Toshiya gets CA

After some thought, I give Basara Hit and Away, and SP Up, which should help him get around after MAPing

Some real robot upgrades!

Previously Quattro met Heero at a Katharon base in Europe. Well he has delivered him to Treize, who graciously awards him with the Epyon.

Meanwhile in space, the Innovators finally have their hands on the Wing Zero, getting ready to blow it up since it has been deemed too dangerous to exist.

Before that happens, Zechs shows up, suicides his Tallgeese into the Wing Zero, and then proceeds to rip the Innovators a new ass.

Back on the Ptolemy, Linda arrives with some supplies, mainly being the Heavyarms which they salvaged/repaired, and also the 0 Raiser, an addon for the 00 Gundam which will stabilize it’s Twin Drives.

第29話: 戦士達の叫び
Stage 29: Warriors’ Cry

The stage opens with Ali just finishing setting fire to all of Azadistan. It took him all afternoon you know?

Real robot stage calls for yet another real robot deployment. Allelujah, Chirico, Camille, and Setsuna are forced deployments.

Red shoulders, Mobile Dolls, Bushido, and Suzaku, all come to camp along

Being a dick, Ali and Nena leave without a fight.

SR Point – clear the map in 4 turns.

Turn 1

Time for some first turn bullshit! Yeah I know it’s not necessarily always the best strategy, and sometimes it’s even detrimental, but I just can’t help myself!

Straight to Bushido.

Bushido is maaaaad. And he activates his own TRANS-AM

Anyway attacking Bushido will cause Heero to show up, in the Epyon.

End of turn 1.

The Epyon you get to control is, sadly, a gimped version, without all the best attacks that the boss one undoubtedly has.

Epsilon gets a hit on Chirico and sets his God Mode off.

Despite Setsuna winnng at slots, he still gets whacked by Bushido.

Meanwhile the Aheads throw themselves at 00 Gundam, but get one shotted due to Setsuna’s Ace bonus and FUB.

Killing 6 guys causes an event…


Zechs shows up in the stolen Wing Zero.

And counters by activating the Zero system.

So now we have 2 nutcases in Gundams of Mass Destruction.

YAY for fucking reinforcements IN THE ENEMY TURN

Duo tells Setsuna that maybe by using TRANS-AM he can break through to Heero and Zechs.

And so Setsuna does so, managing to get the Twin Drives up to 280% normal output. This also triggers something in Allelujah and Camille.

The Twin Drives can’t handle it though and eventually overload.

Thus The Wuss™ launches in the 0 Raiser, an addon pack for the 00 Gundam.


Warning: GN Particles may cause loss of some personal space.

Everyone gets dragged into shiny mind-sharing world. Heero and Zechs see the error of their ways, Camille the super newtype teaches Setsuna how to control it, Saji and Louise meet and quarrel, Trowa regains his memories and says byebye to Cathrine, Lulu…well, sees something regarding his father, etc.

-JL Lee

Camille finally remembers where the damn button for the biosensor is!

Heero and Zechs swap Gundams.

Noin appears in her Taurus.

Ptolemy also launches the repaired Heavyarms Custom, which Trowa gets into.

So yeah this is the map after all that crazyness is over. Note that Setsuna and Heero will always be at those locations, no matter where they were beforehand.

Back to the action, Setsuna vs Brittania is freeeee

Holy fuck I am fucking praaaaying right now.

Turn 2

Finally turn 2 arrives. Best part is no one died! (Okay I fucked up and lost my screenshot, but this is better than nothing)

Now this is a really good time for the Confuse seisin if you have it. This cuts enemy accuracy by 50% for one turn and right now there are a lot of fucking enemies on the map.

Wow Wing Zero. 2 ammo based MAP attacks and one of them is post movement. WTF were they thinking?

I’ve marked out what I think is a pretty good place for Zero’s map attack. The orange square on the left is the epicenter, with radius of 3 squares, meanwhile Zero needs to be standing on the right orange square where the Red Shoulder is.

Lockon clears the way…then Zero gets a kill and gets into position. Can’t MAP just yet, since he’s 6 morale short off the MAP attack.

Oh yeah I almost forgot about this. Since the trippy TRANS-AM event occurred, Allelujah has a new command.

This makes all his attacks look slightly different too. His TRANS-AM is now also a melee attack and does more damage (also takes more EN)

Woo Zero racks up 6 kills with his MAP

If Azadistan wasn’t levelled enough already Heero and Zero pretty much destroy whats left with MAP attacks

Chrico downs Epsilon and he drops a Muscle Cylinder.

Camille shoots down Louise. She drops a Beam Coat.

Meanwhile Setsuna being the closest to the Brittanians has to solo them as he is the closest person.

End of turn 2. 33 kills so far.

Bushido goes on a rampage, defying the odds at 21% to hit and destroys Arios 🙁 Time for a reset!

On the other hand 81% and Heero misses his Buster Rifle Full Power on a fucking Mobile Doll WTF

Andrei (in his crappy GN-XIII with 7000HP) gets taken out by Heero. Also not pictured, Chirico gets blown up due to an unexpected Mobile Doll attack 🙁 Since I’m already 3/4 through the enemy turn I CBF resetting.

Turn 3

13 enemies left, including Bushido, Suzaku, Jenin and List, but they are all pretty heavily damaged.

First thing, Setsuna finishes the Brittanian Mobile Fortresses up in the north.


Crowe finishes the job off and gets a Barrier Field.

Bushido and Cola (damn didn’t even realize he was around) get taken out by a Wing Zero Buster Rifle MAP. Bushido drops an Auxilary GN Drive.

Suzaku can’t withstand the SWORD OF RAGE. Unfortunately Camille does not learn Newtype level 6 just yet and can’t crash into anyone yet 🙁

Heero manages to finally hit something with his Full Power Buster Rifles. It happens to be Barack Jenin 😛 Oh he drops an Energy Receiving Antenna. And I think he’s finally dead for good this time.

Arranged Battle

The last Ahead goes down, and SR Point GET! One turn early 🙂

Poor Chirico 🙁

Ribbons is super mega impressed with the 00 Raiser and Wing Zero (no he isn’t)

Regene wonders what Aeolia planned to do with the Zero System. Ribbons changes his plan with the Wing Zero – he now wants it instead of just destroying it. He speculates that the data that the Zero System gives might be from all-knowing Veda.

– Zeiro

In his mind, Ian Vasty asks Aeolia and the five Gundam developers what they should do with the Double O Raiser and Wing Zero, since these two units existing at the same time is unforgivable. Camille Bidan asks Ian to come to a different room since he has an important thing to tell him about the GN Particles and the Twin Drive (regarding the telepathy).

Heero tells himself he’ll change the future. And if Lelouch can’t change his future, he’ll kill him.


Onto the next mission, a new ZONE has appeared in India!


Wow, what an amazing stage. Plenty of enemies to kill, and lots of new toys to try out.

Strategy Corner

So, some hints for the SR Point. First, is that the seishin Confuse (かく乱) is extremely useful in this map due to the freaking large number of enemies. Keep in mind this only works on enemies already deployed, so if reinforcements come after you’ve cast it, they won’t have the penalty applied.

You might want to plan when the reinforcements arrive. After 6 kills, the 00 Raiser events kicks off, which means reinforcements, and Heero/Setsuna will be out of position. If they come in the enemy turn it might not exactly be convenient, as the Brittanian forces might choose to pursue Heero and Setsuna instead of heading towards your main force (which is what happened in my game).

Abuse MAP attacks where possible, Heero’s Rolling Buster Rifle is awesome at weakening enemies for the kill, if you have Continuous Action on him you can even do another Twin Buster afterwards for massive damage.

Production Notes

I have probably spent more time working on this stage than the previous 2 or 3 combined, basically since was such an epic stage to play I really wanted to celebrate that in the arranged battle. I think the editing took at least 10 hours alone!

I decided to feature 00 Gundam heavily since it’s the last time we’ll see it’s animations (00 Raiser has completely new ones), and it’s also the first time Masurao appears, so a massive sword fight was the way to go.

I also wanted to feature all the new toys acquired in this stage, meaning Hallelujah, Heavyarms (even though he’s not much different than the original), and Zeta.

The original plan also featured the Wing boys against the ground forces, but I couldn’t fit them in with all the boss fights going on.


JL Lee and Zeiro for storyline translations.

Red vs Blue Season 1 Episode 1, anyone is a fan will know where the conversation between Revive and Healing comes from 😛

Maximillian. I borrowed Doom’s FINGERR LASERRR’s voice quip (see video here)

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