Stage 26 – The Fall into the Netherworld


More C.A distribution, this time it’s Gainer, Rand and a whole bunch of others.

I give Zero hit and away to give him flexibility when it comes to MAP attack placements

Sirius gets more PP pumped into melee

Next, it’s background information time.

The Holy Insarium Empire was defeated by Gaioh, but they still retained around 40% of their battle strength, but at the same time half of their planet was destroyed. The reason why they came to the ZEXIS dimension was purely to rebuild their strength and numbers.

Apparently they took to war under the words of Aim Liard, who told them that Gaioh was a pushover. The first was was utterly decimated, and Marguritte and Shuval were lied to again to think that the entire empire was lost.

Also Ulther isn’t exactly the weakling Zero and company think he is. He killed his father, the 72nd King Insarium in a fit of anger, and together with Anbron promoted to the post of Prime Minister, started the invasion of the ZEXIS world.

-JL Lee

Back to the Tower, which is heading back to Japan, Kouji and co receive news that Atami is being attacked yet again by Machine Beasts, but this time Takeru starts having tingling feelings that something else is going to happen….

Whaaat, has the stage started already? Anyway we start with just the Boss Borot against a horde of Mecha beasts.

Some Accel and Iron Wall and awaaay we go

End of turn 1

Turn 2

On turn 2 an event occurs…

Our guys finally arrive

However, Ashura releases something that Dr. Hell managed to dig out, the Kedora. They conveniently attempt to take over and devour the machines, and while the ZEXIS manage to stop a few, one of them manages to control the Abdora U6, causing yet another Dimensional Quake, this time, taking ZEXIS with them.

第26話: 冥府への転落
Stage 26: The Fall into Netherworld

Everyone starts tripping balls

So, in this new dimension, they quickly realise it’s as dead as a ZONE’d area. Ashura regains his/her memories of his/her past incarnation, before s/he was brought back to life by Dr. Hell. The Kedora are actually Mikene soldiers that are able to control machines and both sides of Ashura were actually their commanders. S/he begs Kouji to help them, and s/he still feels indebted to Dr. Hell, so s/he wants to return to the real world.

Ywain shows up, just to make things slightly more complicated.

SR Point: Defeat all Kedora and Insalaum enemies, then defeat Abdora U6 by Turn 3 and prevent either side from defeating any enemy units.

Turn 1

Wow talk about busy!
So here’s my general plan. Basically I will send the fastest units to the bottom left and top right to ensure both sides are fighting me and not each other.

Getter, Arios and Gunleon go right

Dancouga and Zero go left…

Meanwhile Setsuna charges straight for Wayne. Whacking him before his Guard skill activates should do a decent chunk of damage.

End of turn 1.

Shinn goes nuts in the counterattack, damaging the entire bottom line

This attack btw, has to be one of the most awesome attacks in any SRW. EVER

Turn 2

MASSIVE counterattack in the enemy phase, destroyed almost all the small DMs, most of the soldier beasts.

Thanks to my CA enabled team I go on a massive rampage.

End of turn 2. Not pictured in the list is Ywain, who has also been reduced to a measly 2000HP.

Poor Boss gets capped after getting ganged up on by the Kedoras 🙁

Turn 3

Ywain gets sliced in half by the SWORD OF RAGE. He drops a DM Unit.

I let Mazinger do the honours for the Abdora U6.

SR Point GET!

Arranged Battle

Since there’s nothing much new on this stage (the Abdora U6 only has 1 crappy attack!), here’s Baron Ashura and Mazinger styling on the boss in a Eurovision special!.

It doesn’t look good though, the U6 has been too heavily damaged!

Cue singing by Ranka and TRY AGAIN by Fire Bomber to fix stuff.

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