Stage 25 – Neverending Promise


End of the split merge, means a whole ton of units once more.

Whole bunch of guys get their C.A. Ougi gets SP regen since it looks like he’s stuck in the Ikaruga permanently.Not pictured, Setsuna gets attack again, and also I spend 100PP boosting his skill by 10, which hopefully will be enough to trigger it for now.

I finally decide to stop waiting and just dump all of Sylvia’s points into skill, this will pretty much guarantee critical hits when the element system boots up.

And a whole bunch of upgrades to go around.

Holland contacts ZEXIS about what happened to Eureka at Warsaw. Renton has gone to Anemone to seek advice, and that’s where we’re supposed to meet up.

-JL Lee

第25話: 終わらない約束
Stage 25: Neverending Promise

Turn 1

SR Point: Defeat all ADAMON, then defeat Pearlnail. Pearlnail will retreat in Turn 5 or when its HP falls below 10000.

With just Renton for now, time for seishin and charging in!

End of turn 1

Renton is fairly strong, being able to one shot the little Insalaum grunts.

After 4 kills our guys arrive (still on enemy phase).

OMG 14%

Turn 2

While Setsuna’s skill level isn’t enough to have Attack Again activate on the DMs…

Too bad for these Insalaum grunts, that’s not the case!

End of turn 2. Anyone that has Accel used it, and charged forward. Due to Setsuna’s CA activating early, he’s all the way at the bottom.

Marg gets lucky against Setsuna.

Turn 3

One ADAMON down.

End of turn 3. 6 enemies left, and looking good to down Marg in time.

Oops, Tetsujin goes down after getting raped by ADAMONs, which calls for a reset.

Turn 4

Aquarion takes down one.

Zambot gets another one.

Ougi and co. take the last ADAMON (with Great Effort cast of course).
Although you don’t need to for the SR point, I just clean up the last remaining Insalaum grunt before moving on to Marg. With some luck, I actually manage to get Marg close to 10K HP left.

Finally with I use a support attack with Kallen and Crowe to do the deed.


Luckily a simple analyze first will fix that problem

And SR Point GET!

Geraud decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands and shows up with reinforcements.

He is quite hax at level 75, with Guard, Prevail, and Attack Again.

He also pretty much has a 100% hit rate on everything, so I hope you have some seishin left!

Be sure to take advantage of analyze, etc to claw back as much damage as you can, also cast confuse if you have it, it should help alleviate some of his mad accuracy against your guys.Also be aware he will always go for Crowe. Since he has Attack Again make sure your Crowe is well prepared or be one shotted!

End of turn 4. Just Geraud and one grunt left.

Turn 5

Last grunt is mopped up

Another Analyze to refresh…

Arranged Battle

Finally after a good pounding Geroud goes down. I let Go and co. have the kill as they are way behind in levels. He drops a DM Adapter.

But he’s not dead yet! Geroud challenges Crowe to a duel.

This also sets off Crowe’s sphere, which sends him into lala land

Roger initially thought that activating the Swaying Scale’s requirement was having a doubt in one’s heart. But after seeing Crowe, he goes “Even when the scale sways, it’s fulcrum is unyielding.” He speculates that the requirement is to have a unbreakable strong will despite being in doubts. The Swaying Scale’s reaction, however, is that “all consciousness will be controlled by that strong will, putting one in a state where he can no longer think of anything else”. He tells everyone to try to call to Crowe’s consciousness..


Anblone shows up for backup

The Palace Inasrium appears, springing the trap, apparently shooting a ray of Artificial Revive Cells, man-made versions of the ones that Gaioh used, at the Brasta.

Esther rushes up to defend him, and gets turned into a Dimensional Monster!!

-JL Lee

Zero charges the Palace Insalaum, intending to use his Geass on Anblone to find out how to reverse the process

Unfortunately he gets assaulted by Esthermon, totally smashing apart the cockpit of the Shinkirou and exposing him.


And the Insalaum guys make their escape, along with the Esthermon


Here comes the land crasher

He fixes Crowe up reaaaal good.

With the SR Point done, all that’s left to do is to clean up the 2 leftover ADAMONs.

Crowe attempts to ask Rand about the Spheres over a round of drinks (which lasted overnight, all paid for by the former!!) but Rand knows very little about them. What he did manage to get was the fact that his Sphere powers were slowly awakening, since he could sense Rand, unlike Setsuko which he couldn’t feel anything.


Wooow, what a stage. While I knew beforehand this was going to happen, the Esther event still gave me some shivers up my spine as it happened.


Thanks to Dick for the skits, Zeiro and JL for storyline translations.

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  1. Enkidu

    If you did not know, zero can just open his mask in the eye region, thats how it was in the anime.
    regardless, you did a superb job again, i really enjoy reading through your playthrough 🙂

  2. Dick

    The guys at Gamefaqs helped clear me out over the opening dialouge between Crowe, Esther, and Traiya before the mission begins. It’s more Debt talk and that Crowe’s favorite sound in the world is the sound of a coin dropping. Foreshadowing for the CDS system to control Crowe when he goes berserk.

    Parody being…

    Crowe – So about that Debt…
    Traiya – You still owe… Hahahaha!
    Crowe – …
    Esther – Don’t worry Crowe, I-… Opps!
    -Esther accidently drops Coin-
    Crowe – !
    Esther – Whoa, you have really good hearing, Crowe!
    Traiya – I wonder…
    -Traiya drops fake Coin-
    Crowe – …
    Esther – You knew it was a fake?!
    Crowe – It is all thanks to my training to defeat Debt.
    Esther – …
    -Esther drops real Coin again-
    Crowe – !
    Esther – S-sorry, it was an accident! Really!
    Crowe – Right.
    Esther – (Score! I found a way to Crowe’s heart! After this mission I’ll… Hey, why does this sounds like a Death Flag?)
    Crowe – So about that Debt…

  3. Dick

    Another one.

    Tamaki – Zero’s mask is damaged! Wait… We still can’t see his face. How convient.

    Kallen – How is Zero?
    Zero – Don’t worry, Kallen! I had a spare mask!
    Kallen – I was talking about you…
    C.C. – My Zero mask… Sniff…

  4. Sevelel

    damn LOL you got me calling Kira “Jesus Yamato” now.

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