Space Route Stage 24 – The Gundam They Call Zero


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First up, SEED boys come with 330+ PP and get their C.A

And also upgrades to their MS

第24話: ゼロと呼ばれたG
Stage 24: The Gundam They Call Zero

Turn 1

SR Point: Defeat 60 or more enemies by end of Turn 6.

Turn 1 is just a write off as it is just Setsuna vs Duo in the Wing Zero for now.

End of turn 1.

Duo is pretty useless in the Wing Zero as he can’t even hit Setsuna.

Turn 2

Aaand Duo is mopped up.


Somehow or rather Setsuna manages to override the system and save Duo from going berserk

Duo decides he doesn’t like the Wing Zero

And the Innovators show up, along with Bushido and a ton of Mobile Dolls (urgh)

End of turn 2. Only 6 kills so far, still a long way to go.

Bushido’s Ahead is really starting to get outdated

Turn 3

On turn 3 there’s an event…

Duo finally returns after trading in the Wing Zero for his Deathscythe Hell, Wufei gets the Altron Gundam, and Quatre the Sandrock Kai.

They start at 150 morale, so they just tear shit up.

Back to business, Setsuna close to one-shots Bushido with his ACE bonus and TRANS-AM. He drops a High Vernier Unit.

Lockon snipes Healing, he drops an Energy Reception Antenna.

After 20 kills, another fresh wave spawns.

Tieria destroys Bring…

Defeating him causes an event where Tieria unlocks the Seraphim Gundam attack.

End of turn 3. 20 kills so far.

Meanwhile in the enemy phase Aquarion and the Destroy Gundams have a sniping war.

Turn 4

At 35 kills another wave spawns.

Using Kira, I set up for a MAP attack to weaken some of the spawns.

Next ACE, Lockon, who gets a 30% boost to accuracy and critical rate.

And another wave at 50 kills.

Finally after 60 kills…

End of turn 4. Despite having obtained the SR Point, the mission continues until the beginning of turn 7.

Turn 5

All that’s left to do is to farm kills until that time comes.

Another wave at 65 kills.

More SF MAP attack BS!

End of turn 5.

Turn 6

The killing continues! Not pictured, but my Dancouga got blown up in the enemy phase, after getting ganged up one too many times.

End of turn 6. Up to 123 kills.

Arramged Battle

Turn 7

FINALLY, on turn 7 an event occurs.

They’d actually give an explanation here on why Colony Gundams and Celestial Being Gundams have strong similarity. Ian’s an acquintance of the 5 Gundam developers back from 20 years when he was in AUE. For a period of time, the 5 Gundam developers was actually part of Celestial Being, joining after they completed the Tallgeese. Ian and the Gundam professors didn’t meet in CB though as when Ian joined, they’re already gone, and their traces in CB were completely deleted. While in CB, they would develop the prototype of the five Gundams – Wing Gundam Zero.

The five Gundam professors would be the “counter” to the Aeolia Plan. They didn’t want to give the Zero System to Celestial Being, so they left. Ian asks them what’s the relationship between that Gundam and the Aeolia Plan. However, the professors also wanted to escape so they cut off the conversation, telling Ian to find out on their own about it as well as the Twin Drive Gundam.

-Zeiro (SRW-G)

The crazy Wing scientists make their escape, signalling the end of the stage.

And an 8000 credit repair bill for Dancouga 🙁

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  1. Jeff

    It seems you missed a secret item. It’s the Auxiliary GN drive.

  2. Jeff

    I dunno if it’s really missed but its in the secret section of the akarasu wiki. I was following your guide so I’m not sure since there are no “Auxiliary GN Drive” at the parts section.

  3. YJ

    You are correct, I missed out on the Aux. GN Drive on this stage 🙁

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