Stage 9B – The Day a Demon Awakens

Well thank fucking god that last stage is over. To celebrate here is God Gu..I mean 00 Gundam.


I decide to really splash some more money.


第9話: 魔神が目覚める日

Stage 9: The Day a Demon Awakens

We get an 11 unit deploy, there’s no C.C or Kallen since they are storyline deploys, but that’s okay, since we have GUNDAM

Cola-king leads the assault!


Turn 1


6 Enacts, 4 GN-XIII, 6 Sutherlands, and 6 Gloucesters. and the Boss Vincent. No SR point condition so far.


OMG Zeta WTF are you doing??


After 2 kills there’s a short scene.


End of turn 1.


After another 2 kills…


There’s yet another short event with Kallen and C.C


Turn 2

Start of turn 2.

It’s a beam saber festival!

End of turn 2.


After a few more kills (2 or 3 I think?) there’s another event.


Finally Zero in his Burai and co. spawn,

but he gets pwned


And more enemy reinforcements at the north where Kallen and Zero are.


The SR point is revealed – Have Zero destroy at least 1 enemy units and do not allow him take one single hit when you clear the stage.


Turn 3


The problem is now that Zero and Kallen are split from the main force.


Meanwhile the guys continue to clean out…


Setsuna goes after Gilford and gets whacked


Meanwhile Kallen and Zero make a run for it. End of turn 3.


Couple of grunts break off and go after Kallen.  BUNNYYYYY


At this stage Gilford gets taken off screen. I get a lucky 8K crit with TRANS-AM. Hey I wasn’t expecting it to do THAT much!


Turn 4


With most of the original enemies dead, it’s just the reinforcements to take care of, who are closing on Kallen and Zero.


Poor Patrick gets a taste of Chirico’s secret technique


Meanwhile Kallen puts on Iron Wall, and Sure Hit, Zero casts Concentrate and runs away again.


End of turn 4.


Finally Zero gets attacked, but luckily it’s only 19% chance for him to get hit. It’s a good chance to get his 1 kill for the SR point too.


Turn 5


Only 4 Sutherlands left.


Boo didn’t manage to kill all of them. Thus Zero continues to run.


Anyway the last guy gets shot down in the enemy phase.


And it’s an eaaaaaasy SR Point.


I see Brittania was holding back.


Zero, always one step ahead.

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  1. Dick

    I really need get back my mojo and finish this stage. It’s a Code Geass one so it’s going to be pretty big. Though I must do it, at least so Kallen can get her build up with Lelouch that I didn’t get into the wiki yet. Don’t want anyone to be confused over how they end up a couple by the end of the IF Route and Normal Route(Though it is sorely lacking the good feelings that IF Route gives since they act more like a couple when meeting their friends for the goodbyes).

  2. YJ

    At least you can just get the dialogue straight out of the anime.

  3. Dick

    True enough, but the Anime didn’t cover Kallen’s self doubts about not saving Lelouch. It just went to his rescue. The little drama CDs covered some of C.C. and Kallen’s missions but it’s nothing like her rage and sadness that z2.2 went with. Suzaku got bitched out hard in the Kummen Route by her.

  4. Dick

    Well I was right… Holy shiznit that was a lot of dialogue in Stage 9 but I managed to finish it after some persistence.

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