Stage 20 – Black and White


Kouji, Camille, Crowe, Wufei and Kappa are the latest bunch with 330 PP and thus get Continuous Action purchased
<3 Klan. I didn’t get to use her much in Hakai.

Zechs wakes up in the Forbidden City, hears Midorikawa’s voice, and automatically thinks “Heero!”. Too bad, it’s Xingke XD

Seems that Zechs had managed to survive, and that Tallgeese could still be repaired by the original designer, Howard. Xingke also informs Zechs that ZEXIS was retreating to the Dark Continent.

Meanwhile, at the outskirts of the Dark Continent, the semi-retired members of ZEUTH are busy hard at work at Heim Farm. Loran, Sochie, Ana-hime, Gain, Cynthia, amongst others, are currently settled here. So since the spotlight has turned onto them, it means that the evil Federation is slowly turning its eyes towards the fertile farm. To which case, a Negotiator is required!

So Ana-hime and Laura agree to talk to the Federation, headed by Beck, Timp and Gan Yu. The talks break down, and the negotiations are UNFAIR! Thus, BIG-O, SHOW TIME!

第20話: 白と黒と
Stage 20: Black and White
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Turn 1

We start with Roger against a bunch of 00 grunts, along with Beck, Timp and Gan Lu.
Normally I’d just turtle, but I BELIEVE IN ROGER
End of turn 1.

Destroying 2 enemies causes Gain and co to appear as allied reinforcements…

…along with a whole bunch of Insalaum enemies. Marilyn debuts in her Pearl Fang.

It’s still the enemy turn too.

Loran also gets his Turn A back.
And the SR point is revealed. Defeat all enemies, then Pearlfang by Turn 6. (Retreats at 10000 HP)

Turn 2

On turn 2 the rest of the gang arrives.

Unfortunately we only get 15 units to deploy due to the rest being taken up by deadweights 🙁 Well except Loran and Roger.

Roger also does something which makes the Feds retreat.
After all that mess is done, here’s the map.

With only 4 turns to work with it’s clobberin’ time
End of turn 2. Not sure if leaving Roger up there is a good idea…

Turn 3

Luckily some of the Insalaum enemies break off, and with Roger’s guard ability, just manages to survive the enemy phase. Marilyn moves in, along with the rest of Firebug.

End of turn 3. Starting to doubt that this B squad can successfully get the SR point at this stage, but let’s see how we go.

It’s a tough enemy phase, with the Firebug unit closing in. In one attempt they keep going for Camille, who eventually goes down to the diminishing returns on dodging.

After a reset, the enemies decide to attack slightly different people, with Tetsujin barely surviing an assault.

Marilyn goes straight for Crowe.

Turn 4

I prioritize dealing with Axios over the ADAMONs. I use support attacks to take down as many as I can, it takes a few resets since I need criticals to kill them in 1 shot.

Gainer takes Timp down using Gain as support. Timp drops a steak!

Roger downs Beck the Great, he drops an A-Adapter.

Cynthia’s Full Heal goes to Tetsujin and he’s back in action…

(Ab)using a lot of C.A and support attacks, I manage to take down a whole bunch of guys…

End of turn 4. Just Gan Yu, 1 Axio and Marilyn left.

Turn 5

With the last Axio going down, Zero takes out Gan Yu. He drops a Quent-built Sensor.

When it comes to dealing with the crazy bitch, no Quarter is given!

Finally got her down to as close as 10K as possible.
To deal 10K, I use the usual tactics, casting analyze, surrounding her. I don’t have exhaust, but if you do you can always use it for that extra boost (along with Zero’s suicide attack command)
Double XP and cash cast!
SR Point GET!

No sooner than defeating Marilyn, the Insalaum battleship shows up.

Breaking the dimensional barrier to the Dark Continent!

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  1. Dick

    You know, reseting over soeone dying isn’t needed after getting Roger. Deploying him reduces repair costs to 10.

  2. YJ

    True, but sometimes I just can’t stand my favourites dying 😛

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