Stage 19 – Each Other’s Battlefield


Haro goes straight onto the Scopedog, since I’m still having trouble getting it to the frontlines.
OZ has finally got their Mobile Doll program running.

But war should be fought by MEN! And Treize proceeds to go to town with err on some dolls.

Before our forces attack, the PoV switches to Lindt and Kati, who meet up with the recently-released Zechs, who then meets MISTAH BUSHIDO and Patrick.

第19話: それぞれの戦場

Stage 19: Each Other’s Battlefield

Turn 1

We’re back to a 20 unit deploy, with Heero being a forced.
SR Point – Defeat all enemies, then Zechs by the end of Turn 3 Player Phase
I love it when there’s a lot of shit to kill.

Standard operating procedure…we IN THERE

Using Setsuna’s Will Up, I manage to trigger his C.A, sending him straight into the back of the enemy line.
End of turn 1.

Zechs of course, always goes for Heero.

Turn 2

While I didn’t get many kills, all of the grunts and Bushido are damaged.
Bro fist, bro fist, bro fist c’mon!
No bro 🙁

Using Zero’s CA, I manage to set up for a pretty nice MAP attack, taking out 5 guys. One of them (probably Patrick), drops a precision targeting lens.

End of turn 2. All grunts destroyed, but I can’t destroy Zechs without Bushido going first for the SR Point.

Turn 3

We begin with Alto taking Bushido. He drops a Flight Module.

I let the Baldios take Zechs down. He drops a Gundarium Armor.
And SR Point GET!

Of course nothing is so simple, as Revive and Healing show up with 16 Mobile Dolls Taureses
Hay guys I’m on your side now kay?

I decide to wait this one out while the rest of the guys catch up, also lets me get a group hug going with Zero’s buff.

Turn 4

On turn 4 there’s an event.

The return of Prince Ali!

He’s ‘commandeered’ a bunch of Byarlants and Gelzuges for his personal little army.

Okay this looks kinda bad now.
My goal is so set up a MAP attack with Zero. The screenshot is actually incorrect, but he would be standing under the lone orange square (where Trider is) and hit the target marked inside the box at the left (shifted down one square).

Of course this means Zero needs a kill and these Tauruses have support defend. First some positioning with Heero for another MAP attack to weaken these guys.

Zero gets his one kill to activate C.A…

BOOM 4 kills and suddenly the place is looking a whole lot cleaner.

And just like that, all the Mobile Dolls are destroyed (okay there’s one left :S)

Turn 5

Kouji takes out Revive, who drops a high performance radar.

And Godmars does in Healing, who drops a Vernier Unit.

Using Heero to take out the last Taurus, I set him up for yet another MAP attack.

End of turn 5.

Turn 6


After cleaning up the rest of the grunts, it’s time to take down Ali.

Camille takes him out and we get an Auto Repair Machine.
More MDs show up. I could Sooooo take these guys on. Really!
Zechs thinks he can too!

Wing boys having some issues here.

Sumeragi was the one who proposed the Mobile Doll system in the first place! Tying in with the 00 storyline, her thesis was on using unmanned machines to fight wars in order to reduce cost on human life. However, during the initial test phase, the MDs went out of control and killed the man she loved, thus the project was frozen and she quit the AEU, ending up in Celestial Being. That is, of course, until OZ decided to unfreeze it…

Tieria also reveals to the cast that he was approached by the Innovators over their version of Aeolia’s grand plan, controlling the entire world from behind the shadows. Setsuna naturally says that he’ll destroy all their plans, with most of the other Gundam protagonists agreeing. Crowe also says he’ll do it for the money, but is stopped by Alle before he can finish off his sentence ^^;

In the meantime, OZ and A-Laws are finally united under the power of the Mobile Dolls, of course controlled in the background by the Innovators. Treize resigns from OZ, and ends up under house arrest since he does not agree on using unmanned machines to fight wars. It is revealed that all these are orchestrated by Schneizel, who also agrees that absolute power is the way to go for the current world’s climate.

-JL Lee

Now that he has lost all politcal power, Treize makes one last request of Quattaro….

Production Notes

For the arranged battle, I was actually hoping to use T.M Revolution’s Zips as the final song, but unfortunately due to copyright issues YouTube would not allow it 🙁

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  1. Blayne

    Well that sucks Zips caught copyrighted :S, and I was about to request “Crosswise” by the same band, T.M Revolution. (Although I don’t think it’s copyrighted)

  2. YJ

    I just think Sony are especially anal about songs which they hold the rights to, which I guess all of T.M Revolution’s stuff are. I’ve Youtubed a bunch of their songs, and could not find any videos apart from live concerts.

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