Stage 18 – Ashford Rhapsody


Keep that money coming in!

Alle, Shinn, Zero and Alto get C.A

And I go nuts spending my money.

So after all the madness of the previous scenario, we return to the madness of Area 11…and Ashford Academy, JUST as they embark on the latest madcap adventures of Student Council Chairwoman Milly Ashford, who begins the Cupid Day event, leading to all sorts of nonsense where Lulouch is persued by over 100 girls, including Shirley; Allelujah and Marie go into hyper-speed chasing; Miki and Miki decide to go girl-hunting; Alto gets admired by both male and female students; Esther tries to barge Crowe down, etc.

第18話: アッシュフォード・ラプソディ

Stage 18: Ashford Rhapsody

Out of all this nonsense, including Gino and Anya joining Ashford, is that the school suddenly gets overrun by the original terrorist group. Lelouch is trapped with Shirley in the same room, and even as Shirley is to be killed off as the first sacrifice, Lulu, seeing no action at all from Rolo and Suzaku, and realising that they’re testing to see if he is able to use his Geass, decides to challenge the terrorists.

Heero tries to confront Lelouch about him being Zero, luckily they are interrupted by Relena, so he scrams while he can.

That, however, proved to be the key for the ZEXIS members to charge in and take them out. The terrorists decide to use their machines, and the ZEXIS members follow suit.

Turn 1

With only 12, these are my picks (basically the benchers from the last mission)
SR Point – Clear the stage by Turn 4 player phase
Here’s the map. Note that we have control of Suzaku, Gino and Anya for this stage.

With the main force too far away, the Knights are the only ones getting any action this round.

Turn 2

The enemies go 50/50 in terms of which direction they go, but the Genocidrons at the bottom don’t move in.

Now that the main force is in range let the killing begin!
End of turn 2. I clean up most of the left side, while the Knights continue to rush towards the bottom left corner.

It’s not confirmed at this stage, but be sure to give the Knights a few kills each (2+) as it possible contributes towards getting Zero points for the IF route.

Turn 3

Wow wtf, I might actually be able to finish the stage this turn.

The Genocidron furtherst in the corner drops a Haro. Thank you come again!

Using a combination of the Knights and Heero’s BS movement with CA, I managed to get it down to just one enemy at the end of turn 3.

And it’s a wrap in the enemy phase!

Post-scenario has Milly revealing that the entire event was just to get Lulu and Shirley to acknowledge their feelings for each other, and she could finally graduate in peace…

Heero finally catches up with Lelouch, C.C and Kallen.

Heero reveals that he knew as early as during the Hakai Incident when Zero gave the orders to save Nunnally. Heero also says that he has kept quiet about Zero’s identity because a) it was pointless to him and b) he believes in the Lulouch that was fighting to save his sister, but not Zero the persona.

-JL Lee

On that note, there won’t be a boss kill video for this stage, since a) there is no boss and b) it’s pretty much a filler stage full of grunts. Sorry folks!

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